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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[GOS] Platform Pumps in Black XStreet Special

The [Gos] Platform Pumps are scripted for size and also to show/hide the ankle strap. The pumps can be purchased in world for 295L in 8 other colors, but the black pumps are being offered on XStreet for a limited time at 100L. Don't miss this sexy shoe!

Cilian'gel Spirit Gypsy Hunt Prizes

Cilian'gel Boutique has an outfit for both the guys and gals in the Spirit Gypsy Hunt which runs from September 1st through the 31st. The hunt object that you're searching for is a crystal ball. This is a fun way to spend time with your significant other and the costumes are cute. Good luck hunting!

League Taylor Suntan HotPink w/Hairbase & Cleavage
Damselfly Hair Ania in Onyx Blend
Poetic Color Lilac Blossom Eyes
Amacci Lux Eyelashes
G Field Short Lace-up Boots in Rose
Dryad Designs Purple Pansy Necklace & Earrings Set
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Outrage! Subscribo Gift & NEWNESS

Outrage! has a NEW dress in the subscribo board called Nadia that has a pretty texture in various shades of purple. The dress includes the ribboned top on all layers, 2 long flexi skirts (one a smart skirt) and 2 prim scarf knots. Just slap that subscribo board and this dress is yours!

NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 5 w/Cleavage, NEW Red Tatoo Layer Eyebrows
NEW Damselfly Hair Rayn in Ginger
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
NEW Donna Flora AIME Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD to color change the gems
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails
Maitreya Gold Shanti Grape Heels

Turning Trixie is a NEW sexy slip dress from Outrage! that's available in either black or white and includes all layers.

NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 3 & NEW Red Tatoo Layer Eyebrows
NEW Damselfly Hair Posy in Cinnamon
NEW L.Fauna Charm Eyes Green4
Redgrave Glamor Eyelashes 5
NEW Donna Flora ALAIR Necklace & Earrings Set
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails
To see more go here :)

International Affair, Back To School, Hunt for RP & What's Your Sign Hunt Gifts from Lemania Indigo

Lemania Indigo has several hunts happening right now on her sim. I'm spotlighting 4 of the gifts she is offering, if you can find them. Be sure to check the Hunt Wall to see what the hunt object is and for tips and clues. First up is the Melting Pot USA dress which is for the International Affair Hunt. This is a complete outfit that includes matching shoes.

NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 3 & NEW Red Tatoo Eyebrows
NEW Truth Hair Trinity in Carrot
NEW L.Fauna Charm Eyes Blue1
Redgrave Diva Eyelashes 19
NEW Donna Flora LIBERTY Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD to texture change gems & metals
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails

Teacher Barbie has a texture with numerous letters embossed in gray on a creamy fabric and includes a rose collar, matching shoes and a bracelet. This dress is for the Back To School Hunt which runs from September 1st through the 30th.

NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 2 & NEW Blonde Tatoo Eyebrows
NEW Truth Hair Midori in Barley
NEW L.Fauna Charm Eyes in Green1
Redgrave Elemental Eyelashes 16
Dark Mouse Stacie's Earrings
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails

Violet Veils is a long-sleeved gown that includes a cowl neck collar, face veil and silver heels. This gown is for the Hunt for RP which runs from September 1st through the 30th.

NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 10
NEW Truth Hair Tatiana Streaked in Latte
Redgrave Scarlett Blue Eyes & Elemental Eyelashes 16
Dryad Designs Northern Lights Necklace & Earrings Set

The Dollie Virgo is for the What's Your Sign Hunt which runs from September 4th through the 25th. This dress has a cute lacy skirt and shirt, a high collar, dark vest, sock cuffs and black ballerina slippers. Good luck hunting ladies!

NEW LAQ Tess2 Peach Glow Skin Makeup 1
Clawtooth Hair Love Momo in Uptown Brown
NEW L.Fauna Charm Eyes in Teal 1
Redgrave Dropliner Eyelashes 21
Dark Mouse Simple Black Pearl Earrings
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hudson's Clothing Co FREEBIE, Lucky Board & Newness... Plus NEW Dutch Touch VIP Group Gift!

Hudson's Clothing Co has a very sexy FREEBIE in the shop called the Beaded Showgirl that has a sparkling texture and lots of feathers. This outfit can be found on the wall by the teleporter, it has a red ribbon on the picture. If you don't have the Beaded Showgirl you need it :) The Showgirl 2 costume can be found in the Lucky Board and is very similar. This sexy outfit has white feathers and a lavender beaded texture with a lot more detail. I love the feather in the navel!

The Teal Antique Floral Dress has a very pretty texture with lots of lace. The outfit includes 2 sets of sleeves, top, glitch pants, and 2 skirts. Be sure to wear your tag and pick up the cute version of this dress that's the VIP Group Gift. There's NO fee to join this group!

NEW Dutch Touch VIP Group Gift JoSje in Caramel Eyeliner Lip EBBlonde FR Cl2 so cute! (250L joining fee) Hair Yelena2 in Jaded Blonde
NEW Donna Flora BONITA Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD for texture change
Pixel Mode Baby T's in Lavender & Teal
To see more go here :)

NEW Tess2 from LAQ!

I'm wearing the new skin release from Laqroki called Tess2.

There are 10 makeups for Tess2 that are exactly what we've all come to expect from LAQ. This face is fresh and clean, with a dark brownish/red brow and perfectly proportioned lips. The 10 lipsticks are done well with a nice variety of color.

The Tess2 body is shaded and highlighted to perfection. This skin is definitely worth the 1990L cost. Bravo Mallory Cowen for making LAQ one of the most respected brands on the grid. Hair Marie in Jaded Blonde w/color change hairflower
Curio Tragic Sky Blue Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
NEW Dutch Touch Group Gift Lingerie
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails
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TIK TOK Tatoo Layer Eyeshadows & Skin Burner

TIK TOK has some very cute makeups in the shop and a skin burner or tanner. Both are on the 2.0 tatoo layer. I only photographed a small number of them, there's 22 unique eyeshadows in the fatpack for 350L. They enhance the eyes on whatever skin you're wearing.

Below is a picture before and after tanning.

To see more go here :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chantkare Gift... Plus NEW KHUSH & EarthStones!

Chantkare sent out the Floral Ballet shoes in brown this morning. This is Applonia Criss' first shoe. I think she did a wonderful job too! Thank you Applonia for the gift!

The Tara and Nora shirts are NEW from KHUSH and very cute. The strapless tops are two tone with a solid black in the front front and several different prints in the back. They look fabulous with shorts, capris or jeans. The shirts are priced at 150L each and include all layers. The Groovy Peace Necklace & Earrings in earthy tones are NEW pieces sold separately from EarthStones. The necklace at 499L and the earrings at 299L are a bit pricey but both are quality construction and look so good on.

NEW Exodi Isolde Soliel GG Makeup 17 w/Cleavage & Tatoo Hairbase
NEW Fab-U-Lous Hair Prima in Black
Redgrave Scarlett2 Blue Eyes & Elemental Eyelashes 16
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

NEW CandyDoll Bianca!

Bianca is the newest face from CandyDoll and she's a heartbreaker!

Bianca is available in 4 skin tones: pale, tan, tanned and dark, with 6 makeups each. I like that you get lots of options: cleavage, non-cleavaged, bald and hairbase. Bianca has a sexy pout with the most luscious, plump lips that have become a trademark of a CandyDoll skin. This stunning face has rosy, well defined cheekbones and a dark brown eyebrow. There's a wonderful assortment of makeups, but I have to say, I particularly favor the 'nude eyes' look with the cherry red lips.

The Bianca body is done well with great shading at the clavical, cleavage and abs. Rebeca Dembo is developing some mad skills as a skinmaker, bravo on this dazzling new face! A single skin pack is reasonably priced at 700L. A fatpack of all 6 makeups is the best bargain at 2,500L.

NEW Hair Hilary in Thoughtful Brown
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Green Eyes
Amacci Beaute Lashes
Mimikri Starlet Bikini in Nude
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 Group Information

A quick note about the upcoming Hair Fair. It’s only a week away, starting on September 4th. Since it’s expected to be laggy, organizers have set up a Hair Fair Demo group.

Paste this into local chat and click the link to join the Demo Group: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about

The participating designers will send the demos of their styles, so you can try them on wherever and whenever you want. When you visit the fair, you can go straight to the hair you want to buy. There will be gifts in the group and I know you don't want to miss those! Keep in mind this is a charity event benefiting Wigs for Kids. This is an organization helping children who lost their hair lead a normal life. More details are available on the Hair Fair Blog.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fierce Designs!

Fierce Designs is a new brand in sl for me and I really liked everything I saw. The Biker Babe Outfit can be found at the back of the main shop. This outfit is very sexy! I particularly like the knit tights, which are on the underpants layer and can be removed. The jacket is constructed nicely, there's lots of detail on the front and back. The outfit includes the sculpted collar and cuffs. The winged 69 necklace matches the detail on the sculpted Biker Babe Boots. The complete ensemble looks "Fierce"!

Something For The Weekend is another Fierce outfit that includes a sexy body stocking, with a just barely there flexi skirt and chunky black pearls. The detail on the body stocking is really nice with the fishnet cutout. I love both of these looks!

Mynerva Cocoa Queen Red Brows Cleavage & Eyelashes
Mynerva Fudge Summer Nights Red Brows Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Tilly Streaked in Copper
ROGE Hair45_B in Cocoa
NEW L Fauna Charmed Eyes Teal 3 & 1
NEW LeeZu Dncorde Danse Booties in Black
Page 3 Pretty Hands Attitude Prim Nails w/Rings
To see more go here :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

NEW Hudson's Clothing Company VIP Gift & NEWNESS!

The VIP Gift at Hudson's Clothing Co is the Golden Antique Floral Dress. The dress design is really nice, it has a gold and green texture on a creamy fabric. There's a sculpty and a flexi skirt in the folder as well as a short and long sleeved top with cuff ruffles. The cute matching shoes are included. Thank you Candace Hudson for the lovely giftie!

Mynerva Plain Jane Cocoa w/Red Brows & Cleavage
Truth Hair Riley in Carrot
NEW Luc Jewelry Sirena Long Necklace & Hoop Earrings Set in Gold
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes

The Luna Fantasy ensemble is NEW and constructed really well. This is such a playful outfit and a lot of fun to wear. The long gauzy flexi skirt sort of floats as you move. The pretty wings on the back and chest, the mauve/brown eyes and the bleeding rose tatoo on the chest are all included.

Mynerva Plain Jane Dolly Dots w/Blonde Brows, Cleavage & Eyelashes
ROGE Hair52_SP in Leafy Green
Dark Mouse Fae Arm Bracelets & Earrings in Silver
SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low
To see more go here :)

Lemania Indigo Specials

Lemania Indigo has 3 dresses on special for 100L for 24 hours. First up is Breakfast At Tiffany's-The Prison Visit. This is a vintage outfit that includes the ribboned sunhat, prim cuffs for the gloves and black pumps. I really like this classic look! The outfit includes a pair of black button earrings not shown.

Curio GP Acorn Light Elf2 Enchant 2
NEW Truth Hair Trinity in Golden
Baiastice 3rd Series Blue Sky Eyes
NEW Donna Flora AMALIA Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD to texture change

Island Bird is a strapless cocktail dress that has a tucan embossed on the front/back of the dress and a ruffle at the hemline. This outfit includes the slingback red heels, hat with a resize script and gloves.

Curio GP Acorn Light Elf2 Meadow2
NEW Truth Hair Kami Streaked in Honey
LAQ Dazzling Eden Green Eyes
Amacci Beaute Lashes
GaNKeD Jewelry He Use To Love Me Necklace, Earrings & 2 Ring Set

The final special is called The Letter which has a long flowing skirt and yellow prim roses on the stomach. This outfit includes the matching yellow shoes.

Curio GP Sundust Dark Elf2 Blue Bird2 & Tragic Sky Blue Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Midori Streaked in Dune
Amacci Beaute Lashes
Purple Rose Diamond Pearl Choker, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring Set, the gems are color changeable To see more go here :)

Avon+Alpha Jewelry Sets

Avon+Alpha has some very cute jewelry sets in the shop that are made well and reasonably priced. The Stardust Red DOLLARBIE set is so pretty, it has an oval cut ruby in a gold setting and includes 2 rings. The Diamond Tie set is square-cut diamonds in a gold setting for 100L. This set includes 2 bracelets and a ring. The Diamond Cross set has gems that are texture changeable into 7 colors and costs 150L.

[PXL] Creations Candy LT RedLips MEB w/Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Seraphina Streaked in Honey
LAQ True Blue Reflect Eyes
Mimikri Corsage/Joy Top in Black
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

[PXL] Creations Candy Skin!

Candy is a yummy treat, she has the face of a sugar baby and the body of a sweet tart.

This face is the most recent release from [PXL] Creations, and I have to admit, this skin blew me away. Candy comes in 3 fatpacks or standard eye makeups: nude, cat and smoke eyes. Each fatpack has 7 lip colors: nude, pale, bronze, cyclamen, wine, red (my favorite!) and passion. There's also a fatpack special set with 6 makeups: Drama, Electric, Lime, Orange, Sea and Wine. A single makeup includes a light, medium or dark brow and a freckled skin. The eyebrow is drawn really well with individual hairs highlighted. This face has a pert little nose with clever shading that gives her high cheekbones and pouty kissable lips. I'm truly impressed with the makeup combinations from a fresh-faced barely there makeup to evening couture and dramatic looks. Below is a small sample of the various makeups available, photographed in light tan.

This skin has a very realistic appearance with slight blemishing on her chest, stomach and back. The muscles and bones are highlighted expertly, she has a curvy buttocks and sexy breasts. Candy comes in 5 skin tones: pale, natural, sunkissed, light tan and tan. Besides the freckle and eyebrow options, every makeup also includes a push up cleavage on the undershirt layer and the tatoo 2.0 layer. This skin is a bit pricey at 1000L for a single makeup, 5000L for a fatpack of 7 makeups and the special set with 6 makeups for 4000L. The overall quality and craftmanship is definitely worth the extra expense. Thank you Hart Larsson for this look at the sweet as sugar Candy skin :)

Truth Hair Paige in Seaspray, Walnut, Almond, Golden and Honey
LAQ Dazzling Eden Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Mimikri Starlet Bikini in Gold
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NEW Toyalicious 99L Promo Shorts Set & Ingenue Dianthus Flats!

The Country Summer shorts set is new at Toyalicious and so adorable! The denim shorts come in all layers, with lots of interesting detail at the seams and include prim cuffs. The jacket layer shirt has white cherries on a red fabric and includes a cute denim prim bow. The best part about this set is the promo price of 99L! The Dianthus In Bloom flats are new from Ingenue and come with a flower accent on top that's so lovely. 100% of the proceeds, from the sale this shoe at the 2010 Shoe Fair will be donated to Soles4Souls.

LAQ Jessica Peach Glow Skin Makeup 5
NEW Truth Hair Keeley Streaked in Latte
NEW L.Fauna Charm Eyes in Teal 1
Amacci Lux Eyelashes

NEW FineSmith's Jewelry - The Cocktail Collection

FineSmith's Jewelry has a new set in the shop called the Cocktail Collection. Each piece is scripted for color, texture and scale, there's 12 gem colors and 6 metal choices. I'm a big fan of bold, chunky jewelry and this set is very stylish.

Tuli Jade Tone 4 Makeup 6 w/Blonde Brows & Cleavage
Truth Hair Tilly Streaked in Honey
To see more go here :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

NEW Lestat Reuven, Exodi GG, Truth, G Field & Donna Flora!

Lestat Reuven has 2 dresses on special for 100L each. First up is Ghost which has a gauzy semi sheer skirt that flows like liquid. The strapless bodice has lots of detail.

The other special is called Box of Chocolates. This outfit has a couple of looks in the folder, from a cocktail dress to a long formal gown. The lacey strapless bodice is a bit see through and a nice touch.

NEW Exodi Group Gift Isolde Makeup 17 w/Light Brows & Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Trinity in Barley & Midori in Golden
Curio Tragic Aqua Eyes
Baiastice Camilla Heels in Dark Nude
NEW G Field Kate Bow Strap Heels in Mint & Baiastice Camilla in Dark Nude purchased at the SHOE FAIR
NEW Donna Flora MATILDA Gold Necklace & Earrings/NEW AMALIA Necklace & Earrings, both sets have a HUD to texture change!
To see more go here :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth is having a fabulous sale! Even the new releases this week are at the sale price! All single color packs are 125L and a fatpack of every color is 500L. Don't miss this sale which will run until September 3rd. The first new release this week is called Evangeline and it's a stunning long hairdo that comes scripted to streak in 26 shades. I really like this look it's very stylish!

Saffron is another style that comes scripted to streak in 26 shades. This is a very pretty long pigtail pulled to the front, the hair is pinned on the right. There's lots of loose flexi tendrils that give this hair movement.

The final new release is called Seraphina that comes scripted to streak in 26 shades plus a flower in the hair that will texture change into 7 colors and also has the invisible option. Wow this hair has lots of options and is so pretty!

To see more go here :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEW Mimikri Capucine!

Mimikri has a new jacket in the shop that is to die for! This jacket has an intricate design, your eye is immediately drawn to it. The beautiful textures in each of the Capucine pieces are stunning and compliment each other so well.

The Capucine ensemble includes the Jackets, Sweaters and sexy Pencil Skirts to mix and match in 9 extraordinary colors.

Mimikri Capucine Sweaters in Cranberry, Gray & Seafoam
Capucine Pencil Skirts in Gray & Seafoam
Capucine Jacket in Cranberry, Gray & Seafoam
Lelutka Pow Pumps in gray & Saffron Heels in Electric Pink
Maitreya Gold Allure Heels in Ice
NEW Raina in Moody Brown
Dark Mouse Jewelry Flowers Are Blooming Necklace & Earrings Set
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lestat Reuven FREEBIE & 100L Newness!

Lestat Reuven is offering this very cute outfit called 1967 for FREE! This is a vintage pant set that includes the hat, prim cuffs and matching shoes.

The next 2 outfits are the 100L specials. Boulevard is a new design that has a fabulous gray and mint texture with stripes and polka dots. This dress includes the matching polka dot shoes.

The other new design from Lestat is called Buttons & Bows. This is a pretty pant set that has a sculpty and flexi shirt with bows too!

Unique Megastore Jolie Makeup 6 w/Cleavage
Poetic Colors Secret Blue Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Kami in Golden
NEW Truth Hair Trinity in Toffee
NEW G Field Kate Bow Strap Heels in White @ the 2010 Shoe Fair
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Luc Jewelry Chakra BoHo Beads & Earrings Set in White
Purple Rose Splendid Dream Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW Donna Flora Monia Necklace, Earrings & 2 Ring Set w/HUD to colorchange
To see more go here :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

NEW Denver Designs Lacey!

Introducing Lacey, she's the new face of Denver Designs.

Louis Denver owner/designer of Denver Designs is a new skinmaker and Lacey is one of his first skins. Lacey in Mocha comes with 12 makeups. The fatpack folder includes both a normal and enhanced cleavage for each makeup. You also get an eyebrow, a shape and a pair of eyes. This a dark rich skintone with slight freckling on the chest, across the bridge of the nose and on the cheeks. She has a dark brow and very kissable glossy lips. The only issue I have with this skin is the eyelid is completely consealed by the drawn eyelashes. I'd prefer to see eyeshadow on the eyelid and attach my own eyelashes. For a first skin, I think Louis did a really nice job.

The Lacey body is drawn well with nice shading at the cleavage and stomach. At this time, the skins can only be purchased in fatpacks of either 1000L which includes all 12 makeups, or 1500L which includes all makeups, plus a shape and eyes. Louis and I had a long discussion about the way he displays the skins in his shop. He needs to photograph and show each individual makeup. I also suggested that he offer individual skins for sale too not just fatpacks. Good luck Louis on this new and exciting venture! I will be very interested to see what you come up with next :)

Truth Hair Riley in Almond w/texture change headband
Poetic Colors Secret Blue Eyes
Mimikri Starlet Pink Bikini
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