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Sunday, January 30, 2011

NEW My Precious Agnes Finney!

The Queen Melissa 1 is a tastefully designed gown from My Precious Agnes Finney that has a slit in the skirt revealing lots of leg and thigh. The lacy bra has just enough fabric to keep the look classy and at the same time very sexy. The butterflies embellishing the bodice signify beauty and elegance.

The Queen Melissa 2 is another beautiful creation that's so pleasing to the eye. The black feather boa and lacy undergarments give this gown a sophisticated elegance. The dress has an abundance of sumptuous frothy lace starting at the waist and cascading through the opening of the skirt. Both dresses are absolutely stunning, my pictures don't do them justice :) Thank you Agnes!

Mynerva Fudge MistiMello (w/Dark Red Tatoo Lips) & Classic Red Skins w/Blonde Brows & Cleavage
Damselfly Hair Rayvenel & Jolayne (w/tatoo hairbase) in Ginger Cool
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
LaGyo Jewelry Domi Bellique Necklace & Bead Earrings in Gold/Black
N-Core OBSESSION Xtreme Heels
Poses by Reel Expressions
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AMD's Ava Skin!

I'm wearing Ava the sweet new face from AMD!

Ava comes in seven skintones: Camel, Dark, DeepTan, Gothly, Pale, Peach and Tan. Each skintone has two makeup packs: Doll Like or Lustrous with four makeups each. I had never worn an AMD skin before and was very pleased when I tried it on, it complemented my shape nicely. The skintones all have a creamy complexion, I especially like the rosy glow on the Doll Like skins. The brow is dark brown and drawn well. The eye shadow is very subtle and conducive to adding tatoo layers. Ava has a fresh, youthful face with a pert little nose and plump juicy lips. Yeah, she's a heartbreaker for sure :)

The overall illustration is excellent. I'll be curious to see what AMD comes up with in future skin releases. Price wise, the Doll Like & Lustrous skin packs costs $L1350 each and include the 4 makeups plus two enhanced cleavages on both the clothing & tatoo layers. There's also a base skin available for $L575 which includes the cleavages and an Ava shape for $L350. Thank you Apple May for this look at your newest skin release :)

Blacklace Promiscuous Pink Lace & Black Satin Lingerie Set
Truth Hair Padma
Exodi Zbilja Spirit Crystal Blue Eyes
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lemania Indigo Specials!

The first two outfits are the $L100 specials at Lemania Indigo Designs for the next 24 hours. The Naturally Blue pant set has a very pretty sweater texture on the long sleeved shirt and sculpted shirt bottom. The outfit includes the white clogs and a pair of pearl drop earrings that perfectly match the Stone Pebbles Necklace available in the shop for $L50. I'm going to keep the earrings with the necklace as a set since they work so well together.

League Amber Suntan Peacock w/Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Odette in Fudge
Curio Tragic Ocean Blue Eyes

The Carolina Morn is a victorian period gown that includes a fancy bustle and matching pumps in a very pretty pale green sunflower fabric.

Pink Fuel Ember Maple Leafy w/Dark Brows, Hairbase & Cleavage
NEW A&A Hair Danika in Dark Brown
LAQ Dazzling Emerald Eyes
NEW Donna Flora GALATEA Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD to color change gems

Lemania put the $L50 Letter of the Week out late, but as they say better late than never. Cashmere Boho is a pretty dress that includes the matching shoes.

Exodi Stephanie Harlow Makeup 7 w/Cleavage & Zbilja Spirit Leaf Eyes
Truth Hair Cameron in Almond
Donna Flora CAMELIA Necklace & Earring Set

Last but not least, the Burberry Girl is Lemania's outfit at the Designer's Showcase for 99L. The set comes with matching boots, belt, hat and removable jacket.

Curio GP Sundust Dark Breeze II Pure 3 w/Ice Queen Lips3 & Linc Cleavage Enhancer
FREE Zero Style Hair 'YOU' in Swedish Blonde (includes all colors)
Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Blue Eyes
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Felicia's Fashions - Packers & Steelers Gear!

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and for all you football fans, there's sports gear at Felicia's Fashions that's perfect for showing your team support here in sl. Felicia Helendale has designed a Packers & Steelers Cheerleading ensemble that's so charming. She's also created a Packers & Steelers Jersey for both sexes. All three outfits are nicely constructed and include a HUD for colorization of the sneakers.

To see more go here :)

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has three new hairstyles in the shop that you NEED :) Billie is a long straight cut draped over the right shoulder and down the back. This hair comes with a color change cap. Odette is definitely my favorite this week. The hair is pulled up off the forehead and into a side ponytail with the curly ends draping over the right shoulder. Finally, Neve is a really cute updo with the hair piled high on top of the head and comes with a color change hairband that has an off option. All of the hair comes with a standard wig and one that is scripted to streak in 63 colors. Billie and Odette come with split attachment points so the hair doesn't sink into your chest.

NEW CandyDoll Juicy Rose Tanned Reverie Dress in White
FREE Poetic Colors Moroccan Nights Blue Eyes
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Siss Boom Specials!

Lestat Reuven has two new cocktail dresses at Siss Boom on special for $L100. Entitled has a grey and white flowered texture, with a semi sheer skirt and bow over a system skirt. I like the white textured stockings that are included. Air has a sculpted skirt that's semi transparent. Both dresses are adorable and look fabulous with the Curvaceous boots from [Gos].

Baiastice Pulchra Sunkissed Makeup 12 w/Red Brows & Cleavage
Truth Hair Alannah in Carrot
Poetic Colors Deep Jungle Green Eyes
NEW [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in Grey & Camel
Donna Flora SUNNY Necklace & Earrings Set
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Friday, January 28, 2011

NEW Baiastice!

I'm wearing the Vestale in rosewood which is a newly designed gown from BAIASTICE. The folder contains a skirt in either small, medium or long lengths, that also comes with or without an AO. I really like having this option, since the AO keeps your hands from disappearing into the dress. The intricate detail up close on the skirt and shoulder piece is quite lovely.

The Osram in camouflage is another new dress in the shop that's perfect for any formal sl occasion. This dress is packaged like the previous one and looks so good on. Thank you Sissy Pessoa for this look at some of your newest dress designs :)

Baiastice Pulchra Sunkissed Makeup 19 w/Brown Brows, Makeup 23 w/Blonde Brows & NEW Lotus Pumps in Black
[e] Hair Rumor in Brown3
Truth Hair Diana in Golden
FREE! Poetic Colors Moroccan Nights Blue Eyes
LAQ Dazzling Aqua Eyes
Purple Rose Jewelry Corazon Black Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring Set - The gems are color changeable.
Donna Flora ELISA Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & 2 Rings w/HUD to color change the gems.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lemania Indigo Specials!

The DOLLARBIE Group Gift at Lemania Indigo is a sparkly cocktail dress with a flouncy skirt called Black Swan. You must be in the SL Divine Diva group to get this dress for $L1, be sure to wear your tag. Copy/paste the highlighted portion of this line into local chat then click on the link to join the SL Divas: secondlife:///app/group/0c43696d-b227-3992-57b6-9fc12ca33296/about. There is no fee to join this group!

Belleza Jesse Sunkissed Makeup 4
Boon Hair KAR868 in Chestnut
JetDoll BeeBop Glasses
NEW Baiastice Lotus Pumps in Black

The next two dresses are the $L100 specials. The Blue Velvet outfit has several looks in the folder along with the Victorian gown. This ensemble includes the wide brim hat, a jacket bottom for a pant set, matching pumps and sexy lingerie.

The Abyss Abbie Cole Tan Vixen
Truth Hair Gwyneth in Carrot
Poetic Colors Deep Jungle Green Eyes

Bee Knees has a gold metallic fabric that shimmers. The dress includes 2 skirts, shoe's with bracelets and black curly hair accented with a matching gold lemay wrap.

Lelutka Lola SunTan Makeup 7 w/Cleavage Volumizer, Dark Brows &, German Red Tatoo Lipstick & Lola Eyelashes
Poetic Colors Secrets Blue Eyes
Purple Rose Jewelry Gold Fantasy Necklace & Earrings Set - The gems are color changeable.
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CandyDoll's Juicy Skin!

I'm wearing Juicy, the beautiful new face from CandyDoll!

Juicy comes in 4 skintones: pale, tan, tanned and dark, with 6 makeups each. This face is so sweet, she has high cheekbones with a glowing complexion. The eyebrows are dark and complement the face. The eyeshadows are colorful, just the way I like them, both the upper and lower lids shaded. The plump succulent lips are a trademark of a CandyDoll skin and the Juicy lips are definitely luscious and pouty. What I like most about this skin release are the six tatoo layer lipsticks included with the fatpack that work perfectly with any other CandyDoll skin of the same tone. I like updating older skins with new lips :)

CandyDoll skins are some of the most affordable on the grid. An individual Juicy makeup costs $L700 and contains a normal or enhanced cleavage plus a hairbase for each. The fatpack costs $L2500 and contains 24 skins plus the 6 tatoo lipsticks.

INSOLENCE Alice White Lingerie Set
NEW Truth Hair Tilda in Golden w/Color Change Hairpin
Poetic Colors Warm Silver Eyes
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW Baiastice!

Baiastice has a bunch of new designs in the shop, Sissy Pessoa has been very busy. Her wonderful creativity shows in the stunning gold Bodysuit De Soupirs accented with the gold Feather Set. The Bodysuit de soupirs is of the highest quality construction and includes two complete sets of all layers to mix and match with upper and lower prim sleeves. The Feather Set comes with a leather sculpted skirt, leather glitch pant and underpant layers plus the feathered collar, bustier and feathered hat. This is a very sexy outfit, that's tastefully done and alot of fun to wear!

Baiastice Pulchra Sunkissed Makeup 9 w/Blonde Brows
NEW Truth Hair - Amelie in Golden
LAQ Dazzling Eden Eyes
Courtisane LaSauvage Heels in Black
NEW Donna Flora ELISA Earrings & Rings w/HUD to color change gems.
Poses By BehaviorBody Animations & Striking Poses
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NEW Inaya Skins!

Sandro Fratica co-owner of Inaya was kind enough to drop his newest skin releases on me to review... Jenine, Hayun and Shuriah. Inaya is a new skin shop for me, so and I tp'd over to check it out. The name Inaya is Arabic and means solitude, kindness, grace. The walls of the shop are covered with a unique variety of beautiful faces, demos costing $L1 each. I wanted to try them all on! The Makeup Plaza is located in the center of the shop, offering 68 different tatoo eyeshadow for $L50 each, although I couldn't find any demos for them. The three new skins are lovely, I especially like Jenine, she has a creamy cocoa skintone with prominent black brows. Her face and body are illustrated well with nice highlights and shading throughout. I like the color of the blonde brows on the pale Hayun skin too. She has nice shading and definition to her face with high cheekbones and a beauty mark resting above her upper lip that gives her character. Finally Shuriah has a sunkissed skintone with brown brows and lips that are different from the other two skins and not as well defined. The Inaya skins are a bit pricey at $L1000 each, considering you don't get an enhanced cleavage option or any included tatoo makeups. I asked Sandro about this and he told me the cleavages are a work in progress. I'll be curious to check them out when they're released. What you do get in each of these skin folders is a bald and a hairbase skin with a corresponding modifiable shape for each. Thank you Sandro for this look at your newest skin releases :)

To see more go here :)

NEW Baiastice Lotus Pumps!

I'm such a shoe horse in rl and it carries over to sl. BAIASTICE has a new shoe in the shop, that I needed! The Lotus Pumps will complement any attire, from a formal ballgown to a casual pair of jeans. I especially like the Lotus Pumps With Dots, the color combinations are unique and the dots give the shoe that extra shot of pizzazz.

To see more go here :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Siss Boom Specials!

Lestat Reuven has two casual pant sets on sale at Siss Boom for the next 24 hours. First up is LaGrange which consists of a jacket, belt (jacket bottom), jeans, pant cuffs and collar. I really like the texture and detail on this set. The other new design is called Freethinker and comes with a frilly shirt bottom, wide leg cuffs, ruffled collar and sleeves. Both sets cost $L100 each and really look fantastic on.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Ice Queen Slush2 w/Blonde Tatoo Brows
Truth Hair Tina in Seaspray w/Color Change Bow
Amacci Real Eyes in Spring Green
Lelutka Fame Pumps in Red & Brown
Poses By Posies Animations
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Monday, January 24, 2011

$L99 Lingerie From Reasonable Desires!

Besides having a grid wide hunt (see gifts here) happening right now at Reasonable Desires, there's some really cute $L99 lingerie for sale in the shop. These are sexy lingerie sets that come in all layers and look fabulous on.

Baiastice Pulchra Sunkiss Makeup 12 w/Red Brows
Truth Hair Jolie in Almond
Lelutka Saffron Pumps
Poses by GLITTERATI & Happy Dispatch
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Siss Boom Specials!

There's two dresses in the Siss Boom shop on special for $L100. First up is Writing On The Wall. This pretty period gown has a teal colored flower bustle, prim belt and flowered choker. The dress has a white fabric with embossed silver flowers. The other special is called Untold. This gown has a peach brocade texture with a sculpted shirt bottom, frilly shoulder wrap and flexi skirt. Both dresses are vintage Lestat designs!

LAQ Aline Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Linc Cleavage Enhancer
Truth Hair Melinda in Almond
Poetic Color Carribean Sean Blue Eyes
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Reasonable Desires Sim Wide Hunt!

If you're a fan of sexy lingerie, then I know you don't want to miss the sim wide hunt happening right now on the new and improved Reasonable Desires Sim. Austie Pegler and Martini Joliat have outdone themselves with 16 gift boxes containing costumes or lingerie. Each gift is better and sexier than the last! There's even some gifts from the merchants on the sim. Have fun hunting ladies! All the skins are from LAQ. The hairstyles are from Truth. Shoes are from Pixel Mode and last but not least, all the poses are from either Estetic or Happy Dispatch.

To see more go here :)

NEW Truth Hair!

I look forward to the new hairstyles at Truth, and this week he does it again releasing three very attractive, must have looks. All three come with a standard wig and one that's scripted for streaking in 63 colors. Amelie is a very pretty updo with curls piled high on top. The hair has three flowers scripted to color change or you can turn them off. Tegan is a long straight cut that comes with split attachment points so the hair doesn't sink into your chest. Tegan2 is the same long straight look, but it includes a fedora scripted to color change both the hat and band, and comes with split attachment points. Demos at Truth are free. Single color packs costs $L250 and a fatpack containing all shades is $L1500.

The new hair releases from last week are pretty amazing too. The Yolanda hair comes in two versions with either one or two ponytails and includes color change hair ties. What's really cool about this hair is you get separate bangs attached to the nose. I really like the bangs! The Tilda hair is a short shoulder length cut that comes with a color change barette. Like all Truth hair, every hairstyle comes with a standard wig and one that streaks in 63 shades.

LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 4
NEW Allure Mirror Black Vest w/Buttons White Tee w/Prim Cuffs
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