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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stars Fashion 99L Promo!

Stars Fashion has this cute little slip dress specially priced at 99L. Hibiscus is a mesh design that includes the sculpted clogs and wide belt slung low on my hips.
NEW IrEn Suri Light Tone @ Skin Addiction Showcase
NEW Truth Hair Kirby in Carrot
NEW Dark Mouse A Daisy For You Necklace & Earrings Set To see more go here :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

IrEn's Molly & Suri @ Skin Addiction Showcase!

Molly and Suri are two new skins from IrEn available at the Skin Addiction Showcase. Both have a very youthful appearance and remind me of the girl next door. Molly and Suri come in 6 skintones: ebony, fair, light, pale, sunburned and tan, with 7 tattoo lipsticks each.
The bodies are drawn expertly with nice shading at the her abs and curvy buttocks. Molly and Suri are priced affordably at $L600 each skintone, with a shape sold separately for $L300.
Truth Hair Hilary & [e] Mood
Amacci Poison Green Gaze Eyes
INSOLENCE Caroline & Janine Sexy Lingerie
To see more go here :)

Baiastice @ Skin Addiction Showcase!

I'm wearing Kate the new face of BAIASTICE available at the Skin Addiction Showcase!
The Kate collection features 4 skintones: peach, pearl, porcelain, and tan. Each skintone comes with 4 eyebrows: blonde, black, brown, and red with matching hairbases for each and 11 tattoo makeups. This face has a finely drawn eyebrow, a perky nose, well-defined high cheekbones and a plump heart-shaped mouth. The couture makeups are an electic assortment of color perfect for adding drama to high fashion snapshots.
The Kate body is illustrated perfectly, she has a creamy rich skintone with slight blemishing across her chest and back which gives her a realistic appearance. The body has nice highlights and shading especially at the belly and buttocks. Bravo Sissy Pessoa on this gorgeous new skinline!
Truth Hair Jolie
Amacci Poison Green Gaze Eyes
NEW INSOLENCE Mary Bra & Pantie
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

NEW Tameless Hair!

Tameless has some very sexy long hairstyles in the shop that have both regular and mesh hair combined. Liv is a very long thick head of hair that's pulled behind the right ear, the rest of the hair is draping over the left shoulder. The folder contains matching hairbases.
Maycee is another long hairstyle constructed with both regular and mesh hair. This thick long hairstyle is pulled up on the sides into a bun with the rest of the hair cascading down the back. A single hair pack containing 4 colors costs $L199. The fatpack with all 28 colors is $L799.
NEW Baiastice Kate Peach Makeup 1 w/Blonde Brows @ Skin Addiction Showcase
Hudson's Clothing Co Pink & White Bikini Bra & Coverup
Inks & Kinks Hippy Purple Butterfly Tattoo
To see more go here :)

60L @ Sascha's Designs!

Sascha Frangilli offers several outfits discounted to 60L. I think the Flirt Lime dress is the prettiest. This dress has a sweeping empire waist flexi skirt, fashioned in a summery floral print. It also comes with removable spaghetti straps and an adjustable system skirt to make it a very flexible ensemble.
NEW Baiastice Kate Peach Makeup 1 w/Black Brows & Hairbase @ Skin Addiction Showcase
NEW Shag Hair Cherie in Mystic Brown
NEW Dark Mouse Jewelry Fresh Necklace & Earring Set
[Gos] Pimp Your Pumps - Mary Janes
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NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has given a new gift to the subscribo group. Click on the sign as you enter the store and join the group, you need this cute hairdo! Jessie is a rigged mesh design with a long ponytail draping over the right shoulder, the rest of the hair is pulled behind the left ear. This hairstyle comes with a roots version and the standard wig.
Tashia is another stylish rigged mesh hairdo with the long thick hair pulled off the forehead and framing the face. The rest of the hair cascades over both shoulders with a few wispy ends left in back.
Roma has a slightly windblown appearance with the curly ends arrayed over the right shoulder and down the back. This hairstyle features a color change head scarf plus a wig with or without bangs, and a roots version.
Jodie is another rigged mesh hairstyle with the long straight tresses covering the right shoulder and flowing down the back. I like the way this hair is tucked behind the left ear, Jodie is definitely my favorite new hairstyle this week :)
NEW Pink Fuel Alena Honey Classic @ Skin Addiction Showcase
Amacci Blue/Pink Gaze Eyes
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Skin Addiction Demos!

I went to the Skin Addiction Showcase today and demo'd a lot of skins. I decided to post some... Hope you like looking at them as much as I enjoyed posting them :)

Izzie's Delusional Skin - I've never worn this brand before and like what I see especially in the paler skintone.
Baiastice Kate - Sissy Pessoa always hits a home run! I will post the flawless makeups next week!
Ocean Nicky - This skinmaker is new to me. I like the rich creamy complexion. The eyebrow needs a little work.
{.essence.} Moana - I've never worn this brand before. I like the pale skintone with the dark brows and eyeliner.
Amacci Mirelle - I really like this face and want try the paler skintones.
[the Skinnery] Emma - This skinmaker is new to me and looks great on my shape.
[sYs] Kelis - I've never demo'd this brand before but I like what I see!
Pink Fuel Alena - I went to the event today to pick up this skin with the cherry lips! I think this face is perfect :)
IREN Molly & Suri - Both of these skins have adorable faces, they look like the girl next door. I will post the individual makeups next week. Bravo Irischka Hotshot, both skins are flawless!
HUSH Daisy - With all the controversy swirling around this brand I had to check out the product. I was surprised at the skintone simularities when I looked at my avatar from afar. The Hush mouth and brow are constructed completely different.
Mirror's Enigma Socordia - I've never worn this brand, but like the skintone, rosy cheeks and blue eye shadow.
[PXL] Kate- There's something about the clarity of the eyes they speak to me... This face is real nice :)
ploom Lea - I like ploom Hair alot. This is the first time I've demoed the skinline.
Bellaza Lily - I want to go back and buy this skin... maybe. I like the bold eyeliner and red lip combination.
VERSHE Lolita - I like the creamy skintones, she has a nice mouth and brow color.
My Ugly Dorothy Edie - Overall I like the look of the eyes and nose, but I'd have to adjust my mouth to optimize this skin.
League Isla - The smokey eyes are prominent. I want a darker red lip too.
SHINE Escher - I've never worn this brand before. I like the spring colors of the lipsticks.
FFX Hibiscus Grace - I've never worn this brand. The base skin looks fabulous on my shape.
Style by Kira Serenity
ALEIDA Agnes - I thought this brand was closing up shop in sl?
To see more go here :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

GCD Teeny Kini!

Gwen Carillon has a sexy new bikini in the shop that features a print mesh sarong in an opague or sheer woven fabric. This sexy kini comes with a shell necklace and a brass starburst clasp adorning the sophisticated cover-up and bra. I'm ready for the Beach on Memorial Day!
Curio Sprout Sundust Light Cocoon2
[e] Abbey in Blonde 10
Amacci Sapphire Eyes #8
NEW Magnifique Poses Beach Ball on SLMarketPlace
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

NEW Filthy Mia Skin!

I'm wearing Mia the newest face from Alexandra Barcelos of FILTHY Skins.
The Mia collection features 4 skintones: cream, ivory, tan and deeptan. Each skintone has 8 colorful makeups that are perfect for spring and summer. I especially like the smokey eyes on makeup 8, the color of the lips and eyes on makeup 3 and the red lips on makeup 6. Mia has a finely drawn eyebrow, with nicely shaded high cheekbones and a heart-shaped mouth.
The Mia body is perfectly illustrated with realistic tones and shading throughout. Like all Filthy skins, Mia is sold in skintone packs that include all 8 makeups and a modifiable shape for 1800L or $7.26 each.
Truth Hair Tammy
Amacci Sapphire Eyes #8
NEW INSOLENCE Mary Lingerie Set in White
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

G&N Mesh Summer Dress Gift & NEW Filthy Skin!

G&N Quality Design has a cute summer ensemble in the shop for FREE! The Summer Mesh Dress includes the big floppy hat decorated with a red rose and pink canvas shoes. Thank you Nikki Heron for the lovely gift!
I'm wearing the new skin release from Alexandra Barcelos of Filthy Skins. This pretty face comes in 4 skintones with 8 pretty makeups.
NEW Truth Hair Mercedes (Mesh) in Barley
Amacci Sapphire Eyes #8
Everglow Model Poses
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Paris Metro Art Museum Opening Event Gift!

The gorgeous gown I'm wearing is a gift from Paris Metro Couture found outside of the Paris Metro Art Gallery which is directly across the street from the Paris Metro Shop on the Paris France sim. Be sure to check out Vasiliki Kappa's art exhibit while you're there. I'm in awe of the beautiful art I saw! The peasant dress gift has a sexy long flexi skirt, cropped top and includes the matching bangle. The fabric of the skirt incorporates parts of the artist's work in the print. In the future the dress will be sold with half the proceeds going to Vasiliki Kappa. Don't miss this fabulous gift!
NEW CandyDoll Michelle Cream w/Tattoo Pink Lips
Truth Hair Lykie Mesh Hair
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

NEW Mashooka Mesh Dresses & Group Gift Earrings!

Mashooka has several mesh cocktail dresses in the shop that are absolutely adorable! Puff is a trendy balloon dress with spaghetti straps, fashioned in 4 vibrant colors and priced at $L225 each. I really like the way this dress is constructed and how it moves with my avatar... I don't want to take it off!
Sweet lives up to its name with a ruffle that adds drama to the one-shoulder neckline. This tailored dress has curvy seams cinched at the waist with a pretty flared skirt and costs $L225 each.
Ranah is a pretty tube dress with sheer fabric cut-outs at the waist and a sexy racer back to show off your shoulders. This stylish club dress comes in 6 bold colors and costs $L399.
Finally, the last item I want to showcase is the Kanti Jewels which consist of a necklace, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 bracelets and 2 rings. The pieces are sold in various combination sets and come with a HUD to change the gems into 4 dazzling colors. The Kanti Earrings I'm wearing are the Mashooka VIP Group Gift. There is a 200L fee to join this group, but the gifts are always amazing. Copy/paste (secondlife:///app/group/1aaf8063-e7a1-ec61-4d68-7c0c838a26cd/about) into local chat, pay the fee then tp to the shop to get your earrings! You'll find them on a table on the Western side of the store.
NEW CandyDoll Michelle in Choco
Truth Hair Jordan in Mahogany
Pixel Mode Baby T Heels
Amacci Navy Blue Gaze Eyes
To see more go here :)

CandyDoll's Michelle!

I'm wearing Michelle, the stunning new face from CandyDoll!
Michelle is drawn expertly with a refined eyebrow in 3 colors, a pert nose, rosy high cheekbones, a tiny smattering of freckles across the bridge of the nose (you have to look closely), and a luscious mouth. I really like the 3 eyebrow colors that I've shown in cream skintone with various shades of blonde hair. The body on this skin has a creamy smooth appearance. I like the lack of blemishing, beauty marks and moles.
The Tattoo Makeups are a colorful collection of eyeshadow each sold separately for $L100. I favor the maroon and yellow eyeshadow since they're unique colors that aren't offered by many skinmakers.
The Lip Gloss comes in 7 shades, 6 are shown below, each costing $L140. Michelle has plump, juicy lips that are a CandyDoll trademark. She definitely needs to be kissed!
The Michelle collection features 4 skintones: Cream, Caramel, Choco and Latte costing $L950 each. The folder contains 3 eyebrow colors: blonde, brown and brunette with hairbase skins for each. You also get tattoo breast enhancers from cup sizes 'a' to 'd' and skins without eyebrows. Congratulations Rebeca Dembo on this new skin collection, which I feel, is your best work to date!
NEW Truth Hair Hilary (mesh)
NEW INSOLENCE Mary Blue Bra & Pantie
Lelutka Ellis Cobalt Eyes
Finesmith's Solid Prim Nails in White
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