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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NEW Orion Sweaters & Styligion Inc Leena Jeans!

The NEW Orion Sweaters are unisex! All the prim parts are scripted for size so they can be fitted to either a large guy or a petite gal. The folder contains a v-neck sweater in all layers with sleeves rolled either up or down. I like the cowl neck the best! The sweaters cost $L75 each with a fatpack of all 7 colors costing $L350. The sweaters look fabulous with the NEW Styligion Inc Leena Jeans. The jeans come in all layers and have a ton of detail at the seams and pockets. They're a low rise fit showing a bit of tushie cleavage. The cuffs blend seamlessly to the pant legs giving a streamlined straight-leg look. This is a quality pair of jeans costing $L160 a pair.

NEW League Amber SunTan Blonde CafeAuLait
Truth Hair Riley in Honey w/Color Change Headband
Solar Eyewear ATRIA
Poetic Colors Beryll Eyes
NEW Ingenue The Wanderer Wine Heels from 111 Event
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Boom Skirts & Thermal Tops!

The Boom Love Me Tweed Skirts are constructed really well and come in 12 vivid colors. I'm wearing Beige. The sash is scripted for 14 texture changes which makes the skirt quite versatile. The folder contains a top skirt plus an attachment for each leg that meshes well when walking. The skirts are priced very reasonably at $L75 each. The Boom +4 Warmth Thermal comes in 28 assorted colors, I'm wearing Goldenrod. The thermals are priced a bit higher at $L165, but you get 2 shirts in the folder, a plain and one with buttons at the left shoulder.

NEW Dutch Touch Jolie V2 Cocoa Yellow Eagle EBBlack, V2 Tatoo DarkRedLips & Jolie Nr1 Eyelashes
Truth Hair Anise in Honey w/Color Change Headband
Poetic Color Bright Forest Treasure Eyes
Luc Jewelry Heartwood Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW Ingenue Limited Edition The Wanderer Collection 3 Army Heels (I couldnt resist this shoe at 111 Event very expensive $L2,800 for 3 pair YIKES!)

Amperlope Prim Eyelashes

The Amperlope Prim Eyelashes are very affordable at $L40 a pair. The fatpack of all 3 pair of eyelashes is $L100. The lashes include an alpha layer to hide your system lashes. I like the bold, couture look.

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IrEn's Amily & Angie Skins!

I'm wearing Amily one of the new skins from IrEn. I really like this skin on my own shape.

The Amily & Angie skins each include a unique shape and come in 5 skintones: fair, glow, pale, tan and tanned. Amily has a very young girlish face. Angie has a more mature look about her.

I photographed the Amily glow tone, the makeups for each are the same. What I like about these skins are the way they're being packaged and sold with a bunch of extras. Both Amily & Angie contain 3 versions of one baseskin: no cleavage, enhanced cleavage & freckles. The folder also contains 5 V2 Tatoo Makeups, 2 V2 Teeth, Prim Eyelashes, 1 Shape (Modifiable) and 1 V2 LipGloss. The most prominent feature on both the Amily & Angie faces are the eyebrows, I like how they're drawn thick and lush, highlighting the individual hairs. Amily has a cute little nose, shapely red lips and subtle cheek shading.

The Amily & Angie makeups are unique and colorful. My favorite is the eyeliner makeup. it's drawn really well. These skins are both quite affordable costing $L800 each. I like how Irischka Hotshot is packaging one skin with a ton of extras.

Truth Hair Rebecca in Walnut
Poetic Colors Ocean Blue Surf Eyes
BabyDoll Pink Hearts Ruffle Skirt Set
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Truth Hair!

Truth released two long over the shoulder hairstyles that will look fabulous with all your holiday gowns and costumes. Both new hairs come with the standard wig and one that streaks in 63 colors. Gwyneth is a full thick head of hair pulled over the left shoulder and streaming over the chest. This hair includes a texture change barrette. Joey is spiked on top and very straight. The hair is partially pulled over the right shoulder with the rest of the hair streaming down the back. Both styles look fabulous on!

NEW Lelutka Mila Walnut Makeup 5 w/Cleavage, Lesia Brown & Andela Blonde Tatoo Eyebrows
Redgrave Scarlett2 Blue Eyes & Elemental Eyelashes

NEW Release At Angelwing... Plus Mini Hunt!

Angelwing has a new dress in the shop that's perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The dress comes in three versions: Fallen Angel, Christmas Angel or Dark Angel. The ornate skirts have fluid movement with prim flowers across the bodice. The dress also includes puff sleeves, wings and a hair wreath. There's a mini hunt going on right now at the shop until tomorrow at midnight. There are 10 sets of tiny wings (picture below) scattered about the store. Inside you'll find a piece of this dress, collect all 10 and this beautiful black gown is yours! The Fallen Angel dress is such a nice design and is definitely worth the time and effort, good luck ladies!

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Yum Pure w/Blonde Brows & Linc Cleavage Enhancer
Truth Hair Peyton in Latte
LAQ Dazzling Sapphire Eyes
Lelutka Seductress Eyelashes
SLink Jolie Pied Bare Feet

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lemania Indigo Specials!

The Noel dress is the Lemania Weekend Special for $L10! This is a strapless gown with a low cut black bodice that includes the matching shoes.

NEW Lelutka Mila Walnut Makeup 4 w/Cleavage & Lesia Tatoo Brown Eyebrow
Damselfly Hair Helinka in Ginger
Curio Tragic Grass Eyes
NEW Donna Flora LUCILLA Necklace, Earrings & Ring Set

The next 3 dresses are the 100L specials at Lemania Indigo Designs for the next 24 hours. The Baroness is a silky black gown with gold accents that includes the matching long cape and black pumps.

NEW Lelutka Mila Walnut Makeup 1 w/Cleavage & Lesia Tatoo Brown Eyebrows
NEW Truth Hair Gigi in Copper w/Texture Change Headband
Poetic Colors Frog King Fairy Eyes
Donna Flora ROMANCE Necklace, Earrings & 2 Ring Set

The Beaded Poppies dress is so colorful! It includes a flexi skirt with a prim 1/2 skirt attached, ruffled sleeves and matching black pumps.

NEW Lelutka Mila Walnut Makeup 7 w/Cleavage & Lesia Tatoo Brown Eyebrows
NEW Truth Hair Jackie in Carrot w/Texture Change Headband
Poetic Color Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Redgrave Spider Eyelashes
Dryad Designs Mardi Gras Confetti Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet set 1/2 Price $L200!

The Metro has a prim skirt attached to each leg, prim cuffs, matching earrings and shoes.

NEW Lelutka Mila Walnut Makeup 4 w/Lesia Tatoo Brown Eyebrows
Truth Hair Ashlin in Copper
LAQ Dazzling Moondust Eyes
Donna Flora ROMANCE Rings
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rhea Newall's Turkey Showgirl at SLMarketPlace

Lelutka's Mila, My Perfect Redhead!

I'm wearing the newest skin release from Letluka called Mila and she's a beauty!

The Lesia Brown Eyebrows are what sold me on the Mila skin, I wanted this redhead! The brows are sold separately for $L150. To me they look more red than brown, but the best part is they work really well with Mila and make her my perfect redhead. Everything about this face is exquisite. The eye shading is done well on every single makeup, my favorites are 4 & 5, the most colorful. The best feature, in my opinion, are the plump juicy lips, yes Mila has a sexy pout too. What can I say I love love love this skin!

All the skintones are new. I selected the walnut tone after trying them all on. The walnut shading is an improvement over other dark skin releases, the colors are blended so much better. The skin looks soft and creamy especially at the tummy. The illustration at the enhanced cleavage is new too, it's more defined. Lately I've been avoiding cleavages, I think they're overdone in sl. In my opinion this is a quality skin priced very reasonably. A single makeups costs $L900 which includes the enhanced cleavage on the undershirt and tatoo layer. The fatpack of 8 makeups costs $L3,000. Minnu Palen has outdone herself with the Mila collection. I don't know how she could top this skin, but I'll be waiting to see what she comes up with next.

Rhea Newall's Turkey Showgirl at SLMarketPlace
NEW Truth Hair Diana in Copper
Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Blue Eyes
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Mimikri Piz Shorts & Sweaters!

The Piz Shorts & Sweaters are new from Mimikri. The pieces are constructed really well and look fabulous on. The sweaters have a pretty knit texture and come in 8 colors with matching leather shorts sold separately. I really like the plunging neckline and the fringe accenting the sleeves. The leather shorts come with either a gold or silver zipper and have tassels at the legs. They're also cut very high in back and show the curve of your buttocks. Did I mention this outfit is very sexy :)

NEW Curio GP Sudust Dark Autum Cinnamon w/Black Brows
NEW Truth Hair Nina in Chocolate
NEW LOGO Reflections Forrest Green Eyes
BAX Coen Prestige Leather Boots
Shiny Things Nighttime Gem Necklace & Earrings Set - The gems are color changeable.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Starcks Silvansky Tatoo Eyeshadow

Starcks Silvansky dropped some Tatoo Eyeshadow on me yesterday to review. I really like this couture look! It comes in 8 brilliant colors and should be available in the shop in a day or two.

UPDATE: The tats are $L100 and can be found on SLMarketPlace
Mynerva Cocoa Plain Jane Black Brow
NEW LOGO Reflections Ancient Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Francesca Hair in Chocolate
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Mashooka Winter Queen Gowns!

Mashooka has two new gowns in the shop that will be showcased in the upcoming Narkissos Show on November 27th at 2pm SLT. The Chahana and Isha Winter Queen gowns have sumptuous textures intricately detailed and both include the feathered boas with attachment points for either the chest or spine. The Royal Raiput Jewelry has been specially designed in sapphire and is included with each dress.

Mynerva Cocoa Plain Jane w/Black Brows & Clevage
Fab U Lous Hair Ena in Black
Poetic Colors Gold Flakes Sapphire Eyes
Amacci Hairbase Tatoo in Jet Black
Tesla Vixen Desire 6 Inch Stiletto in White

NEW Tribal Soul Designs - Secrets Hair!

There's several new releases at Secrets Hair that are perfect styles for the winter weather. First up is Penelope II in blonde. This is a long braid pulled over the right shoulder with a hood either in the up or down position. The hood and hair tie are scripted to texture change into 8 colors.

Winter in charcoal is a side knot with a snowflake adorned beret that texture changes into 8 colors

Winter II in golden is another side knot with a texture change beret stamped with snowflakes.

Tease in charcoal is a updo with bangs framing the face.

The last style is called Faith in dirty blonde. This is a thick ponytail fastened with leather straps. A single color pack with 4 shades is $L200. A fatpack of all 40 colors is very expensive at $L2,000.

NEW Curio GP Yum Sundust Dark Electric Blueberry
Poetic Colors Deep Blue Sea Eyes
Purple Rose Jewelry Saturn Flower Necklace & Earrings - The gems are color changeable.
Calamity Hathaway Jewelry Juicy Strawberry Necklace & Earrings Set
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NEW Siss Boom Specials!

Lestat Reuven has 2 very cute outfits discounted to 100L. The Moody Knit sweater has prim cuffs and a sculpted shirt bottom. The jeans have lots of detail at the seams and include leg cuffs. The Milk Maid cocktail dress has 2 prim skirts, a removable jacket and shawl.

NEW Curio Yum Sundust Dark Cherries Jubilee & Tragic White Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Sonya & Bonnie in Latte
PB Collection Romain de Tirtoff Tribute Necklace & Earring Set (former 60L Sunday)
Purple Rose Jewelry Pearl Diamond Cluster Necklace, Earrings and 2 Bracelets - The gems are color changeable.
BAX Coen Ivory Prestige Boots
NEW G Field Little Diva Flats in Black/Silver
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NEW Curio Yum Skin!

This face is yummylicious!

Curio released two new skins yesterday and the Yum collection is definitely my favorite of the two. The new blonde and brown eyebrow options are a nice addition and they're drawn very well. This face is so fresh and youthful. The eyes are dark and shaded perfectly, the eyeshadow color is very subtle. The lips are delicious, they're plump and shapely. The Cherries Jubilee lipstick is amazing, it looks wet and glistens. What can I say this face is goregous :)

The Yum body, like all Curio skins, has a lovely skin texture. The slight blemishing throughout gives the skin a very realistic look. She has a soft feminine belly and a cute round butt. If you're a Curio fan you'll need some Yum. If you've never worn Curio before, try on a demo of Yum, you'll become a fan real fast. There's 2 bonus makeups only available in the $L3,000 fatpack. A single makeup costs $L1,000. Yum is by far Gala Phoenix's best work to date!

Lo'momo Sweet Rose in Pink
Truth Hair Riley in Expresso & Latte w/Texture Change Headband
Poetic Color Bright Carribean Blue Eyes
Donna Flora Pink Coral Earrings & Ring
To see more go here :)


AlaFolie is one of my favorite brands in sl. Pixivor Allen's creations are exquisite! The skirts are quality construction, they fit perfectly and have graceful movement. The Cristal Rose dress has a sumptuous pink fabric with a prim shirt and sleeves that complement one another. I like how the skirt cinches the waist with a pink white laced belt. The Violine dress has a texture that's so eye catching. The dress has a plunging neckline with a ruffled collar and a semi-sheer very sexy skirt. The bangle that I'm wearing is included with the dress. Both of the hats have beautiful prim flowers and ribbons. They're sold separately and work well with other designer clothing.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Autumn Purple Queen BR w/Linc Cleavage Enhancer
NEW Truth Hair Francesca2 in Expresso
AlaFolie Violet & Pink Chapeau Paille et Roses
NEW Donna Flora GABRIELLA Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD to Color Change Roses
Calamity Hathaway Jewelry Island Blossom Necklace
Nardcotix MANA Breezie Spring Pink Heels
Maitreya Gold Shanti Grape Pumps
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Monday, November 22, 2010

NEW Curio Autumn Skin!

I'm wearing the newest skin release from Curio... Autumn is stunning and worth the long wait!

The Autumn collection is magnificent in detail and variety. The makeups took my breath away, especially Aspen and Cinnamon. Gala Phoenix is giving us something new with this release, brow options! Each makeup comes with a light or dark skin, a blonde or brown eyebrow and freckled or non-freckled versions of each. I like the new eyebrows, both are refined and delicate, they complement this face and skintone. Autumn has the cutest little nose and plump scrumptious lips. The eyeshadow has very subtle coloring in muted tones. Other designer tatoo layer makeups will work great with Autumn for customizing an individual look of your very own.

This skin release has no changes to the body, although it's drawn beautifully with tons of detail like moles, blemishing and a realistic skintone. The Autumn skin is reasonably priced. What you get for your money are unique skins with no extras like cleavage skins or hairbases. The fatpack consists of 8 makeups (2 bonus looks) with 2 brow options each for $L3,000, that's 64 skins in all! An individual makeup contains 8 skins and costs $L1,000. Did I mention this skin is gorgeous? Yes, I'm enchanted with Autumn... My wish for the future would be red brows next :)

Reasonable Desires White Honey Lingerie 50L
NEW LOGO Reflections Kiwi Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Francesca2 in Honey & Expresso
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