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Friday, December 28, 2012

SAS, IrEn, Hudson's, Truth & Maitreya!

KatieO from SAS features several fierce taffeta flowing skirts with a majestic and polished look. KatieO includes a flowered brooch attached at the shoulder and a ruffled swag to wrap your shoulders. The shorter frilly cocktail skirts complete this festive ensemble and will take you from day to evening.
SAS KatieO
The beautiful face I'm wearing is a new look from IrEn called Olga in pale. She's a stunning beauty with either dark red or light brows and 10 luscious tatoo lipsticks. The HUDSON's Clothing Co Black Moonstone Necklace & Earring Set is set in gold with shimmering stones. The Peacock Dust Eyes are also from Candace Hudson and are my favorite color of all her realistic eyes.
SAS KatieO3
Sassy is a new vintage look from TRUTH that has a stylish pompadour on top and a thick ponytail in back. Finally the Maitreya Gold Liaison Heels have an elegant ankle strap or sock and come in 18 brilliant colors.
SAS KatieO2

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New HUDSON's Clothing Co!

The cozy Mohair Sweaters have been released in a mesh version at Hudson's and come in 3 charming colors. Pair them with your favorite skinny jeans for a casual yet comfy look. The Green Velvet Blouse is available in the shop or on the MarketPlace. This festive blouse with the sculpted sleeves and chest ties comes in either red or green and costs 99L each.
NEW Hudson's Mohair Mesh Sweater & Green Velvet Blouse
Glam Affair Amberly Europa Frostbite Makeup 2 @ Collabor88
Truth Hair Mindy
Maitreya Gold Liaison Heels
Virtual Impressions Noelle Necklace (1/2 Price)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Amarelo Manga December Collection

Stunning new mesh arrivals at Amarelo Manga, don't miss them!
Amarelo Manga December Collection
NEW Glam Affair @ Collabor88 Amberly Frostbite 03
NEW Maitreya Gold Liaison Heels

Sunday, December 16, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

CECE is a new mesh ponytail look from TRUTH that's accented with a black headband and looks great with a hairbase.
NEW Truth Hair CeCe
SASSY is a long mesh hairstyle that has a retro vibe with two pompadours curled on the top of the head.
NEW Truth Hair Sassy
SASSY2 has two pompadour twists with the back swept into a ponytail.
NEW Truth Hair Sassy2
NEW GLAM AFFAIR Amberly in Europa Frostbite Makeup2 @ COLLABOR88
Friday Thermal Red Henley
Addiction Jewelry Mr Swirl The Snowman Set

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stars Fashion!

The 4 outfits below are new from Stars Fashion, specially priced at 99L, don't miss them!
Stars Fashion 99L Promotion2
NEW Truth Hair Sassy2 in Fades

Thursday, December 13, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH released 3 mesh hairstyles that all include a wig with roots. First up is BIANCA. This pretty medium length cut has a wave in front that partially covers one eye. The hair is pulled back showing the ears and showcasing your earrings. This is a very stylish yet sexy look!
Truth Hair Bianca
CHYNNA is a sophisticated updo piled high on top of the head. The hair is pulled off the face with strands framing your face.
Truth Hair Chynna
Last but not least is MOXIE. This hairstyle is a one-sided ponytail with a forelock.
Truth Hair Moxie

Sunday, December 9, 2012

AMD Turtle Dress & Maitreya Gold Liaison Heels!

The Turtle Dress is new from Apple May Design. This cute mesh turtleneck dress comes in several festive colors with a Snowman or Christmas Tree print.
AMD Turtle Dress
Maitreya's Gold Liaison Heels come with an easy-to-use HUD to tweak the size and colorize the skin and socks. I'm quite a shoehorse in sl and wear alot of Maitreya shoes and boots!
Maitreya Liaison Heels2
NEW IrEn OLGA in Pale w/Tattoo Lipstick 1 NEW TRUTH Marley in Strawberry

Sunday, December 2, 2012


APPLE MAY DESIGN has hit it outta the ball park with the beautiful Exie maxi dress. This long mesh creation has a faded leopard print. styled with a sexy single shoulder strap and decorated with an optional flower swag. The stylish Veronica hair from Wasabi Pills has an attractive wave complimenting the thick tresses. This sexy hair drapes over the right shoulder and showcases the pretty shoulder swag.
AMD Exie, Mandala Jewelry, IrEn's OLGA & Wasabi Pills Hair
OLGA is a luscious new skin from IrEn.that features 6 tones, I'm wearing tan. I love how this skin complements my own shape. I will share my shape willingly with anyone who sends me an IM requesting a copy! The accessories from MANDALA Jewelry are beautifully crafted pieces. The Origiri Necklaces are designed so they can be worn together or separately. The one thing I'm missing from the Hokusai Cuff Watch is realistic hand sweep, nonetheless the detail on the face is quite realistic and it compliments the MANADALA prim nails nicely. Finally, the Black Denim Wedge Heels are from MonTissu and the mesmerizing Haunted Blue Eyes are from Candace Hudson.
AMD Exie, Mandala Jewelry, IrEn's OLGA & Wasabi Pills Hair2

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The new hair releases at TRUTH this week are really nice! NYX is a long mesh style that includes a HUD to color change the tiny bands worn in front. This style comes with your standard wig and a version with roots.
JADE is a thick ponytail pulled over the left shoulder. This mesh style includes a version with roots too.
NEW LAQ Essentials Saga Tone 1
NEW Friday Kristen Jacket in Flamingo & Green Striped Layering Tank
NEW CUDA Rose Entwined Pendant, Earrings & Ring
Hudson's Haunted Grey Eyes with Dark Shadows Tattoo
MANDALA Prim Nails

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Hudson's Peasant Skirt Set has a spirited gyspy vibe with emboriderd velvet fabrics. The colorful skirt is decorated with an attached leather belt and removable pouch on the hip. The gyspy blouse has ruffled sleeves and features a flexi coin trim at the midriff. This dress is perfect for role play, I feel like a 17th century tavern wench!
NEW LAQ Essential Saga Tone 1
NEW [e] Hair Interrupt in Warm Blonde
DooDads Stringy Beaded Necklace & Earrings Set on SL MarketPlace
Hudson's Haunted Eyes Smokey Tatto & Glossy Peacock Dust Eyes
G Field Short Lace Up Boots in Camel To see more go here :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stars Fashion!

Stars Fashion has three stylish ensembles on sale for 99L each! Don't miss these trendy looks!
NEW LAQ Essential Saga Tone 1
NEW [e] Conclusion in Warm Blonde

Monday, November 19, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

Hurricane Sandy devastated the coastline of New Jersey and kept me busy working 15-18 hour days restoring telephone service. I finally get some well deserved vacation time to rest up; what better way to do that, than blogging second life fashion!

TRUTH has several new mesh hairstyles that are stunning looks! First up is CYANNE. This is a long straight look that comes pulled up on both sides and accessorized with a color change scarf.
MALLORY is another long mesh hairstyle that includes a color change bow.
MARLEY is another long hairdo that has a thick curl cascading over the shoulder and a wave framing the face.
TYLER is another mesh style with a pretty braid crowning the top of the head and bangs fringing the forehead.
Last, but not least is a pretty updo called ADELINE This hair is pulled into a smooth bun at the nape of the neck with a long thick braid crowning the top and pretty bangs fringing the forehead.
NEW LAQ Essentials Saga Tone 1
Mon Tissu Seaside Dress
EarthStones Genie Necklace & Earring Set

Sunday, October 28, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has released new hair this weekend and my favorite is definitely the long full Rebel look. This hair has a thick wavy appearance with bangs fringing the forehead.
Ariel is swept off the forehead and behind the left ear. I like how the long wavy hair falls over both shoulders.
Josie is a stunning updo with a thick knot in back.
NEW Twisted Trinkets Celtic Belt
Mon Tissu Take Flight Necklace

NEW @ Cilian'gel's 1920 Boutique & The Winter Village

Got a Web? The Halloween Female Costume Set at Cilian'gel Boutique is the newest VIP Group Gift. This fabulous Halloween Gown is available in the past notices of the group. There is a fee to join this group of 50L but the gifts are worth it. There are lots of other past group gifts still available in the Formal Boutique at the Winter Village of Durango don't miss them!
Do you have a Dirty Little Secret? We all do! Be sure to grab the two of Dirty Little Secret Hunt Prizes at Cilian'gel's 1920's Boutique. Sensational mesh clothes for her and for him costing only a 1L! The prizes are really easy to find, there are clues on the 1st floor. What are you waiting for?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW Gwen Carillon Designs!

Sparkling wings and an ethereal dress transform you into an enchanting, magical fairy wearing the Belladonna Collection from GCD. This fantasy ensemble comes complete with a sexy g-string to show off more skin. The ensemble also comes with all tattoo layers plus a mini skirt, tulle skirt & tail, silver earrings and exotic eye tattoo. The wings on Belladonna unfold in slow motion like petals on a flower.
LAQ Olivia Makeup 5
Truth Hair Gwyneth in Mahogany
NEW Hudson's VIP Group Gift Haunted Pumpkin Eyes w/Smokey Eye Tattoo included!
Dark Mouse Apples & Opals Necklace SlMarketPlace

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NEW Hudson's Clothing Co!

Hudson's has released the Poet Leather & Lace Blouse in a vibrant autumn color that looks fabulous on. The festive Harvest Poet Blouse features the blouse and corset on separate layers and is decorated with frilly ruffled collar and cuffs and tiny leather bows in front and back.
The Buckled Leather Boots are new in the shop and feature leather straps and gold buckles wrapping the shoe. The Haunted Pumpkin Eyes have a unique color with golden refractions around the pupil. These sensational eyes are a free gift at the landing point for VIP Group Members. There is no fee to join this group and the gifts are always awesome! Copy/paste into chat to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/94abf0b3-82af-1ff8-3313-afeb8530cd75/about
NEW Amacci Hazel Skin in Fair
Truth Hair Jolie in Latte

Monday, October 22, 2012

NEW AMD & Amacci!

AMD has a beautifully crafted mesh evening gown in the shop that comes in five stunning colors. Princess features glistening sequins that illuminate the sweetheart bodice and floor sweeping skirts. This elegant, chiffon gown is wrapped at the waist with a satin ribbon and includes long gloves for a glamorous yet timeless finish.
The Hazel Skin and the Maddie Hair are both new from Amacci. I'm wearing the fair tone makeup 3 called Candy with pink lipstick and a smokey eye.
Amacci Ocean Blue Gaze Eyes
Virtual Impressions Marion Necklace & Earrings Set
To see more go here :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has 3 new mesh hairstyles in the shop that look fabulous on. I really like RASHIDA! This hair features long straight locks pulled behind one ear. The rest of the hair drapes over the shoulders and down the back.
DAWSON has a long coiling ponytail with a forelock that frames your face.
CHEYENNE has one lose braid draping over the shoulder and a long forelock fringing the forehead and ear. All three hairstyles include the standard wig and one with roots.
NEW Glam Affair Roza Makeup 3
Hudson's Glossy Peacock Dust Eyes
Mimikri IT

Thursday, October 18, 2012

NEW Stars Fashion!

Stars Fashion has another new look for 99L that you can find in the shop or at the SL MARKETPLACE! Feline is a mesh dress fashioned in either a brown or white print. The outfit includes a semi-sheer leopard shrug decorated with a cameo clasp.
NEW Glam Affair Roza America Makeup 1 w/Dark Brows
[e] Studio in Midnight Black (I love this hair!)
Hudson's Glossy Blue Violet Eyes (Tribute to Liz Taylor)
[Gos] Curvaceous Boots
MANDALA Jewelry Prim Nails

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The Amarelo Manga Shorts & Corset have a very lovely gold filigree threaded through the fabric which gives them a rich, expensive look. I paired the shorts and corset with the new Bens Beauty October Necklace & Earrings set. Big chunky jewelry is a favorite of mine! I'm also wearing the I<3FashiOn Peace Ring which comes in both silver and gold.
NEW CandyDoll Patricia Cream Blue Makeup w/Hairbase
NEW Hudson's Group Gift Light Grey HEAD ON Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Mayim in Fades Lava
Mstyle Goshi Pumps
To see more go here :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New AMD!

The October Mesh Dress is an off-the-shoulder jumper, cinched at the waist with a baked-on leather cord. The dress is new at AMD and comes in two autumn prints, costing $L225 each. I love the fit of this dress!
NEW Glam Affair Roza Jamaica Makeup 2
NEW Truth Hair Mindy in Carrot (I love the way the bangs fringe the forehead)
Amacci Autumn Green Gaze Eyes

Monday, October 15, 2012

Glam Affair's Roza!

Aida Ewing over at GLAM AFFAIR has released a new skin called Roza that is packaged in a very unique way. There are 6 beautiful skintones, each containing 5 skins, one clear version and 4 makeups, with 3 brow variations of blonde, dark and red. What's unique is that each skintone has different makeups!

First up is AFRICA. I really like the creamy smooth dark complexion. This pack contains 3 dark brows with 4 lipsticks.
INDIA has a rich smooth skintone with 4 really pretty makeups. I especially like the pink lips on makeup 1.
JAMAICA has a creamy smooth skintone perfect for a red-head.
AMERICA has a pale skin texture with brilliant lipsticks.
EUROPA has a bright skintone that works fabulously with red or dark brows... I love makeup 4!
Finally, ARTIC has an extremely luminescent complexion. The red lipstick on makeup 2 is brilliant! Each skintone costs $L2299 and is on sale now at GLAM AFFAIR. Bravo Aida Ewing on the Roza Skin Collection!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

SAS's Halloween Cruella!

Sascha Frangilli has released a fabulous gown for Halloween called Cruella. The graceful, uncomplicated lines enhance the look of this strapless silk-chiffon gown with a sweetheart bodice and a system skirt for a form-fitting silhouette.
Cruella can be styled into many elegant and sophisticated looks. The dress features several floor sweeping skirts to mix and match with a stola and a frilly chest swag.
Cruella also includes prim sleeves, long evening gloves and a tattoo lace mask. I felt like an evil princess wearing this gown and loved it!
Lelutka Lola Suntan w/Tattoo Orange Lipstick
Bishwear Sweeney in Bark
Amacci Steel Gaze Eyes
Lacie Cakes Black Widow Necklace & Earrings Set
To see more go here :)