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Sunday, July 31, 2011

NEW Lalei!

Lalei has a lovely new gown in the shop. Leda features a daring full-length slit on the side of the floor sweeping skirt which lends dynamic, fluttery movement. The gown is adorned with a bow at the one-shoulder bodice and at the hip of the open skirt. The folder contains skirts and glitch pants for a closed skirt option, both are shown below.

NEW LAQ Jennie2 Peach Glow Makeup 4 w/Tattoo 2c
Truth Hair Bonnie in Latte
Hudson's Glossy Ghostly Grey Eyes
NEW N core Femme Heels
Vita's Boudoir Spider Web Hat
Poses by EverGlow
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

CandyDoll Swimwear!

CandyDoll has you covered as far as sexy bathing suits and bikinis, perfect for all those pool parties in sl. You need one for every day of the week! You can find this wonderful collection of swimwear out front of the CandyDoll Shop.

NEW AMD Gigi Peachy Vibrant Makeup 4 w/Gen2 Cleavage
Truth Hair Sia in Dawn
Finesmith Red Prim Nails 50% OFF Storewide Sale!

LAQ's Jennie2

I'm wearing Jennie2, the new skin release from LAQ!

Jennie2 has a very sweet and innocent look about her, I'm totally smitten! She reminds me of Isabel, but with eyeliner. What I like most about Jennie2 is the lipstick colors are varied. The last skin Mallory Cowen gave us, Olivia was a bit disappointing for me because I thought the first three skins were identical. You can look at Olivia here. Jennie2 has 5 very different lipstick shades on plump juicy lips. She has a refined blonde brow and a clear glowing complexion. The 5 base skins cost 990L or $4.00.

Tattoo makeup is being sold separately in sets of 3 for 120L or $.49 each. These are the same 6 tattoo makeups that were released with Olivia. Mallory Cowen redeemed herself with the lip colors of this skin, but I'm wondering why she didn't give us some new tats???? All in all this is a gorgeous, must have skin!

Truth Hair Gwyneth in Latte
LAQ Dazzling Marine Eyes
INSOLENCE Melonie Bra & Panty
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!Right Fashion Specials!

The Nina Flappery Dress is the 79L Letter Of The Week offering at Right Fashions. This girly dress consists of flouncy tiered ruffles that cascade down a frolicsome strapless silhouette. Nina has a one piece body suit under the ruffles and includes a white scarf.

The 60L Weekend offering is the Ruffled Top & Capri Jeans. This outfit has a very cute cropped top with a flexi ruffle trim and a pair of capri pants with a baked on belt and pant cuffs.

The last item here is a gift for the German Designers United Hunt that starts Monday, August 1st and runs through the 21st. The Summer Feeling set consists of a pair of low-cut capri jeans with cuffs, a cropped shirt and a trucker's cap.

NEW Filthy Alexandra in Tan Makeup 8
Truth Hair Tia in Latte
NEW Adorned Jewelry Julianna Bangles in Silver & Gold
NEW N-Core Femme Heels
Poses By Reel Expressions
Photographed at Winterfell
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Friday, July 29, 2011

AMD's Gigi!

I'm wearing Gigi the cute new face from AMD!

Gigi features the base skin for 575L or $2.32... or as a vibrant makeup pack that includes the base skin plus 4 makeups for 1350L or $5.45. As a special for this new face only, with your purchase of either the base skin or the vibrant makeup pack you will also receive an exclusive gift makeup. The gift makeup will ONLY be included with your purchase for one week, ending Friday, August 5th.

The extra gift makeup is called Surprise and it's shown below. With the gift makeup, I'm wearing the new Eyebrow Dye Pack which costs 295L or $1.19 for each eyebrow shade with all skintones included. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed that the eyebrow tats were not darker, they seemed to all look the same to me. Anyway, the tats work with Gigi, but not all AMD skins so try a demo before you purchase.

Gigi comes in 7 skintones: peach, gothly, deep tan, carmel, dark, pale & tan. She has nice shading at her a soft feminine belly and a curvy butt.

Truth Hair Justine
Lelutka Ellis Cobalt Eyes
INSOLENCE Deborah Blue Embroidered Bra & Panty
Poses By Glitterati Long Hair 3
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Finesmith's 50% OFF SALE!

While Yula Finesmith packs up and builds Finesmith's Jewelry in a new location, you can save some lindens by shopping at the 50% OFF SALE at the old shop... that's right 50% off EVERYTHING! Here's your taxi!

SLC Specials… Plus Fifty Linden Friday Poses From Olive Juice!

SLC has lots of new goodies in the shop... First up is the 79L Letter of the Week item. Milanda is a summer party dress with a racer back and babydoll flexi skirt.

The Milanda Jeans & Top is the 60L Weekend item that features a babydoll halter top with a bow and a pair of sexy white jeans with cuffs that are shown unbuttoned and unzipped.

The final item I'm showing is for the German Designers United Hunt that starts Monday and runs through August the 21st. The White Hot Babe is a very sexy outfit that features two tops, one worn off the shoulder and exposing a bit of boobie.

The fabulous poses are the Fifty Linden Friday item from Olive Juice, don't miss them!
NEW Pink Fuel Elly Chai Babydoll w/Dark Brows & Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Pandora in Sand
NEW pcClassic November Light Eyes
NEW Avon + Alpha Jewelry Flower Black Diamond Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW MStyle RIVEA Pumps
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Filthy's Alexandra!

I'm wearing Alexandra, the newest FILTHY face!

The Alexandra collection features 8 makeups in 6 realistic skintones: bronze, cocoa, expresso, fair, ivory and tan. The makeups are a wonderful assortment of color in beautifully shaded eyeshadow and vivid lipsticks. Alexandra has a lovely countenance with full pouty lips, a dainty nose, rosy cheeks and an elegantly drawn eyebrow.

Alexandra is a perfect 10! She has creamy smooth skin colors with perfect highlights and shading at the enhanced cleavages, the cute belly button and her curvy round derriere. Alexandra is sold in skintone packs with all 8 makeups for 1800L or $7.26 each. You'll also receive the enhanced cleavage on the tattoo and undershirt layers. If you're a Filthy VIP Group member you'll get refunded 50% for 2 days only! There is a fee of 199L to join the group, but the skin gifts and discounts more than offset this cost. Bravo Alexandra Barcelos on this fabulous new skin collection!

[e] Hair Leah & Lasting
NEW pc Classic Warm Light Eyes
INSOLENCE Elsa Green Liberty Lingerie Set
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW Hair From Truth, Me & Magika!

The new releases at Truth are always spectacular, I look forward to reviewing them every week. Jordan is pulled back like an updo with the long loose ends draping down the back. This hair features a wig for streaking and will show your jewelry nicely.

Zaria is pulled up on the left side, exposing your ear, and pinned in the back. The rest of the hair drapes down your back. This pretty hairstyle comes with 2 different bang options, split attachment points and a wig for streaking.

Bree is another hairstyle pulled up on all sides but this time it's draping over the left shoulder. This hairstyle comes with split attachment points and a wig for streaking.

Lacey is a very pretty long wavy style that drapes down the back and over both shoulders. This hairstyle features a color change hairband, a wig for streaking and split attachment points.

ME is a new hair store for me in sl. I was sent the next 2 hairs for review and I really like them both. Kara is a medium long length with thick bangs that comes with a HUD for color change and streaking.

Jacqui is another hairstyle from ME that also includes a HUD for color changing and streaking. This is a short cut with a forelock over the right eye.

This last hair I purchased from Magika, it wasn't sent to me for review like the rest of the hair in this post. Luna is a long hairstyle that flows over both shoulders and down the back. This wig comes with a HUD for color changing the hair and hairband, split attachment points and a mirror version, which I thought was a really cool concept.

NEW LAQ Olivia Peach Glow Skin Makeup 5
NEW League Broderie Anglais Blouse in Pink
Mon Tissu Greta Grey Shorts


AMD has two new outfits in the shop that are adorable! Cruise features a classic muted navy blue stripped dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a sculpted belt. Gullible is a casual outfit featuring a loose tank in a floral fabric and denim cropped jeans with cuffs. The sculpted belt is attached to the sculpted shirt bottom.

Curio GP Sundust Dark Chic Flair2 w/Cleavage Option 1
NEW Truth Hair Zaria in Expresso
pc Classic Blue Hour Eyes
Mstyle Rosso RIVEA Pumps
NEW EED Anchors Away Necklace, Earrings & Ring Set
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baiastice's Nina & Special Asian Group Gift!

I'm wearing the 6th generation skin from BAIASTICE called Nina!

The Nina collection comes in 7 skintones: Dark, Milk, Pale, Peach, Porcelain, Sunkiss and Tan. Each skintone features 1 base and 11 makeups with 4 eyebrow shades: Black, Blonde, Brown and Red. Nina has plump kissable lips, a pert little nose, rosy cheeks and a delicate eyebrow. Getting all 4 eyebrow colors provides so much variety, there's a face here to please just about everyone. The makeups are a sweet assortment of eyeshadow and bright pink to red lipsticks. I especially like the eyeshadow on makeup 10 and 11. If you're into customizing your look further, be sure to check out all the incredible tattoo makeups available at the Baiastice Beauty Store. There's over 60 luscious lipsticks, 50 eyeshadow, 12 blushes and even different shades of teeth, all compatible with this skin and sold separately.

Nina is illustrated well, she has a creamy rich skintone with slight blemishing that gives her a realistic look. The body has nice highlights and shading especially at the belly and buttocks. Each individual makeup costs 850L or $3.42 and consists of 8 skins: 4 eyebrow shades and 4 hairbases to match... plus all these extras: optional enhanced or minimal cleavages, an alpha layer to cover up default lashes, pubic hair in different tones from light to dark on 2 layers, 3 different eyebrow shapers, tattoo face freckles and tattoo teeth. That's a lot of bang for your buck! The fatpack of a single skintone costs 5100L or $20.49. Congrats Sissy Pessoa on the Nina skinline, she's absolutely stunning!

The Asian Skins are available in a blue gift box as you enter the beauty shop. You must wear your VIP tag. There is no fee to join the Baiastice VIP Group, just IM Sissy Pessoa to be added. The gift consists of 2 makeups in medium and sunkiss skintones, I love the bright red lips!

NEW Truth Hair Jordan
NEW pc Classic Night Flood Eyes
NEW INSOLENCE Jaime Satin Lingerie in Emerald
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Monday, July 25, 2011

NEW Hudson's Clothing Co & NEW Baiastice Nina Skin!

The sexy BoHo Peasant Dress is new at Hudson's Clothing Co and features a highly detailed peasant blouse with sculpted sleeves, ruffles and chest strings. The ensemble comes in either pink or blue and includes adjustable glitch pants and both long and short skirts.

Brigitte's Summer Set features so many pieces to mix and match! You get a white blouse with sculpted collar, sculpted loose chest strings, a flexi blouse bottom, bikini panties, leather shorts, a sculpted resizeable leather skirt, sunglasses on the head and a matching clutch bag. This outfit is sweet!

The Glossy Navy Storm Eyes are a FREEBIE found in the landing point. I'm a huge fan of Candace Hudson eyes, they alway look fabulous no matter what skin you're wearing.

Finally, the Brigitte's Summer Heels are the perfect match to the Brigitte Summer Set and includes the frilly socks.

NEW Baiastice Nina Sunkiss Makeup 1 w/Blonde Brows & Cleavage
Truth Hair Eden in Macaroon
NEW SLink Shaz Platform in Black Denim
Poses by Glitterati
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

NEW Eden Bikini & ACID @ Grunge Soul Project!

The Stars $L99 bikini comes in 4 colors and is brand new from Eden and very smexy! The rest of the items in the photo below were created by ACID and can be found dirt cheap at the Grunge Soul Project. The pretty skin with the enhanced cleavage is called Sakura and she's available for just $L80. The Prison Eye chain pierings come in both or just one eye and can be picked up for $L85. The Mike Face Piercings which consist of the lip, nose and eye studs plus the nose rings. These piercings are really cool and cost only $L85. The Pique Ears come with several studs and crosses in both ears plus a HUD for matching with your skintone. The ears look really good on and cost $L96.

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NEW Mimikri!

The Luca collection is new at Mimikri and features a stylish jacket, belt and dress in 8 mix and match colors. Each piece can be worn separately but works really well together. The ensemble consists of a cropped python jacket and belt worn over a strapless chiffon mini dress. Like all Mimikri creations, the detail of the textures and the intricate prim work is impeccable!

NEW Curio GP Acorn Light Candy Licorice Whip2
NEW Truth Hair Jordan in Macaroon
NEW pc Classic November Ice Eyes
Poses by Daiz Papp
Photographed at Faery Magic
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NEW Baiastice!

The Leah gown was created by Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice for Miss Uruguay 2011 Leah McCullough! Congratulations Leah! This exquisite gown features a strapless sweetheart bodice and long gloves trimmed in lacy ruffles. The Leah has 3 different skirt options. The first is an elegant sculpted skirt with structured layering and ruched fabric at the waist. The second look entails a simple mermaid skirt with a flared silhouette. Finally the third floor-sweeping skirt has lace overlay and leads back into a short train.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Candy Green Apple1 w/Chic Dark Brow Tatoo & Cleavage Option1
Friday Hair Summer in Delighted Blonde
NEW pc Classic Surf Green Eyes
Purple Rose Elizabeth's Heart Choker & Earrings Set
Poses by EverGlow
Photographed at Alurel Village
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Siss Boom Specials!

Lestat Revuen is back and better than ever! The Butterfly gown has a halter style top trimmed in lace. The dress is subtly patterned with a cloud of whimsical butterflies and bows.

The Lily Pad is a strapless cocktail dress with a sculpted sleeve, fashioned in lightweight chiffon. The dress has a nature-inspired print on a silky white fabric. Both dresses are available at Siss Boom for $L100 each. Welcome back Lestat!

NEW Curio GP Acorn Light Candy Sugar Town2 w/Cleavage Option 1
Maitreya Hair Nimue in Sandy Blonde
LOGO Reflection Electric Eyes
NEW Addiction Jewelry Journey Necklace & Earrings Set
Mandala TAKARA Prim Nails w/Ring in Black
Poses by BehaviorBody Animations
Photographed at Two Sisters
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Eye Candy!

I'm wearing Candy the 2nd new skin release from Curio this weekend!

The Candy collection features a smooth and glowing complexion. She has a refined blonde eyebrow perfectly drawn, and plump kissable lips in a variety of pink and red shades. The eyeshadow is so yummy, especially the subtle shading of Green Apple and the bright colors on Lollipop. Candy is going to spoil me with her fabulous makeups!

An individual makeup consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions of each or 8 skins for $L1000. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500. The megapack contains every single makeup in all five skintones for $L3000, that's 240 skins!

NEW Exile Lady Versailles
LOGO Reflection Eyes in Kiwi
Blacklace Tease Fall Leaves Bra & Pantie
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