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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The new hair releases at TRUTH this week are really nice! NYX is a long mesh style that includes a HUD to color change the tiny bands worn in front. This style comes with your standard wig and a version with roots.
JADE is a thick ponytail pulled over the left shoulder. This mesh style includes a version with roots too.
NEW LAQ Essentials Saga Tone 1
NEW Friday Kristen Jacket in Flamingo & Green Striped Layering Tank
NEW CUDA Rose Entwined Pendant, Earrings & Ring
Hudson's Haunted Grey Eyes with Dark Shadows Tattoo
MANDALA Prim Nails

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Hudson's Peasant Skirt Set has a spirited gyspy vibe with emboriderd velvet fabrics. The colorful skirt is decorated with an attached leather belt and removable pouch on the hip. The gyspy blouse has ruffled sleeves and features a flexi coin trim at the midriff. This dress is perfect for role play, I feel like a 17th century tavern wench!
NEW LAQ Essential Saga Tone 1
NEW [e] Hair Interrupt in Warm Blonde
DooDads Stringy Beaded Necklace & Earrings Set on SL MarketPlace
Hudson's Haunted Eyes Smokey Tatto & Glossy Peacock Dust Eyes
G Field Short Lace Up Boots in Camel To see more go here :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stars Fashion!

Stars Fashion has three stylish ensembles on sale for 99L each! Don't miss these trendy looks!
NEW LAQ Essential Saga Tone 1
NEW [e] Conclusion in Warm Blonde

Monday, November 19, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

Hurricane Sandy devastated the coastline of New Jersey and kept me busy working 15-18 hour days restoring telephone service. I finally get some well deserved vacation time to rest up; what better way to do that, than blogging second life fashion!

TRUTH has several new mesh hairstyles that are stunning looks! First up is CYANNE. This is a long straight look that comes pulled up on both sides and accessorized with a color change scarf.
MALLORY is another long mesh hairstyle that includes a color change bow.
MARLEY is another long hairdo that has a thick curl cascading over the shoulder and a wave framing the face.
TYLER is another mesh style with a pretty braid crowning the top of the head and bangs fringing the forehead.
Last, but not least is a pretty updo called ADELINE This hair is pulled into a smooth bun at the nape of the neck with a long thick braid crowning the top and pretty bangs fringing the forehead.
NEW LAQ Essentials Saga Tone 1
Mon Tissu Seaside Dress
EarthStones Genie Necklace & Earring Set