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Saturday, January 19, 2013

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has several new hairstyles in the shop that look fabulous casual or dressed up. BRIANNA is a mesh style, pulled behind the left ear with the long tresses draping down the back. This pretty hairdo has a braid decorating the back of the head.
NEW Truth Hair Brianna
LEVINIA has two cute pigtails and would look perfect on a child avatar.
NEW Truth Hair Levinia
EDITH is a long mesh hairstyle comes with a color change hat.
NEW Truth Hair Edith
EDITH2 is a long mesh look that cascades over the shoulder and down the back.
NEW Truth Hair Edith2
DEVINA is a short style with the ends slightly turning under and a bang framing the face.
NEW Truth Hair Devina
VANYA is a stylish long hairdo with the hair over draping both shoulder and down the back.
NEW Truth Hair Vanya