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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DK Designs Fifty5 Linden Thursday - Rebecca!

Rebecca is a sexy little black dress from Dexter Kaupas of DK Designs for Fifty5 Linden Thursday. The dress shows lots of skin with a plunging neckline and a short flirty flexi skirt. You'll find this dress discounted to 55L today only, dont miss it!

NEW LAQ Isabel Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Cleavage & Dazzling Sapphire Blue Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Tara in SeaSpray w/Color Change Band & Streaking
NEW EarthStones Ti'ana Necklace & Earrings Set in Onyx
N-Core Stylus Extreme Platform Heels
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homespun Flirty Frocks

Homespun has moved to the Starlust sim and there's a new release in the shop that's absolutely adorable. The 4 Flirty Frocks come in 4 pretty textures... Pink Daisy, Nautical, City Girl and Cowgirl Red. The Hornrimmed Glasses are also from Homespun. They have custom sculpts and scripts with 27 frame and 5 lens options. Posy Trudeau's vintage creations have a vibe from a bygone era.

NEW LAQ Isabel Peach Glow Makeup 2
Damselfly Hair Halinka in Starfish Blonde
Dark Mouse Simple White Pearl Necklace & Earrings
NEW p.c. Suede Platform Pumps
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NEW Lestat Rueven Specials... Plus CandyDoll Dollie Skin Gift!

Lestat Reuven is back and better than ever. She has 2 NEW specials for 100L. Bunched Silk is a gorgeous gown with a very full silky skirt that's semi transparent and includes a waist ruffle and a black bow trimming the strapless bodice.

Heavy Metal is the other special for today. This cute skirt and blouse has a wispy collar, ruffled sleeves and waist trim with lots of detail on the skirt and blouse.

NEW CandyDoll Dollie Giftie
NEW Truth Hair Kelsey in Barley & Lanie in Golden
LAQ Dazzling Pacific Eyes
N Core Stylus Platform Extreme Heel in Black
BAX Prestige Black Leather Boots
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

NEW Mynerva Skins!

I'm always on a search for the best skins in sl. When I came across Mynerva skins awhile back, I was amazed and fell in love with these young fresh faces. The skins come in 5 tones, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Caramel, Fudge and Cocoa. Each individual makeup comes with 16 skins! You get 8 regular makeups and 8 in a misti or slightly darker tone. What I like most about Mynerva skins, are all the eyebrow options. Each individual makeup has 4 brows: black, blonde, brown & red. You also get each brow with or without cleavage. That's alot of skins! There are so many really adorable makeups to choose from. I really love the glossy yummy lips and cute freckles.

The body of a Mynerva skin is illustrated really well. The detail at the clavical, backbone and navel is excellent. I especially like her curvey little bum. These skins are very affordable starting with free Demos. A single makeup pack costs 700L and a fatpack of all 4 new makeups will run you 2000L.

NEW Truth Hair Kami in Night, Toffee, Golden & Copper
Lisa's Things Wheat Caicia Bra & Panty
LAQ Dazzling Sapphire Eyes
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Lemania Indigo Specials, Group Gift & Midnight Mania!

Lemania Indigo has 3 specials for 100L for 24 hours. First up is a masquerade gown called Fall Mask. I love the autumn colors on this strapless gown. The oufit includes the mask and matching pumps. There's also a fur wrap for the shoulders not shown.

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Skin w/Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Trinity in Golden
Redgrave Scarlett Blue Eyes
NEW Paper Couture Cheetah's Pride Necklace & Earrings Set

The Falling For The 40's outfit is a vintage autumn suit with lots of fur trim. The outfit includes a brooch, earrings and matching pumps.

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 2 & Dazzling Honey Eyes
EdelStore Yaiza in Brown

The last special for today is called Harlow Fall Knit Suit. This is another vintage suit that includes the fur collar & cuffs, belt and matching pumps.

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 8, Dazzling Eden Eyes & Blonde Tatoo Eyebrows
NEW Truth Hair Midori in Barley
NEW Donna Flora NAILA Necklace & Earrings Set

The Group Gift DOLLARBIE at Lemania Indigo Designs can be found in the gift section of the shop, be sure to wear your SL Diva's tag. Ridha's Record is a black gown with a sexy plunging neckline. The outfit includes matching black pumps.

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 7 w/Cleavage & Dazzling Misty Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Miranda in Walnut
NEW Donna Flora MOIRA Necklace & Earrings Set
Pixel Mode Sculpted Nail Platinum Edition

The outfit in the Midnight Mania Board is called Prep School. This is a cute school uniform with a plaid skirt and matching tie. I remember wearing something like this to Catholic School. The nuns would slap our thighs with a ruler if we hiked our skirts up too high, but we always did anyway :) This outfit comes with black slippers not shown.

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 1 & Dazzling Pacific Eyes
Truth Hair Nora2 in Almond w/Texture Change Hat & Band
Lelutka Pow Pumps in Black
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My Precious Agnes Finney - Queen of Lace!

The Queen of Lace is a NEW gown from My Precious Agnes Finney. This is an enchanting ensemble that consists of layer upon layer of gauzy white lace and crinoline. All eyes in the room will be centered on you wearing the Queen of Lace. The 3 skirt designs are each so wispy and delicate, they float on your body like a cloud. The lace wings with the rosette in the center add a touch of playfulness and are sold separately.

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Skin Makeup 10 & Dazzling Sapphire Eyes
NEW Paper Couture Suede Platform Pumps in White & Jeweled Headband Updo in Brown
Alienbear Precious Princess Earrings
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Angelwing Naerose Dress & Mini Hunt!

Angelwing has a NEW release in the shop called Naerose that comes in 5 brilliant colors with 18 pieces in the folder. This dress made me feel good when I put it on. A lot of work went into the construction of this fairy costume and it shows. The outfit includes 2 fairy pets that circle your avatar in a trail of pixie dust, prim butterflies in the hair, on the shoulder, arms and leg. Plus prim flowers on the headband, skirt and armbands, all of these prim pieces complement this breathtaking dress. Angelwing is having a mini hunt until 9-27. There's 18 pair of wings hidden somewhere in the shop that contain the Purple Naerose Dress. A picture of the hidden wings and the dress are in the photo below. Good Luck hunting ladies, this dress is worth the time and effort!

NEW LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 6
NEW Truth Hair Seraphina in Toffee
Redgrave Scarlett Blue Eyes
NEW p.c. Suede Platform Heels in Purple, Red & Pink
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NEW Heartsick Enchant Skinline!

Enchant is the NEW skinline from Amesha Jewell of Heartsick.

The Enchant skinline comes in 8 skin tones with 8 makeups. I photographed the Cassis skin tone since I liked the rich deep tan. This face is drawn really well with high cheekbones and refined eyebrows. She's a heartbreaker with luscious pouty lips that need to be kissed :) The wonderful variety of eye makeups combined with the vivid colors of the lipsticks is what I like most about the Enchant skinline.

Each individual makeup contains 3 choices of bewb size: cleavage, mid-cleavage and no cleavage. You also get each of these cleavages with or without beauty marks and freckles.

The Enchant body has a soft feminine glow with good illustration on the abs, cleavages, and round buttocks. The cost of a single makeup is 700L. The fatpack of all 8 makeups will run you 3000L.

NEW Truth Hair Cindy in Walnut
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
Lisa's Things Teal Bra & Panty
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LAQ Nellie!

Nellie is the beautiful NEW face from LAQ!

The makeups are the same as previous LAQ skin releases, there really isn't much that's new here. With that said I still wanted to add Nellie to my LAQ collection. Nellie comes with a dark brown eyebrow, but I know she will look fabulous as a blonde or redhead using the Eyebrow and Hairbase Kits that are sold separately in the shop for 350L. I like having the ability to customize my own look in this way.

The quality you get in a LAQ skin is definitely worth the 1990L price tag for 10 makeups.

NEW Elikapeka Tiramisu Hair Rumor in Brown 01 (
available on XStreet only)
Curio Tragic Green Grass Eyes
Mimikri Starlett Bikini in Silver
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails
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Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW Truth Hair... Plus NEW Mynerva Skin!

Truth has released 3 new stylish looks. I photographed them in golden, one of my favorites shades of blonde. First up is Rayvn. This is a very pretty side ponytail that comes scripted to streak in 26 colors. Next is Maya. This hair comes with lots and lots of options. You get split attachment points so the hair doesn't sink into your chest. The hair is also scripted to streak in 26 colors, plus you get hair flowers that texture change into 12 shades and also come with an invisible option. The final new style this week is called Kelsey. This hair sort of looks wind blown over one shoulder and comes with the 26 color streaking option plus your regular wig.

Here's a look at the hairstyhles released last week. Diana is a very pretty side bun that comes with the 26 color streak option and a standard wig. Gigi is one of my favorite looks from Truth. I just love the headband with the 20 dual color options. The final look from last week is called Sabrina. This is a mid-length straight hairstyle that comes with a scripted bauble that texture changes to 18 shades. This hair also includes your standard wig plus one scripted with the 26 color option. Demos at Truth are always free, single color packs are 250L and a fatpack with all colors is 1500L.

NEW Mynerva Fudge Classic Red w/Blonde Brows & Cleavage
Curio Tragic Light Blue Eyes
Mimikri Corsage/Joy Corset in Black
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Fashion Freaks Hunt Gifts from Lemania Indigo, Carrasco, Evie & My Pretty Pixels

The Fashion Freaks Hunt runs till the middle of October. If you get stuck be sure to check out the Fashion Freaks Blog for clues. The outfit from Lemania Indigo Designs is called Cooler Weather. The ensemble includes a scarf, blue sweater and dark blue heels.

The gift from Carrasco contains an outfit for both the guys and gals. I'm showing the Female Gift which is a sexy little dress with a ruffled prim skirt.

Cotton Candy is a cute outfit from Evie that has several looks in the folder and includes a prim attachment for the shirt.

The Laces High Heels are the gift from My Pretty Pixels. They come with a HUD to customize the heel and lace colors, match your skin tone, add or remove toe rings, and color your toe nails. They're also scripted for size and include a walk animation.

NEW Mynerva Fudge 1984 w/Red Brows, Cleavage & Eyelashes
NEW Truth Hair Diana, Sabrina & Nicky in Carrot
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes
Dryad Designs Olga, Green Envy & Lady Anne Jewelry Sets
NEW Paper Couture Suede Platform Heels in Green & Pink
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEW Paper Couture Wrapped Suede Pumps

The NEW collection from Paper Couture is stunning in color and design, I love the african theme. I'm such a shoe horse in rl & sl, and had to have the Wrapped Suede Pumps as soon as I saw them. I wish they were available in more colors :)

To see more go here :)

Lemania Indigo 3 Specials & Group Gift

Lemania Indigo has 3 specials today for 100L each. First up is the Golden Dragon gown which has a sumptuous yellow texture with dragons embossed on the fabric.

Passage To India is a colorful gown that has a peacock embossed on the back of the dress and on the fabric of the skirts. The updo in this picture is included with the dress.

The last special is called Tweed Chic. This a stylish pant set that includes the matching bag and shoes.

The final outfit from Lemania Indigo is the DOLLARBIE group gift called Sheba that can be found in the gift section of the shop. I felt like a harem girl wearing this costume which includes green sandals and a veil not shown. You must wear your SL Diva tag when buying this dress :)

Lelutka Lola Tan Makeup 5 w/Cleavage Volumizer & Hairbase
NEW Bishwear Sweeney in Bark
Damselfly Hair Ania in Onyx Blend
NEW Oh Hair Alex in Coffee Brown
NEW L Fauna Charm Teal Eyes
NEW p.c. Divine Royalty Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW p.c. Cheetah's Pride Necklace & Earrings Set
Shiny Things Nighttime Gems Earrings which are color changeable
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Fashion Freaks Hunt2... Gifts from Acide, Digital Eyes, Sonic Death Monkey, DresseR, Shush, Quirky Designs, 22769, auTre & Boof

The Fashions Freak Hunt2 runs till the middle of October. This gives you plenty of time to hunt these gifts down. First up is the Unknown Mouth Piercing from [Acide!]. The folder contains the Chained Belt that I'm wearing and the pierceing for both the guys or gals. The Fayandria Brown Ponytail is the gift from Digital Eyes. The Invortion String Top is from Sonic Death Monkey and includes 4 different prim bottoms. The cute Heart Stickers makeup V2 tatoo layer is from [:DresseR!]. The gift includes a black or red heart tatoo for your cheek.

The turtle neck Knit Dress from .:Shush:. has a very pretty white and blue sweater texure. The gift from Quirky Designs is the high waisted pant set called Papaya. The Autumn Pant Set is from 22769 Casual Couture that includes all layers and has prim cuffs for both the pants and shirt. The final adorable dress is from auTre called Ice Queen. All 4 of these hunt gifts are really nice dont miss them!

Finally, the Boof Show Splitta is an outfit for both the guys and gals that has balloon pants, cuffed sleeves, a hat and cane. The Dancing Stage is definitely a fun and freaky gift. Have fun with it!

To see more go here :)

NEW Mimikri!

The Billie Ostrich Feather Top is a very attractive look. The feathers are realistic and the jewel at the neck is a nice accent. The matching Billie Pants and Leggings have a rich croc texture that complement the feathered tops. Both of these pieces are NEW from Mimikri and are available in 7 stunning shades.

NEW LAQ Isabel Peach Glow Makeup 5
NEW Truth Gigi in Latte w/Color Change Headbands
Lelutka Pow Pumps in Powder Pink
Courtisane LaSauvage Heels in Ocean
Kookie City Wedges in Nude
Mandala Jewelry Takara Nails w/Rings in Buddha Red
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

LeFashions NEWNESS, Subscribo Giftie & FREEBIE!

LeFashions has some very cute tanks and pants that are well made and reasonably priced at 30L for a tank and 75L for the pants. Shown below are the Army Tank and Woodland Camo Pants.

The tanks and camo pants come in 3 different textures and all layers. The Worn Out Jeans come in all layers and include prim cuffs. The jeans look great with the Sequin Corset.

The FREEBIE Leopard Mini you can find in the shop next to the subscribo board. This strapless slip dress is very sexy with the cut outs on the sides. Slap that subscribo board and receive the Sequin Corset set that includes matching stockings and gloves. This set comes with sheer panties in both layers when worn together you get plenty of modesty.

NEW TIK TOK Juicy Nugat Skin Angel w/Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Gigi in Fudge w/Color Change Headbands
NEW Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Hazel Eyes
NEW [b.nuts] Star Necklace, Bracelets and Lip Piercing Gift in the Fashion Freaks Hunt
Poses NEW Posies Animations Cycle 13 Pack
NEW G Field Katy Bow Strap Heels
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