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Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEW IrEn Anastasia Skin!

I'm wearing Anastasia, the beautiful new face from IrEn!

Anastasia is a dainty confection in a lollipop dress yearning to be someones halloween treat... Want some MAN candy??????

Each Anastasia tone comes with 2 skins: basic and freckled. You get 17 V2 tatoo layers: 7 makeups, blush, 2 sets of teeth, lipgloss, 4 different dimples and 2 flowered body tatoos all for 1200L. The variety of the tatoo makeup is really nice and the best part is they work well with other skins too. I really like customizing my own look using the tatoo layer.

The Anastasia skin is drawn really well with wonderful shading and muscle definition. I especially like the flowered body tatoo which covers the shoulders, stomach, backside and upper thigh. Overall this is a lovely skin release. Thank you Irischka Hotshot for this look at your newest creation.

Truth Hair Ashlin in Walnut
LAQ Dazzling Sapphire Eyes
BabyDoll Sweetie Costume
Violet Voltaire Lollipop Guild Set in Rainbow
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lelutka Halloween Gifts!

The Lelutka Team put together Halloween ensembles for both the guys and gals and the best part is... they're FREE! The ladies gift includes Ava in pale skintone with ruby red lips and blood dripping from her eyes. You also get the fabulous Claudia Gown, a pair of black Saffron Pumps and the Claudia hair in black. The Fangs are the best gift, they come scripted with facial expressions, I love them! The avatar gift for the guys comes with Caleb skin oozing blood from his neck and down his chest from the wound I gave him when I was feeding on him! He comes with the Matusalen Jacket which has a belt and high collar, black Trousers with cuffs, Creepy Boots and a fur trimmed Top Hat. These are wonderful gifts! THANK YOU everyone in the Lelutka Team for your thoughtfulness! These gifts will be gone at 10:30pm SLT so hurry and go get yours HERE!

To see more go here :)

Lemania Indigo Specials For 10-30

Lemania Indigo has lots of goodies out today. First up are the 100L specials. The Mr President dress has a plunging back wth lots of skin showing. This design is very similar to the gown Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK back in '62. The dress has a shimmering texture and includes the white open toed pumps.

Curio GP Sundust Dark Breeze2 Plume1 & Tragic Ice Blue Eyes
Linc Breast Enhancer
Truth Hair Gloria in Barley
Alienbear Double Strand Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set (Discount Table 20L)

The Edith Head-Off Limits dress comes with a cigarette for your avatar to puff on... I quit smoking many years ago but watching this animation made me crave a smoke :) The dress includes the neck scarf and matching sandals.

Curio GP Sundust Dark Lovely II Pebble2
Amacci Hair Minna in Chestnut
LAQ Dazzling Honeydrop Eyes

The SL Diva Group Gift is the Sparkle Sweater Set. The folder contains 2 tops and 2 pair of pants for 1L!

Curio GP Acorn Light Cupid Bouquet 2
NEW [e] Hair Lasting in Golden Brown 2
Redgrave White Biker Boots

The Platinum Maxwell Hair is out for 10L! This hair comes with a resize script to get that perfect fit.

Curio GP Sundust Dark Elf2 BlueBird2
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes
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Somnium NEW From BOOM!

BOOM has a little black dress in the shop that's covered in roses. The Somnium has alot of character and is more than just your basic black dress, since all the pieces can be worn separate or together. The bodysuit has a nice cut around the legs and a zipper in the back. I added a strapless black bra to the chestpiece and can wear it as a top. The bodysuit with the skirt and your favorite jewelry is a nice look. This ensemble is so versatile and is being sold in a unique way. You purchase the bodysuit for 125L. Then, each flower color of the chestpiece/skirt is sold separately for 125L. This significantly lowers the price to get more colors.

NEW Lelutka Ava SunTan Makeup 2 Hairbase w/Dark Brows & Tatoo Russian Red Lipstick
Bishwear Hair Dakota in Bark
Poetic Color Starry Night Eyes
Illusions Varda Rose Earrings Color Changeable
N-Core Stylus Black Platform Xtreme Heels
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lemania Indigo Courtyard Specials

Lemania Indigo has a sparkling red strapless gown called Everlasting Love in the Midnight Mania Board. It takes 150 hits to lock this prize down.

NEW Lelutka Ava SunTan Makeup 1 w/Light Brows, Lola German Red Tatoo Lips & Photoshoot II Eyelashes Hair Yelena2 in Anxious Blonde
Poetic Colors All Oceans Carribean Surf Blue Eyes
Jewelry By Jake Romance Gold/Ruby Necklace, Earrings & 2 Bracelets Set

The 50L Letter Of The Week is definitely one of my all time favorite Lemania designs. The Red Queen has a wonderful texture and includes matching shoes. There's also a skin not shown.

NEW LAQ Claudia Peach Glow Makeup 4 & Dazzling Eden Eyes Hair Dylan in Jaded Blonde
Jewelry By Jake Romance Gold/Ruby Earrings

Lemania Indigo has a special in the courtyard called Cotton Candy Wedding that is a confection of flowers, sequins and rosebuds. This gown is as sweet as sugar, with all three shirt layers coordinated together to make the bodice so frilly. The rosebuds on the long gloves are a nice touch. Underneath the long flexi skirt and pant layer, you’ll find sexy panties, stockings and matching pumps. The swirling roses on the headpiece and veil are textured to match the bodice, it’s a very pretty design and looks good on. I like the gown with the jacket and bra layer removed, it’s very sexy! This gown usually sells for 695L but is on sale for the next few days for 450L.

NEW LAQ Claudia2 Peach Glow Makeup 6 & Dazzling Sapphire Eyes Hair Raina in Anxious Blond
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NEW Claudia2 From LAQ

I'm wearing the newest skin release from LAQ!

Claudia2 is a Witchy Poo prepared to swoop in on her broom, brew up some love potion number 99 and cast a bewitching spell... You don't stand a chance!

LAQ is one of my favorite skin shops. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed in Claudia2. All the faces look the same to me. Makeup 5 is the only eyeshadow with some color, the rest of the makeups all consist of dark eyeliner. Makeup 10 does have some sparkles above the eye but once again no color. Even the lipsticks are all similar with the exception of the 2 red lips. I want to see more pink lipstick and more color on the eyes. Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty face, just a bit boring. I like the sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of the nose on makeup 8. The lips on makeup 7 are awful, parted lips scare me.

Claudia2 like all LAQ skins has a sexy body. The shading is expertly done, this skin is true to it's name, it glows! In my opinion, there's really nothing new with this skin release. If you're a fan of neutral makeups or previous Claudia skins, then the 1990L pricetag is worth it.

Diva Hair Chika in Onyx
LAQ Dazzling Mixed Eyes
BabyDoll Orange Witchy Poo Costume (includes black boots not shown)
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Nova Wicked Witch FREEBIE!

Nova has this very cute Wicked Witch Halloween Costume in the shop for FREE! Everything in the picture (except hair &skin) comes with the outfit including the shoes!

To see more go here :)

Lemania Indigo Specials

Lemania Indigo has 2 outfits on special for 100L each. French Postcard consists of a pair of jeans and cropped top under an opened belted coat. The mix and match of textures works nice. The brown boots are included.

NEW LAQ Claudia2 Peach Glow Makeup 8 & Dazzling Mixed Eyes
NEW Truth Hair Cleo in Golden

Everafter is a lovely white ball gown with red and green leaf accents and a high ruffled collar. The gown includes white slippers.

LAQ Isabel Peach Glow Makeup 5 & Dazzling Emerald Eyes
Truth Hair Cameron in Driftwood
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

NEW Truth Hair! 10-28

Truth has 4 NEW styles in the shop that will be all over the feeds today :) First up is Clio photographed in almond. This is a cute set of ponytails that will make a nice hairstyle for a kid avatar. You get the standard wig and the streaked version which comes with 63 colors now... WOW! The Clio style was sent out as a Halloween present to the subscribo group with 8 florescent colors in both standard and streaked versions. I especially like the orange hair... THANK YOU TRUTH!

Liv in dawn streaked is a long style that comes with a split attachment point option so the hair doesn't sink into your chest. You get the standard wig plus the streaked version in 63 colors. This is a long style parted in the middle, cascading over both shoulders and down the back.

Tamina in Carrot streaked is so adorable! This is a very long pigtail pulled over the right shoulder. You get the standard plus streaked wig in 63 colors. I really like how casual this hair looks, like she just stepped out of bed.

The final new style in the shop is for the guys. Drake in caramel streaked comes with the standard plus streaked wig in 63 colors. I like how the hair stands up very stylishly on top. This hair looks fabulous on the ladies too.

To see more go here :)

Sysy's Belle Of The Ball Gown!

NEW at SySy are the Belle Of The Ball Gowns which are beautifully designed and look fabulous on! I like the classic look of this dress, the fluid motion of the skirts and the ruffle at the waist on the wider skirt.

NEW LAQ Claudia2 Peach Glow Makeup 4 & Dazzling Blue Eyes
NEW Damselfly Hair Yaffa in Sand Dollar
NEW Donna Flora ROSALINDA Necklace & Earrings Set w/HUD to Color Gems
NEW Kookie Vo Pumps in Green
Lelutka Saffron Pumps in Green & Pow Pumps in Powerder Pink
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lelutka's Ava

I'm wearing the newest face from Lelutka! Meet Ava the beautiful Native American Princess. She's ready to love your body, then take your heart and scalp as her prize...

Everything about Ava is extraordinary, from her plump lips to her sexy body. The fatpack of skins comes with so many extras I had to have it :) You get both light and dark brows, 3 different hair attachments, a cleavage volumizer on the clothing layer, an extra tatoo layer hairbase, pubic hair on the pant layer, eyelashes and 10 tatoo layer lipsticks. I'm a big fan of the tatoo lipsticks since they look fabulous with other skins as well.

The 8 makeups are exactly what I've come to expect from Lelutka. They're varied, unique and what can I say... beautiful. There's lots of dark eyeliner with a couple of subtle eyeshadow. Most of the color comes on the tatoo lipsticks.

The illustration is done to perfection with highlights and shading in all the right places. Ava has a sleek and sexy body with round breasts, a curvy buttocks and excellent skin tone. You can't go wrong with one of these skins, but if you demo Ava, you'll want more than one :) They're priced on the higher end starting with demos for 1L. A single makeup costs 1,050L and the fatpack of all 8 makeups for 5,000L.

NEW Truth Hair Aiyana in Fudge w/Tatoo Layer Face Paint
NEW Ibanez ColorGlow Tumba Eyes
BabyDoll Naughty Native American Costume
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cilian'gel Halloween Goodies!

Cilian'gel has lots of goodies out for Halloween. The Got VooDoo gown can be picked up in the shop for 25L! This dress has beautiful detail on the lacings of the bodice. The matching witchy hat is done really well too. If you're looking for a gown for a halloween party this is it! The Got Moon dress is also 25L! This is a mysterious black outfit that comes with a moon and bats attachment. There's also a bat catching the fabric of your hat. This dress looks so classy on and I love the bats.

Finally, the Group Gift: Paste this into local chat and click the link to join the Cilian'gel Group: secondlife:///app/group/fc1bfc91-cdc8-59e7-18e4-81fb158e6d89/about (There is a 10L fee to join)

Once you're added, tp HERE to pick up the Got Ghost costume which is a sheet covering your av. No one will ever guess it's you :) Have fun trick or treating!

NEW LAQ Claudia2 Peach Glow Makeup 6 w/Cleavage
NEW Truth Hair Triniity in Night
NEW Ibanez ColorGlow Cabor Eyes
Alienbear's Faye Pumpkin Necklace & Earrings (SL Market Place HERE & HERE)
NEW A-Bomb Lavea Pumps in Black
Page 3 Pretty Hands Prim Nails
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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Precious Agnes Finney - Jester & Holloween Princess!

My Precious Agnes Finney released 2 new cocktail dresses in the shop today with a Holloween theme. First up is the Jester. I really like the checked black and white texture. The dress comes with a black undershirt layer that's optional. The jester hat is absolutely fabulous and combined with the high collar is a great look.

Tulli VIP GG Hope Goth Natural PU1
Truth Hair Penny in Night w/Streaks
Lelutka Lola German Red Lipstick Tatoo
NEW Ibanez ColorGlow Elrond Eyes
BAX Black Ankle Boots

The other new release in the shop is called Holloween Princess. This is another great concept dress with a balloon skirt, puffed sleeves and high collar. The sexy bodysuit underneath the skirt is a nice touch. This dress definitely made me feel like a princess!

LAQ Phoebe Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Cleavage
Truth Hair Riley in Fudge w/Texture Change Headband
NEW Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Blue Eyes
NEW A-Bomb Horrorfest 2010 Pumps
To see more go here :)

NEW A-Bomb Lavea Glitter Heels!

I saw a picture of the A-Bomb Lavea Glitter Heels and liked the winter colors. The shoes cost 200L each. The fatpack is very reasonably priced at 600L for all 6 pair. While in the shop, I also picked up the Special Edition Horrorfest 2010 pumps. All proceeds from the sale of the orange shoe will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. This is a pretty shoe design, I like how the texture glistens!

To see more go here :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

NEW Irena Skin From Amacci!

I'm wearing the sensational new face from Carina Larsen of Amacci called Irena!

Irena comes in 5 skintones: pale, fresh, nutmeg, bronze and goth with 16 makeups each. An individual makeup contains a natural cleavage, enhanced cleavage and hairbases for both. I like getting all these options in a skin. It's fabulous not having to wear a seaparate cleavage shirt. Irena has the girl next door good looks combined with the body of a goddess! What I find truly lovely about this skin is the variety of the makeups and how well each one is done. Irena in nutmeg has a beautifully drawn face with dark brows, a pert little nose and well shaped inviting lips. The eyes have dark eyeliner, long eyelashes and rosy cheeks.

Like all of Amacci skins, the body of Irena is drawn really well. I usually don't like dark shading at the cleavage, but on Irena the highlighting is perfect, the breast appear so round and curvy, as does her cute little bottom. This skin is in the average price range, with a single makeup costing 900L and a mini fatpack of 8 makeups for 2500L. The Inga shape sold in the shop fits this skin and costs 350L no-modify and 700L modify.

To see more go here :)


The Paquerette Panneau designed by EDIKA Creations is a gift, today only, to celebrate a full Sunday under the Eiffel Tower in Paris France! There will be lots of festivities and a live performance at noon SLT by Mankind Tracer. The gown is under the Eiffel Tower near the landing point.

NEW LAQ Phoebe2 Peach Glow Makeup 9 w/Cleavage
NEW Zero Style Hair Taylor in Glazed Fire
NEW p.c. Green Suede Pumps
Donna Flora SUNFLOWER Necklace & Earrings Set
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Lemania Indigo Specials For 10-23

Sugar Blue is the outfit you'll find at Lemania Indigo Designs in the Money Fever Game for 25L with a chance to win 625L when target is met. This is a pretty light blue dress with lots of fur and sexy lingerie under the skirts.

NEW Lelutka Ava Tan Makeup 5 w/Dark Brows & Tatoo Layer Sophisticated Lipstick
Fab U Lous Hair Bebe in Black
Curio Tragic Sky Blue Eyes
Purple Rose Splendid Dream Necklace & Earrings Set-The gems are color changeable.

The next 2 dresses are the 100L Specials. Boho Falls has an interesting combination of different textures that works well together. There's nice detail on the jeans, shirt, hat, scarf and boots.

NEW Lelutka Ava Tan Makeup 6 w/Light Brows & Tatoo Layer Lickable Pink Lipstick
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes
ALL HAIR IS FREE at Black Maria HeaHea All Colors! (on 2nd floor)

Oriental Peacock is a strapless gown with a peacock feather embossed on the bodice. I love a dress with a matching hat and the one included with this outfit is fabulous! Also included are long gloves, sexy panties, stockings and matching pumps.

NEW Lelutka Ava Tan Makeup 3 w/Dark Brows, Cleavage Volumizer & Tatoo Layer Prowl Red Lipstick
NEW Truth 10-10-10 Padma Hair in Carmel
Curio Tragic Aqua Eyes
Purple Rose Astral Diamond Pearl Choker, Earrings, Bracelet & Ring-The gems are color changeable.
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