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Monday, November 28, 2011

NEW Mimikri!

Clash is a stylish new ensemble from Mimikri that features a soft leopard fur jacket complemented by a metallic striped lurex tank. The outfit is tied together with a flirty asymmetrical black lace mini skirt.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Light Vintage Ritz2 @ the Vintage Fair
NEW Ploom Hair Asch in blonde2
Amacci Sapphire Eyes #8
[Gos] Curvaceous Boots
Caroline's Jewelry Juliet Layered Necklace
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has several new hairstyles in the shop that are really cute. First up is Blair which comes with a color change beret. The long hair streams out from under the hat, down the back and over the shoulder.

Blair2 is just like the previous hairstyle but with a color change hair clip instead of a hat. The long wavy ends cascade down the back and over the shoulders.

Finally, Charmaine is a messy side ponytail with the hair fastened in front with another color change hair clip.

NEW Curio GP Vintage Sundust Dame1 @ the Vintage Fair
Poetic Colors
Moon Blueberry Eyes
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Friday, November 25, 2011

NEW Hudson's Clothing Co Group Gift!

Hudson's has a new group gift in the shop for both the guys and gals. The Cable Knits Sweaters consist of a black turtle neck with two styles of the knit scarf. The ladies set includes a matching mini skirt, headband, sculpted sweater cuffs and turtle neck all with resize scripts for that perfect fit. There is no fee to join the Hudson's VIP Group and the gifts are always fabulous! Copy/paste into local chat, click on lick to join, then tp to the store to pick up your gifts every month! secondlife:///app/group/94abf0b3-82af-1ff8-3313-afeb8530cd75/about

NEW LAQ Ebba Peach Makeup 5
Truth Hair GiGi in Strawberry
Poetic Colors Moon Blueberry Eyes
BAX Coen Prestige Boots
Purple Rose Jewelry Saturn Flower Pendent
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

LAQ's Ebba!

I'm wearing Ebba, the newest skin release from LAQ!

Ebba has blonde brows with 5 vivid lipsticks for 990L ($4.00)!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Truth Hair Extravaganza!

I've been a very naughty girl since I haven't had time to blog TRUTH HAIR in several weeks. This is my catch-up post to redeem myself with every hairstyle I've missed, starting with this weeks new releases. The sexy Harvest in White costume is a new creation from Fantasia and includes the necklace with feathers and pearls. This cute outfit has a Thanksgiving flavor to it and only costs $L25 dont miss it!

The first hair up is Clara. This very cute side ponytail is pulled into a fashionable pompadour on top with the wavy hair draping over one shoulder and tied into a knot.

Janice is a medium length wavy cut with the hair pulled off the face into another pompadour on top.

Faith is a long thick haircut with the wavy ends cascading down the back and over one shoulder. The hair has a curled forelock in front.

Addison is a long straight shaggy cut with the hair draping down the back and over one shoulder.

Valeska is a short wavy bob with a forelock in front.

Shari is a very charming long straight hair style that drapes the shoulders and back with a forelock.

Petra is a very pretty long wavy ponytail with braids interwoven throughout and a forelock in front.

Delia ia a short wavy style fastened into a bun at the nape of the neck.

Lilia is a long wavy style parted in the middle with the hair cascading over both shoulders and down the back.

Cate is an updo with two secured ponytails fastened with color change hairbands.

Nolene is a ponytail on one side with crimped ends and a forelock.

Nola is a girlish set of ponytails over each ear with crimped ends and a forelock.

Kendall is a very cute long straight style pulled back and off the face with a color change hairband.

Magenta is a thick head of wavy hair parted on the side and cut to the shoulders with a forelock.

Isla is an updo with the hair pulled off the face and fastened into a bun in back.

Tess is a short asymmetrical cut parted on the side with crimped ends.

Marielle is a short straight bob with 2 different wigs in the folder. One wig has shorter bangs than the other.

Luana is a long wavy style parted in the middle. This hair is crimped on the ends and cascades down the back and over both shoulders.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sascha Frangilli has a created a new gown perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Natalia Snow is a pure white satin evening gown with two charming skirts. The frothy layers of tulle give the grande skirt fullness while the long satin skirt has a slim silhouette. Plush faux fur comprises an alluring stole with a very cozy aesthetic.

NEW Curio GP Acorn Dark Vintage Hotsey Totsey 1 @ the Vintage Fair
NEW ICONIC Diva in Mono
Poetic Color Moon Blueberry Eyes
Calamity Hathaway Jewelry Snowflake Set
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NEW Kouse's Sanctum!

Brianna is new gown from Kouse's Sanctum that will take you from role playing a baldy tavern wench to a nineteenth century french courtesan. The dress features either a strapless corset with leather laces trimmed in ruffles or a bodice worn with puff sleeves. The chiffon skirt consists of layers of semi-sheer fabric that moves like liquid gold.

INAYA Jwelssi in SanteFe w/Hairbase
NEW ICONIC Kelina in Mono
Poetic Colors Moon Lavender Eyes
Finesmith's White SOlid Prim Nails
Rhiamon's Realm Three Strand Pearl Cameo Set
Posie's Animations Model Poses
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Siss Boom 100L Specials!

Siss Boom has for a limited time two very cute dresses on sale for 100L. Vintage in Graphite comes with an extra jacket layer and cuffs. Vintage in Black comes with the top and cuffs shown. Both dresses include the matching beret.

NEW Curio GoGo in Sundust Dark These Boots1
[e] Claim 2 in Blonde 6
[Gos] Pump Your Platforms
Amacci Model Poses
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

NEW Filthy's Laika!

I'm wearing Laika the sweet new face from Filthy Skins!

Laika features 4 skintones with 8 festive makeups. I'm a huge fan of deep red lipstick and this skin release has 3 crimson shades combined with sexy smokey eyeshadow. I usually don't like eyelashes drawn onto the eyes, but this collection achieves the perfect balance of drawn eyelash! Laika has a refined brow with rosy cheeks and heart-shaped lips.

The Laika body is illustrated perfectly with nice shading and highlights throughout. Like all Filthy skins, Laika is sold in skintone packs with all 8 makeups costing 1800L or $7.26 each.

NEW Truth Hair Janice w/Roots
NEW Poetic Colors Smokey Hills Eyes
INSOLENCE Alice White Lingerie
Finesmith's SOlid White Prim Nails
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

SAS Potpourri!

Potpourri is a trendy new coat from Sascha's Designs that features an exotic print with a high, face-framing collar and cuffs. Potpourri includes the velvety black tee and stretch leggings to finish off your high fashion look.

NEW Curio Sundust Dark GoGo Secret Agent2
[e] Hair Follow in Blonde 6
Amacci Silver Gaze Eyes
LaGyo Antehac Necklace
Lelutka Fame Pumps w/Leg Warmers
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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Beautiful Dirty Rich has a new ensemble in the shop that's perfect for frolicking in the snow. Baby It's Cold Outside features a wool blend coat with earmuffs and booties all trimmed in genuine shearling for ultimate warmth. The outfit also includes a tattoo blush for a rosy-cheeked appearance, 2 style of jeans and a snowflake tongue. Everything is so well made, it comes in 8 brilliant colors and costs only $L99, don't miss it!

NEW Curio Sundust Dark Vintage Dame2 @ the Vintage Fair
Truth Hair
Krystal in Barley
Amacci Steel Gaze Eyes
Finesmith's Jewelry SOlid Prim Nails in White
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Siss Boom 100L Special!

Siss Boom has a stunning new couture gown in the shop called Satin Candy. The dress is fashioned from layers of crinolin and satin with a corset top and sculpted wrap. The crinolin sculpted skirt adds pizzazz and works really well with the satin flexi. This gown is on sale in the shop for 100L for a limited time, don't miss it!

NEW Curio Vintage Sundust Dark Mazuma2 @ the Vintage Fair
NympheaII in Platinum
Amacci Steel Gaze Eyes
Purple Rose Astral Choker, Bracelet & Rings Set
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Curio at the Vintage Fair!

I'm wearing Vintage the sexy new face from Curio available exclusively at the Vintage Fair.

When I saw pictures of Vintage, with so many brilliant red lipsticks, I knew she was for me! When I put her on, she took my breath away. The makeups are stunning, especially Dame and Mazuma. There's something so festive about this collection. The lip colors are every shade of red imaginable in matte and wet looks. The eyeliner and shadow are done so well, each makeup more captivating than the next. This skin release also includes a dark pencil tattoo eyebrow shown in the picture above.

The other new skin is Gogo! She can be found in the Curio Mainstore as well as at the Truth District and the Vintage Fair.

Gogo has blonde eyebrows and nuetral lip colors. I really like the dark smokey eyes and eyeliner. Both of these skins are Gala Phoenix's best work to date!

[e] Hair Breeze & Me in Blonde6
Amacci Poison & Navy Blue Gaze Eyes
INSOLENCE Melonie Red Bra & Panties
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Mimikri's Cosmic Doll!

Mimikri has a new cocktail dress in the shop that's absolutely stunning! The Cosmic Doll is a brightly sequined sleeveless sheath with a sexy slim silhouette. The dress has a burst of feathers decorating the fancy collar and comes in 6 shimmering colors.

Filthy November Group Gift Skin in BeachTan w/Tattoo Cleavage (199L fee to join group)
Amacci Poison Gaze Eyes
[e] Hair With in Blonde6
N-core Pumps w/Socks
Reel Expression Model Poses
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