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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A la Folie Mousseline jaune w/Amber Stiletto Moody Heels

I received so many compliments when I wore this dress in world. The bodice has a lacy embroidered look, sort of like a flower. The skirt is very rich and full in texture, its an unusual shade of yellow. Looks good against my tan skin by Laroqki, Drew 02.

II'm wearing the Paper Couture Deer Flower Set. The yellow flower on the earrings and tiny deer pendant matches the shade of my dress.
I love my Stiletto Moody Patent Pinup Heels. I bought the color changeable fatpack, they have a drop menu where you can shade them in 13 different colors. The chain can be either silver or gold. This satiny shade of amber looks fabulous with my dress.

Paper Couture Deer Flower Pendant and Earrings

Paper Couture, besides being a clothing designer, creates some very exquisite jewelry. The fine detail on the Deer Flower Set makes it one of my favorite. I love the yellow flower and crystal on the long dangle earrings, this same flower adorns the tiny pink deer.

This set is absolutely adorable. Check out the bikini I'm wearing in my next post.

Lemania Indigo's 60's Bikini & Coverup - Retired 6-30-2009 1L

Everyday I log into sl and sort through the gifts I receive from the numerous Subscribo Boards I've clicked on while shopping. Today, while working on this bounty I got a message saying the retired outfit at Lemania Indigo's was placed. I tp'd over to check it out and was pleasantly surprised by this bikini and coverup outfit.
There are so many bikini's being offered in sl right now for hundreds of lindens, it's refreshing to see something for 1L. Everyday Lemania retires an outfit and offers it for 1L. I always make it a point to stop in and see what is being retired. This is a close up of the cute coverup skirt.
The colors on this bikini are so bright, it has a very festive appearance. I'm also wearing my tribal belly piercing from Xcite. The tatoo is from Inks & Kinks called Tummy Hippy Butterfly Purple Tatoo, it comes in jacket, shirt and undershirt layers.

My flip flops are by D2tk called Beach Bums. They have a sparkle and 10 walk ao built in. These flip flops have so many different color variations of strap and main texture, over 4,600! You have a flower, stitching and sole color choice, all via the easy drop menu system.

I'm ready to go swimming now. See you around sl :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hatpins Lady Effie Dress - Group Gift

I always get excited when I get a notice from Miss Reghan Straaf owner of Hatpins that she has released a new group gift. I drop everything I'm doing and tp to her store to pick this gift up. Her hats are exquisite in detail. She carries this attention to detail over to the dresses she just recently started designing to match her lovely hats. What I'm showing here is the Lady Effie Dress in Crimson with the wide full skirt. Unlike the hats that she creates, the dresses are mod/no copy/transfer. There are 2 different collars, sleeves and skirts to choose from. You even get a pair of red victorian earrings in the folder.
I chose the collar with the Crimson Brooch to match the earrings. I'm also wearing a Hatpins hat called Lady Annette in Crimson that was a group gift several months ago. It matches this dress to a tee. I love the feather and rose attached to the side of the hat. All of her hats are no modify but the newer designed hats include a resizing script to get that perfect fit. A common problem with many hats is that the hair goes right through them. This can be easily fixed, as long as the hair is modifiable. She includes in all her scripted hats instructions on how edit your hair to make the hat fit.
This last picture is a view of the Bustled Skirt. The detail is amazing right down to the buttons on the white striped undershirt and sleeves. This is a great victorian look in a wonderfully deep color of crimson red. While at Hatpins to get my group gift, I also picked up the 4th of July hat that I'll blog about closer to the holiday.

Hope you liked this peek at my style in sl, see you in world!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Bikini's by Total Betty Fatpack

I enjoyed my shopping excursion at the new Starlust a la mode on grand opening day. Theres a great collection of stores, some fabulous designers all on one sim. I was like a kid in a candy store. Total Betty is one of my favorite designers in sl, she's so very creative. These bikini's are just a small sample of her work. I saved 100L buying the fatpack on opening day, all 4 bikini's have great textures and very fine attention to detail.

This first bikini is called Lucky Charms. I added a skirt which I wore to the Shelter Euro Pool Party this morning. My skin and eyes are by Laqroki, Bridget 07 Portrait Skin and Sparkly Lagoon Eyes. I love the freckles on this skin and the rich tan. The jewelry I'm wearing is by Dahlinks, Urban Cheek - Pink Pearl, the pearls actually look white. My hair is by Armidi, Superponytail in Platinum Ivory. I really like hair with bangs.

The second bikini in my fatpack is called Vixen Swimsuit, it has a retro feel to it, the bottoms are quite tiny. I'm wearing my Black Cowboy hat by Wild Style to shade my fair skin from the sun. The hair under my hat is by Shop Seu called KuruKuru in Blonde. This hair looks great with a hat, it's easy to adjust it wearing this wig. My skin and eyes are by Laqroki, Alice 06 Portrait Skin and Green Summer Eyes. The jewelry is new from ICon called BM necklace and bracelets, they have a sizing script to get the fit just right. There are 4 necklaces in the pack, I'm showing the triple strand in white. This necklace looks great with beachwear.
The third bikini in my fatpack is called Jewelled Hearts, it's so cute, it has a sculptie heart between the breast. My jewelry is by Dryad Designs called Carnivale Shopping Bag, it was a freebie marked down for a couple of hours. I really like the designs by Dryad, she puts alot into each piece. I'm getting quite a collection of her creations. The set encludes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and an ankle bracelet, they are all copiable which is fabulous. I like adding jewelry to my outfit folders. I'm also wearing my belly stud from Xcite. My skin is by Laroqki called Kat 08 in Peach Glow w/o the hairbase. I love the lips on this skin, a bright ruby red. My hair is from Damselfly called Layla in Starfish Cool Blonde. I think my avatar is quite smexy!
The fourth and final bikini is called End of the Rainbow, I love the bright colors on this suit. Skin and Eyes by Laroqki, Emma Olive 06 Portrait Skin and Sparkly Lagoon Eyes. The Hair is another style by Damselfly called Calyssa in Starfish Blonde Cool. The Golden Coin necklace, earrings and bracelet are by A la Folie. The scuplt heart belly stud is a freebie from Purple Rose.
I had a blast shopping at Starlust a la mode and found some great bargains. Hope you enjoyed this preview of my loot. See you in sl!

Summer Rainbow Dress w/Red Stiletto Moody Heels

I saw this pretty dress in a blog and really liked the look. It's by Bryce Designs, I'd never heard of them before so I tp'd right over to take a look. I saw alot of really cool outfits, but this one fit my summertime mood. It comes with 2 skirts, regular waist and babydoll. The regular waisted skirt has a white band that ties into a bow in the back. I really like the texture and colors on this outfit.
The Babydoll skirt is a nice fit. I have to admit I'm not a fan of the babydoll skirt, but this one looks very cute on my avatar.
The skin and hair I'm showing are ones I dont wear often, but love how my avatars skin glows. They're by Laqroki called Kat 08 Peach Glow with a hair base. The matching hair is called Kira Black. Wish Laqroki made this look in blonde. My Jewelry is by Purple Rose called Super Star Set in Gold. The points on the stars can be color changed, I'm wearing the necklace, earrings and armbands.
My shoes are by Stiletto Moody, Red Patent Python. Love my Stiletto Moodies :)
Time for more coffee, hope you liked this look at my shopping excursions yesterday. See you in sl!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Damiani Valentina RED & BLACK Dress

I felt like blogging something old but stylish too. Damiani has some wonderfully creative designs that stand the test of time. This dress comes with 4 skirts, 2 solid textures and 2 sheer. The print at the top of the stockings matches the skirt quite nicely.

The fur or felt detail around the edge of the shirt is a great detail. This is a lovely deep dark shade of red. All of my jewelry is by Purple Rose, a favorite of mine is the Platinum Arrow Heart Locket. Inside I have a picture of my sl partner Daxx. I'm wearing Bella's ring that he gave me when we partnered back in March. I'm also wearing the Platinum Weave Bracelets.

My skin and eyes are by Laroqki called Emma in Olive 06, and Sparkley Lagoon Eyes. My hair is Quinnlynn by Damselfly The shoes are by Slade & Humby called Fairy-tale in Red.

This outfit still looks good, it's been sitting in my inventory for over a year! Hope to see you shopping in sl... :)


The Hair Fair this year was quite different than last year. It seems so much more laggy. I did manage to slog my way through the quicksand lag and visit a few places. It was a bit time consuming since the vendors took forever to rez and then the demo's either wouldnt rez or took a long time too. I ended up taking most of the demo's home and trying them on. Sometimes I tp'd back to the Hair Fair, but on several occassions I couldnt get back in so I would tp to the stores to see if the hair was available there too. Some were available in the store, some weren't.

This cute style is by Tiny Bird called Gattina in Spun Sugar. The pack comes with 3 colors, I love having choices. I had never heard of tiny bird prior to the hair fair and was really impressed with the creativity I found. Sadly the demo was available at the store but you could only get the hair at the fair. Of couse I couldnt get back in for several days but the wait was worth it. The soda cans and bobby pins are cute.
This style is by SweetHair called Baroness. I ended up getting the demo at the Hair Fair and tp'ing to her store to make my purchases. I bought the blonde hair V1 color 01 FB. This is alot of hair, covers most of the face but it's very sexy.
This syle is by Curio called Post Ironic Blonde. I love all the different styles that come with the pack, 4 in all with 4 different colors to chose from too. This particular cut is called Ironic 2 in White Blonde. I love the Hair band that is color changeable, light pink shown.

This is a long version, Ironic 1 in Wheat Blonde. I only showed 2 of the 4 styles. The other 2 styles are different variations of bangs. I think this hair is so cute!

This style is by ++BM++ called HeaHea Hair in Blonde. It's very short and punky. I like the way this hair frames my face.

This is another style by SweetHair. The Hair Fair introduced me to SweetHair, I will be watching to see what this designer does in the future. I like this hair, I like the way it moves on my head. This hair is called Hannah V1 color 01 FB sort of a platinum blonde. My skin is Alice 06 Portrait skin by Laroqki.

This is also Hannah V1 color 07 FB. I like a darker blonde for the Laroqki Glow skins, this one is Kat 08 Fair. It definitely has a sexy glow the Hannah hair looks great with this skin.

This style is by my favorite hair designer in sl, Damselfly. When I saw it at the hair fair I didnt even bother to try the demo, I just purchased it in my favorite color Starfish Blonde.

I'm wearing another Laroqki skin called Blondie 07 Peach. It comes with or without freckles. I really like the blonde eyebrows on this skin and the ruby red lips. My Jewelry in this picture is from Purple Rose called Valentine Charm necklace & bracelets a gift from my partner for Valentine's Day.
I spent alot of lindens at the Hair Fair but found some great hair and new designers to follow in the future. Hope you liked my selections at the Hair Fair. See you in world soon!

Total Betty PB & J Cupcake

I've been busy in rl and haven't had the time to post. But this girly dress needs to be shown off. It's by Total Betty called PB&J Cupcake, a very appropriate name. I love the full skirt on my avatar, I sometimes have trouble fitting skirts but this one needed no adjustments.

My Necklace is from Purple Rose Called the Flourish Set. It's color changeable and has matching earrings that my hair covers. The Platinum Weave Bracelets are also from Purple Rose. My hairdo is a favorite of my partner's so I wear it most often, it's from Damselfly called Quinnlynn in Starfish blonde. My skin is from Laroqki called Emma in Olive.
This dress is so very pretty, the skirt shimmers when I walk. It has a cute purple flower on the bodice, a very nice detail. The colors are so vivid, I think I do look like a cupcake, "Delicious"... This is the ultimate party dress.
I love these shoes by Kalnins. They are color changeable with an easy drop down menu, you get dozens of different looks. I love anything I can change the colors on and coordinate with my outfits. They're very stylish too!

You can always find me browsing all the wonderful shops in sl... Hope to see you in world!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

DeLa Bikini "Maurgarita" Red

I was browsing at the fashion expo yesterday, there's so much to see. Some of my favorite designers were there with new releases especially for RFL and some new labels I will watch in the future. I found this lovely bikini set at DeLa. I really liked the clothing there such great quality in the work. The detail on the bra is a nice touch.

I like bikini sets that come with a skirt to hide my sl flaws. It took some adjusting on a pose stand to get it to fit my rather large backside but when I was finished the results were quite lovely.

No bikini set is finished without some flip flops. These are from D2tk called Women's Beach Bums. They come with sparkle and a 10 walk ao built in, they have so many different variations of strap and main texture color, over 4600 combinations in all. You have the flower, stiching and soles that you can color too all via the easy drop menu system.

I'm ready for a swim in the ocean now or a dip in the pool. See you in sl!

Ice Princess Retired Dress on 6-11-2009

This dress is one of Lamania Indigo's retired creations. She retires one dress every day that you can pick up for 1L. I stop in daily to see what is being retired and to check out her other specials. There's always something beautiful being modeled and on sale.

My jewelry is from Purple Rose called Debutante Set, it comes with a Tiara and a bracelet not shown. This set is color changeable and very versatile, I wear it often when I dress for formal occassions.

This picture is taken in front of my waterfall on apricot.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 Short Hairdo's in Platinum

This short do is by ::69:: called Chrome, very cute how it frames my face.

This Hairdo is by JE*Repulbic called Dustin

This hairdo is also by JE*Republic called Alessandra, one of my favorites!

This is a side shot of Alessandra love the braid on the right side of the hair :)

This hairdo is by *booN 00j343 in Platinum, I love the spikey bangs.

All 4 of these styles were very resonably priced. See you in sl!

New York Couture's Technicolor Dream Coat

New York Couture's Technicolor Dream Coat comes boxed with two versions, one for men, the other for women. Permissions are mod, transfer so you can fit it properly for your own enjoyment or pass along to a friend. When I was shopping at New York Couture I hit the subscribo board, didnt have to take up a group space. This outfit was sent to me this morning and I love it.

The jeans and shirt were also included in the gift. I think this jacket is so very colorful, made me smile when I put it on my avatar.

The slip-on clogs in Berry I'm wearing are a limited time dollarbie at "Duh". I couldnt resist buying a couple other colors since the price was right at 20L each. You can get a fatpack of 5 colors for 50L. The clogs look fabulous with jeans.
I love logging into sl and finding gifts waiting for me to try on. See you in sl!

Monday, June 8, 2009

SUGARCUBE - Goldfish Dress

I had to blog this dress by Sugarcube called Goldfish. The skirt on this dress is fabulous and does look like a goldfish, it's frothy and frilly. I received so many compliments wearing this outfit.

The cute goldfish bracelets I found at Sn@tch called Out of Water Goldfish Bangles, they are adorable with this dress.

The necklace is by VBD in Silver with Orange Coral and Pearls. I'm on an orange craze at the moment. Anything in this color I scoop up immediately. My Shoes are by Stiletto Moody Pinup Color Set. I particularly like this color orange. There are 12 colors in the set, but this color is by far my favorite.

Hope you like this dress as much as I do. See you in second life!