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Sunday, February 28, 2010

60L Sunday!! 2-28

The Belle Epoque in Turquoise is a lovely cocktail dress from Sascha's Designs that looks wonderful with the Bare Lauren Stiletto in Turquoise which are my all time favorite Stiletto Moody Shoe.

NEW IrEn Group Gift Maria Pale Papagai Skin
Donna Flora Venus Aqua Necklace & Earrings Set
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20
Curio Tragic 2Tone Iris Eyes
Fascino Hair Licio in Honey Maple
Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren in Turquoise

The Tantalizing In Silver gown is from Lois Designs. The folder contains both a long and short skirt, plus all the jewelry shown and matching silver shoes.

NEW Mashooka Samara Bronze Skin Natural Makeup
Caithlin Carter Designs Moulin Rouge Eyelashes 19 and Long White Prim Nails w/Ring
Curio Tragic Dark Brown Eyes
LAQ Hair Kira in Black

The Juliette Gown in Amethyst is from Kouse's Sanctum. This is a gorgeous medieval dress that has a matching headpiece with a long fabric train attached and ruffled sleeves.

Curio Sundust Dark Breeze II-Viola 2
Luck Inc Breast Enhancer for Curio Skins
Calamity Hathaway Island Blossom Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW Truth Hair Melinda in Barley
Redgrave Superior Eyelashes 17
Poetic Colors Bright Lilac Blossom Eyes
Caithlin Carter Designs Purple Nails w/Ring
Nardcotix Kurvy Pump in Purple 100L moving sale!

The Moonglow Mini Dress is from Flavor Designs and consists of a jacket layer, panty layer and prim skirt.

Exodi Sienne Soleil Pretty, Pretty Princess w/Dark Brow & Freckles
Purple Rose Locket in Platinum (has my partner's pic inside)
NEW Truth Hair Justine in Almond
A&A Fashions Linka Extra Long Red Prim Nails
Lelutka Saffron Pumps in Neutral Navy

The Passion Jewel Mini Dress is a very cute party outfit from Kastle Rock Couture. I wore this ensemble last night to a live music event and looked smashing!

Lelutka Ife Light Makeup 4 w/Dark Brows
NEW Dryad Designs Warning Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Brooch
NEW Truth Hair Nadia in Latte w/Color Change Headband
Ayumi Clothing Cleavage Enhancer Dark Undershirt
Redgrave Diva Eyelashes 19
Poetic Colors Oceans Carribean Reef
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Pink Prim Nails w/Ring
NEW Stiletto Moody Bara Lana in Berry Kid

The Simone slip dress comes in all layers and is from Trixxy's Shop. The stripes immediately caught my eye and the the different ways I could accessorize.

Lelutka Light Vamp w/Dark Brows
Snatch Fishnets w/Garters on panty layer
Mandala Jewelry Luck Necklace & Earrings
Truth Hair Anise w/color change headband
Digit Darks Studded Belt in Black w/Silver Studs & Biker Boots in Black w/Silver Studs
Redgrave Rock Star Eyelashes 22
Poetic Colors Aurora Blue Eyes FREEBIE!
Caithlin Carter Designs Pink Nails w/Ring

There are 22 pieces in the folder of the White Pearl Silks from Angelwing Fashions. You also get 2 boxes with more attachments including the basic strip script items! Wow this is definitely a bargain at 60L since it's a very elegant design that includes all the jewelry shown. You don't want to miss this one!

Lelutka Ife Group Gift Skin - SunTan Never w/Dark Brows (no fee to join skin in the notices!)
Poetic Colors Oceans Seaweed2 Eyes
Shop Seu Hair KuruKuru Brown
A&A Fashions Linka Extra Long White Prim Nails
To see more go here :)

Lelutka Group Gift - Ife Skin in 3 Tones

Three days in a row I've logged into sl and had wonderful skin gifts waiting for me to open. Today the gift comes from Lelutka and it's a stunner. The Ife skin in 3 tones took my breath away, it's so beautiful. My favorite tone is the Tan Never with Dark Brows. The folder contains light brows, but I have a love affair going on with Lelutka's dark brows and light brown or blonde hair. This face is exquisite. The eyes of the Tan Never skintone have subtle green eye shadow and dark eyeliner that makes them really stand out. The lips are so enticing and luscious with a natural glistening lip gloss. Ife has a beauty mark that rests next to her mouth and gives her face lots of character, she's a star and everyone knows it :) The body is just perfect with a soft sensuous belly and very detailed illustration at the chest, clavical, shoulder blades and back. She has very sexy shading on the buttocks that highlights the shapely curve. This skin is gorgeous! This is a fabulous gift from Minnu Palen who is one of sl's premier skinmakers. Thank you Minnu for this wonderful skin gift. There's no fee to join the Lelutka group at this time and the skins are in the notices...WOW. You NEED this skin, what are you waiting for?

The Ife Light Vamp has very pretty pink eye shadow, dark eyeliner and a glossy pink lip. The Tan Never is perfection! The Dark Mist is a creamy cocoa skintone with subtle blue eyeshadow, dark eyeliner and a glossy natural pink lip.

NEW Truth Hair Milla in Platinum, Seaspray, Latte & Chestnut
Poetic Colors Oceans Seaweed2 Green Eyes
Solange Ikbal Silk Panty & Bra
NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Robin Unzipped Booty in Joker Black & White
Mandala Jewelry Takara Black Fur & Leather Bangle w/Black Nails and Rings
To see more go here :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lemania Indigo Picks Reward, DOLLARBIE, 10L Dress & 3 Specials 100L for 24 Hours

Vintage Party Girl is the reward you receive for having Lemania Indigo Designs in the Picks Section of your Profile. If you add Lemania today keep in mind that it takes 24 to 48 hours for the system to update and your profile pick to be recognized. The Profile Pick Reward is changed out about every 2 weeks, so you'll get a new outfit twice a month! I really like the black shoes with the red puffs that are included with this playful gown :)

::::IrEn:::: Group Gift Maria in Pale Tone w/Freckles
Truth Hair Katey in Almond
Poetic Colors Oceans SeaWeed2 Eyes

Night Fevor is the DOLLARBIE that can be found in the gift section of Lemania Indigo Designs. This outfit includes the necklace, earrings, bracelet, hair and shoes.

Belleza Group Gift Alyson Skin Dark Tan w/Cleavage
Mandala Takara Black Prim Nails w/Rings
Homespun Blue Denim Eyes

The Brown Eyed Girl gown can be found in the Money Fever Game for 10L at Lemania Indigo Designs. Every 50th dress sold someone wins 250L.

::::IrEn:::: Alison Pale Tiger Skin
Alienbear Double Stranded Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set 20L on discount table
NEW Truth Hair Chalice in Caramel
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20
Poetic Colors Bright Forest Treasure Eyes
CCD Long White Prim Nails w/Ring

The Cold Shoulder outfit is a period dress from the 20's. The dress has a sparkly silver textured system skirt, bodice, neck scarf and matching hat. The outfit also includes the two toned pumps.

Curio Sundust Light Cupid 2-Allure 2
Dark Mouse Black & White Drama Earrings
NEW Hair Summer in Moody Brown
A&A Fashions Metal Black Extra Long Prim Nails

The Red Mask has 14 items in the folder to mix and match from shorts to long dress pants. The outfit includes the brooch mask on the chest and matching shoes.

Imagen Skins Mira Este Rita
Purple Rose Ruby Iced Heart Earrings
Redgrave Flirty Eyelashes 24
Poetic Colors Bright Ice Crytal Blue Eyes
Damselfly Hair Echo in Sand Dollar Cool
A&A Fashions Linka Extra Long Prim Red Nails

The Rainbow Trout gown is a stunning dress. The gown is a glittering and pearly confection that includes sexy panties, stockings & shoes. Check out the Butterfly Embrace Necklace, Earrings and Ring Set that's NEW from the Purple Rose. The gems, metals and pearls are scripted to change into 12 preloaded colors. I like the way the pearls drape down the back :)

LAQ April 01 Glow Fair Skin
Junwave Hair Group Gift Marie Type B Orange/Brown. Wear tag hair is in the very back of the store on a table.
NEW Purple Rose Butterfly Embrace Pearl Necklace, Earrings & Ring
Redgrave Sparkle Eyelashes 15
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
A&A Fashions Linka White Extra Long Prim Nails
To see more go here :)

NEW Mashooka Group Gift Samara Skin!

I love logging into sl and having gifts waiting for me to open. Today I received the NEW Samara Group Gift Skin from Mashooka. The gift includes 4 skintones: Bronze, Honey, Ivory and Sand in Natural Makeup and Hairbase. I took pictures of the Honey Skintone since it's my favorite. This face has so much character with dark brows and natural pink well-proportioned lips. The shading on the face gives her high cheek bones and nice definition around the nose and mouth. The soft illustration around the naval, belly, chest and buttocks gives her a very sensuous appearance. She has the girl next door good looks combined with the body of a temptress. Thank you Aradhana Voight for this lovely skin gift! Samara is an elegant and very beautiful addition to your new skinline! There's a 200L fee to join the Mashooka Group, the skin is in the notices.

Truth Hair Tanya in Chocolate
Curio Tragic Dark Brown Eyes w/Shine
Redgrave Diva Eyelashes 20
Solange NightLife Green Bra & Panties
Shiny Things Nighttime Gem Earrings, the gems are color changeable.
Mandala Takara Black Nails w/Rings
NEW Stiletto Moody Bara Lana in Kelly Kid Green
To see more go here :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

NEW Truth Hair! 2-26

Truth Hawks has created 3 NEW hairstyles that are beautiful in design and look fabulous on. The names of the hairstyles are all very interesting this week. I read on the feeds that Chalice is named after a resident of sl and she's thrilled with this hairstyle being her namesake. She must be so flattered! There was a skin by Tuli named after an Elysium last year and I wonder if this is the same person this hairstyle is named after. I'm not sure about Milla, but my guess is there's a Milla on Truth Hawks' friends list. Whatever the names of the hairs this week, they're very elegant and stylish. I'm showing off this rich shade of Brown called Toffee in my pictures today. Truth also released a men's hair not shown called Ben.

Chalice is an attractive updo that's pulled into a thick bun on the side, the hair drapes across the brow with lots of loose tendrils in front and back.

The Elysium hair is a shoulder length cut, very full and parted in the middle partially covering some of the eyes. This is a very sexy look.

And finally, Milla is a smart medium length hairdo that's pulled up on the sides and pinned in the back. The hair flows freely down the back with lots of flexi movement on the ends.

New ::::IrEn:::: Group Gift Maria Skin
Curio Tragic Dark Brown Eyes w/Shine
Redgrave Rockstar Eyelashes 22
To see more go here :)

NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Lana!

The Stiletto Moody Bare Lana is another beautiful NEW addition to the Bare Shoe Line. I've become so obsessed with my Stiletto Moodies and have been wearing nothing else. I've gotten more competent matching the skintones to the foot. Using one of the preloaded colors and changing the brightness works better for me than trying to add or take away red, blue or green. Of course if you have the RGB numbers, it's even easier. I like how the drop down menu on the shoe allows you to go directly to the web site for assistance. I keep saying the Stiletto Moody shoes are the sexiest shoe on the grid, and the Bare Lana is no exception. Accessorizing with any of the Stiletto Moody Shoes adds pizzazz and style to your outfit. To accompany the NEW releases, Stiletto Moody is having an End of Season Strike it Gold at 40% Off Winter Sale for members of the Stiletto Moody Group. This sale extends across both the Stiletto Moody Bare Boutique and the Factory Outlet Store. At the moment, there's no fee to join the Stiletto Moody Group and it allows you access to the Winter Sale and information on future releases and sales.

The Bare Lana Color Set contains 14 vibrant shades. I especially like the Kelly Kid Green and the Gold Pat :)

To see more go here :)

NEW ::::IrEn:::: Group Gift Skin Maria!

I logged in this morning and was excited to find that I had a skin gift waiting for me to open. It was from ::::IrEn::::, whose previous Alison skin is one of my all-time favorites. When I put Maria on, I was immediately taken aback by the character and beauty of the face. The folder contains 3 skins: normal, freckled and open mouthed. The normal face is very charming and mature, and I've always been a fan of freckles so I appreciate the freshness of this youthful, freckled face. Maria has pale green eye shadow, black eyeliner, a dark brow and nude lipstick on well-proportioned lips. She has two distinguishing blemishes or beauty marks, with one resting high on her cheek and the other above the lip. The body is very well done with nice shading on the stomach, chest and buttocks, giving her a soft and sensuous look. Overall, this is a lovely skin, and I am particularly fond of the freckled version of this face. Thank you Irischka Hotshot for this beautiful gift. I think Maria is by far your best work to date! The ::::IrEn:::: group has a 200L joining fee, but this skin is more than worth the cost.

NEW Truth Hair Nadia in Fudge
Poetic Colors Bright Deep Jungle Green Eyes
Insolence Jade Slate Bra & Panties
CCD Long White Prim Nails w/Ring
NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Fay in White
To see more go here :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Fay!

The Stiletto Moody Bare Fay is one of the newest additions to the Bare Shoe Line and it has to be the most captivating shoe to date! I didn't think it was possible to top the design of the Bare Lauren, but this stiletto does just that! The Bare Fay has a sleek and lustrous patten leather finish. The ankle guard meshes perfectly with the shoe giving a streamlined and smooth appearance from every angle. This shoe is all about options... from the ability to change the toe ring, eyelets and buckles to either silver or gold... to colorizing the toe nails with 8 attractive nail polishes. Be sure to check out the End of Season Strike Gold 40% Off Winter Sale which extends across both the Stiletto Moody Bare Boutique and the Factory Outlet Store.

The Stiletto Moody Bare Fay Color Set contains 18 incredible shades, I had to show them all!

To see more go here :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lois Designs Cart Sale 10L Items!

There's a Cart Sale going on right now on The Wash Sim. There's so many carts with tons of items for sale and the best part is... Everything is 10L! Here's a few samples of what Lois Allen from Lois Designs has put on her cart... happy shopping ladies!

Lestat Reuven The Way You Look Tonight Cocoa Skin 100L today only w/gown
Curio Tragic Dark Brown Eyes
#1 Dazzling With Pink includes shoes
Purple Rose Hearts & Kisses Necklace & Earrings Set, the gems are color changeable
Truth Lillian Hair in Chestnut
#2 Aqua Fairy includes the wreath of flowers in hair
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Aqua
Truth Hair Reese in Caramel

#3 Gold Leaf in Red
Jewelry By Jake Romance Gold Ruby Necklace & Earrings Set
Truth Hair Lara in Fudge
#4 So Sweet Dress (This box has bonus items!)
Ganked Jewelry Dark Circle Necklace
Truth Hair Eva in Fudge
Indyra Originals Urban Agenda Olivia Noir Heels

#5 Purple Cosmos Ball Gown
NEW Dryad Designs Warning Necklace, Earrings & Brooch
Truth Hair Pamala in Grape

#6 Love Of Chocolate
Eolande's Glass Bauble Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Set, the gems are color changeable
Truth Hair Lulu in Copper
#7 Teal Curl includes shoes & jewelry
Truth Hair Anya in Honey
To see more go here :)

[Studio M] 50L Sale!!

[Studio M] is having a 50L Close Out Sale! You have plenty of time to check out the sale which will run for the next 2 weeks. Once the sale is over these items will be gone forever. Here are 4 dresses that are part of the sale and are wonderful examples of Mariah Urriah's artistry and workmanship.

Lestat Reuven The Way You Look Tonite Cocoa Skin 100L today only w/gown
Homespun Wheat Green Eyes
#1 Venice Slip Dress in Orange
Nardcotix Ashoka Orange Plaid T-Strap Heels 50% Off Sale!
Purple Rose Black Pearl & Diamond Heart Necklace & Earrings Set, the gems are color changeable
NEW Truth Hair Nadia in Fudge

#2 Jasmine Dress in Tangerine
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Orange Peel
NEW Truth Hair Berry in Almond w/color change flower

#3 Elle Dress in Red
Nardcotix Ashoka Red Plaid T-Strap Heels 50% Off Sale!
Purple Rose Glamour Necklace & Earrings Set, the gems are colorchangeable
NEW Truth Hair Nicky in Almond

#4 Nenneh in Plum
Maitreya Gold Shanti in Violet
Purple Rose Saturn Flower Pendant & Earrings Set
NEW Truth Hair Kase in Chestnut
To see more go here :)

NEW Lestat Reuven Gown, Skin & Pants Set!

The Way You Look Tonight is a simple but classic gown design, perfect for all those formal events in sl. The amazing thing about this 100L special from Lestat Reuven is the stunning skin included with the dress. Lestat is becoming quite the skinmaker!

The Way You Look Tonight Skin has a radiant cocoa tone with luscious burgandy lips. The face is so sweet and innocent with slight dimpling on the cheeks and dark brown brows. The shading on the body is well done with wonderful illustration on the cleavage, belly, shoulder blades and back. She has the girl next door face with the body of a femme fatale. Don't miss this skin included with the gown for 100L!

The Strappy Somber outfit is a flirtatious and dressy pants set and the other 100L special from Lestat. The top is on the jacket layer with lots of detail on the textured belt and a simple pair of black satin pants. The overall look is very elegant.

Lestat Reuven The Way You Look Tonight Skin
Truth Hair Lillian in Walnut
Curio Tragic 2 Toned Iris Eyes
Regrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20
Mandala Takara Buddha Red Bangles w/Prim Nails & Rings
Mandala Takara Black Fur & Leather Bangles w/Prim Nails & Rings
Shiny Things Nighttime Gem Earrings color changeable!
Nardcotix Kurvy Silver Pumps - Everything 50% Off Sale!
To see more go here :)

NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Robin & Bare Elizabeth in Pink

The Bare Robin Camo Celadon is Stiletto Moody's newest release and an attractive addition to the Bare Stiletto Line. This is a sleek and sexy shoe that will compliment any attire especially lingerie :) If you've had your eye on any of the bare stiletto designs, now's the time to stop by the Stiletto Moody Boutique and save some lindens during the 40% off Winter Sale.

The Bare Elizabeth Pink Diamonte is a dazzling color! This shoe shimmers and has such a polished look. There's several bare stiletto designs at the front door of the boutique, in both pink and red that are 50% off. I'm not sure how much longer this valentine's sale will run... you get an instant refund after purchase.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lemania Indigo MM Board, 10L Outfit & 3 Specials

The Midnight Mania Board at Lemania Indigo has a hairstyle with a color change bow called I Am So Perky in Wine. It takes 200 slaps on the board to lock this prize down.

LAQ April 01 Fair Glow Skin
Curio Tragic Aqua Eyes w/Shine
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20

Raw Hide is the 10L outfit that can be found in the Money Fever Game at Lemania Indigo Designs. The outfit includes the shorts, strapless cami and scarf. Every 50th outfit sold someone wins 250L.

Imagen Skins Mira Este Rita
Ganked Rock Love Bracelets
Callie Cline Kit Shicker Boots the gems are color changeable
Truth Hair Katey in Barley
G Field 10 Gallon Staw Hat Basic, the band and hat are both color changeable

Shaboom is a strapless evening gown in a bright shade of red. The dress includes the red heels and is on sale 100L for 24 hours.

Lelutka Estelle Light Makeup 6 w/Dark Brows
Donna Flora Roxanne Necklace & Earrings Set
Caithlin Carter Designs Flutter Eyelashes 4
Poetic Colors Ocean Blue Surf Eyes
Damselfly Hair Cathryn in Sand Dollar Cool
A&A Fashions Linka Long Red Nails

Jadite is another pretty strapless gown with a gauzy skirt that has a resizing script. The outfit includes sexy panties, stockings and shoes. Jadite is on sale 100L for 24 hours.

Curio Petal Dark Breeze Mermaid 1
Luck Inc Cleavage Enhancer for Curio Skins
Purple Rose Gold Weave Bracelets & Gold Fantasy Necklace & Earrings Set which has color changeable gems.
Candy Nails Runway in White w/Butterfly Ring
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20
Exodi Zbilja Spirit Leaves Green Eyes
Damselfly Hair Calyssa in Beach Beige

The Bejeweled gown has a pretty floral texture with lace trimming the collar. The gown includes matchings shoes and the veil. Bejeweled is 100L for 24 hours.

Curio Sundust Light Winter-Pure 2
Luck Inc Cleavage Enhancer for Curio skins
Donna Flora Amanda Necklace & Earring Set comes with a HUD to color change the metals, gems and pearls
Truth Hair Lillian in Honey
Redgrave RockStar Eyelashes 22
Poetic Colors Ocean Gold Coral
To see more go here :)

NEW LeFashions!

LeFashions has 4 NEW dresses in brilliant textures that are so adorable. The halter tops are cut low to show off those sexy cleavage skins. The belted skirts are an appealing design with several layers of gauzy chiffon that move like liquid when walking. All 4 dresses are stunning! The Silver Stars Dress has a pale blue fabric with silver star accents.

Curio Sundust Dark Vixen-Pure 1 & Tragic Dark Brown Eyes
Luck Inc Breast Enhancer for Curio Skins
Dryad Designs Crystal Nieve Necklace & Earrings Set
Minx Shoes Sugar Baby White Platform Heel
NEW Truth Hair Melinda in Golden
Caithlin Carter Designs Duo 3 Eyelashes & Long White Prim Nails w/Ring

The Raindrops Dress has a pretty silver teardrop pattern on a blue fabric.

Redgrave Vivian Skin in Tan Pastelblue
Dryad Designs Blue Christmas Necklace & Earrings Set
Nardcotix Rebekah Pumps in Blueberry 50% Off Sale
Curio Tragic 3D Blue Eyes
Dernier Cri Cheryl A3 Blonde

The Pink Hibiscus Dress has a deep pink, red and black floral texture... This dress is my favorite of the 4.

Dutch Touch Subscribo Gift Maan Skin in Cocoa w/Feathered Valentine Eyelashes
Dryad Designs Dorothy All Grown Up Necklace & Earrings Set
Nardcotix Kurvy T-Strap MaryJanes in Pink on sale 50% off
Ayumi Clothing Cleavage Enhancer
Homespun Wheat Green Eyes
NEW Dark Mouse Kate Hair in Rum Raisen
Mandala Takara Bangles & Prim Nails w/Rings in Buddha Red

The Paisley Dress has a springtime essence, the dress is very bright and cheery. I really like this skirt design. Thank you Eleanor Balbozar for a look at your new designs :)

Curio Sundust Dark Elf-Holly 1
Luck Inc Breast Enhancer for Curio Skins
Dryad Designs Satelite Gold StarBurst
Redgrave Thin Eyelashes 01
Poetic Colors Deep Blue Sea Eyes
Truth Hair Linda in Barley
Mandala Takara Cream White Nails w/Rings
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Amber
To see more go here :)

Nardcotix & Junwave 50% Off Sales

Nardcotix is having a 50% off sale on everything in the store. I popped over to check it out and picked up two very lovely dresses for 100L each. The Adeline Slip Dress in Ivory has a very pretty texture and looks fabulous on. The Adeline Dress has the same floral texture, the folder contains 2 skirts, with or with a bow. The Kurvy Pumps in Silver are also from Nardcotix and look fabulous with the dresses. I paid 200L for the shoes. Junwave is having a 50% off sale on their entire stock too. The Marie Type B hair in Beige/Pink is a short and sassy bob that has alot of flexi movement on the ends. I picked up the fatpack of colors for 240L, but my favorite shade is the Pink/Biege :)

Caithlin Carter Designs Separated Eyelashes 01
Curio Tragic Dark Brown Eyes
Belleza Alyson Sunkissed Skin w/Cleavage Group Gift
Purple Rose Gypsy Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet
To see more go here :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

NEW Modd G!

The NEW Modd G Sheer Chiffon Tier Blouse is an excellent design. The blouse has wonderful movement on the flexi tiers and comes in 6 fabulous colors. This blouse looks so good with my favorite pair of jeans. Like all Modd G clothing you get all layers on the shirt.

The NEW Tiger Printed Puff Top has a intricate and detailed texture. The middle scuplty portion of the shirt blends well with the shirt layer. The overall effect is quite captivating. This shirt also comes in all layers and looks good with my favorite jeans.

The NEW Lis Lace Mini Dress is adorable! The balloon skirt is a really attractive design and has fluid movement when walking. I really like the layered look of the shirt, with the undershirt peeking through the lace. Lis Lace Mini Dress comes in 6 colors, I like them all!

NEW Truth Melinda Hair in Caramel
Dryad Designs Crisp Winter Necklace & Earrings Set
Alienbear Pearl Earrings
Purple Rose Corazon Black Necklace & Earrings Set, the gems are color changeable
NEW N-Core Belted Black Ankle Boot, the warmers, eyelets, laces and soles are color changeable Belleza Group Xmas Gift Alyson Skin in Sunkissed
To see more go here :)

NEW Sascha's Designs - Swirly Black & Houndstooth Tops & Swirly Black Formal Skirts

The Swirly Black Top and Swirly Formal Skirts are NEW from Sascha's Designs and absolutely stunning! This is a very feminine ensemble with lots of ruffles and layers of chiffon to mix and match. The Swirly Black Top has a very sexy shirt since it's cut low to show off those cleavage enhanced skins. The folder contains 3 different collars... 2 high and one ruffled. There's a silver belt on the jacket layer, the shirt layer is plain black and there's also a prim belt You get several Swirly Formal Skirt options... the long slim & sleek flexis, 3 knee length flexis, a long and short system skirt, a cocktail flexi and sculpty skirt. The overall look of this outfit in it's many combinations is sharp and classy.

The Swirly Black Houndstooth Top and Swirly Formal Skirts compliment one another so well. The Houndstooth pattern is a difficult one to pull off, but leave it to Sascha Frangilli to use this texture and create an updated version to this vintage style. The overlapping double breasted jacket is a striking design coupled with the black collar and belt. You get a houndstooth short system skirt that is very cute by itself, but the Houndstooth Top coupled with the Swirly Formal Skirts gives you a polished and smart look. Sascha's Designs are quality garments with close attention to minute details and are reasonably priced. Stop by the shop, you'll find these items on display plus a short and micro mini skirt that looks wonderful combined with the Swirly Black and Houndstooth Tops.

Truth Cameron Hair in Almond
NEW Purple Rose Heart Chandelier Necklace & Earrings Set, the gems & metals are color changeable
Alienbear Double Strand Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set, on discount table for 20L
Indyra Originals Urban Agenda-Olivia Noir Heels
Belleza Jesse Skin Sunkissed Makeup 4 w/Cleavage
To see more go here :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lemania Indigo 10L Dress & 3 Specials 100L for 24 Hrs

Black Eyed Susan is the 10L dress that can be found in the Money Fever Game at Lemania Indigo Designs. Every 50th dress sold someone will win 250L. This is a complete outfit including matching shoes.

Curio Winter Skin Sundust Dark Cashmere 2
Donna Flora Mirelle Necklace & Earrings Set
Homespun Wheat Green Eyes
Truth Rebecca Hair in Carrot

Summer's Song is a beautiful green gown with daisies that makes me think of spring. The outfit includes the matching heels and large ribboned sunhat. Summer's Song is 100L for 24 hours.

Curio Elf Skin Sundust Light Holly 1
NEW Donna Flora Sunflower Necklace & Earrings Set
Poetic Colors Ocean Sea Weed 2
Truth Cameron Hair in Champagne
Caithlin Carter Designs Long White Nails w/Ring

Stepsisters Lament is a strapless gown that includes a cloak and black heels in a deep shade of purple. Stepsisters Lament is 100L for 24 hours.

Curio Breeze II Sundust Light Viola 2
NEW GaNKeD Jewelry Dark Circle Necklace in Violet
NEW Truth Nadia Hair in Barley
Poetic Colors Bright Lilac Blossom Eyes
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Prim Nails w/Ring in Purple

Dusty Gold has a sparkly gold and brown texture and includes the brown boots. Dusty Gold is 100L for 24 hours.

Curio Vixen Sundust Dark Gunmetal 1 & Tragic Brown Eyes
Dryad Designs Citrine Rain Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW Truth Berry Hair in Almond w/color changeable hairflower
To see more go here :)