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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lemania Indigo Specials!

Lemania Indigo has three dresses marked down to $L60. The Weekend Item is called Shining Rose. This is a very sexy gown with a bra top and long flexi skirt. This gown includes matching shoes.

Mynerva Plain Jane w/Blonde Brows & Cleavage

Damselfly Hair Rayvenal in Ginger Cool

Poetic Colors Spanish Moss Eyes

NEW Donna Flora LUISA Necklace & Earrings w/HUD to color change gems.


The LOW is Marion. This is the perfect dress for role play. It includes the long veil and matching boots.

Foxy Avatar Karina in Tan CL

Maitreya Hair Apple in Almond

Poetic Colors Gold Flakes Olivine Eyes


Aqua is the outfit for FASHION ADDICTS. This is a very sexy set of silks in a sparkling fabric. The outfit includes matching pumps.

[PXL] Linda Gen3 SK Cherry Lips LEB P]

Truth Hair Anya in Latte

Poetic Colors Gold Flakes Aquamarine Eyes


The last three dresses are discounted to $L100. The Candy Striper gown has a pink and white pin stripe texture with two roses embroidered on the front and back of the bodice. The long veil and matching pumps are included.


Linnea Peach Glow Makeup 9 w/Dark Brows Miel Hair Mojito Hair in Red 1

Poetic Colors Gold Beach Eyes


The It'S ON SALE outfit is called Carpetbagger. This pant set has an interesting tapestry texture and includes matching boots.

LAQ Julie Peach Glow Makeup 6 w/Cleavage Hair Marie in Passionate Red

L.Fauna Charm Eyes Green 1


The Sheerly Silver pants set comes with a semi-sheer silver jacket accented with a high prim collar layered over a silver tank and suede pants with a black baked on belt. The suede gray ankle boots and pin on the chest are included

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Freckles Lustre Luxe2

NEW Truth Hair Carina in Toffee

Exodi Zbilja Spirit Crystal Blue Eyes

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New SYSY, Baby Monkey & Amacci!

SYSY has a beautiful new spring dress in the shop. The Ayla is a simply styled sleeveless dress in a silky woven fabric. The layered-look bodice is complemented by an empire waist sculpted skirt.

My hair is from Amacci called Emita. I like how the bangs fringe the forehead and the hair is pulled forward over the right shoulder. To give me that finished and polished look I'm wearing Cynthia Pumps from Baby Monkey. These shoes are scripted with 3 metal colors for the buckles.

NEW LAQ Linnea Peach Glow Makeup 10 & Dazzling Sapphire Blue Eyes

NEW Amacci Emita Hair in Ash Blonde

NEW SYSY Ayla Spring Dress

NEW Baby Monkey Cynthia Pumps

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NEW Angelwing!

Angel6 Susanti creates beautiful medieval dresses, silks and fairy costumes at Angelwing. Her newest design The Spring Fairy will be released on April 2nd to coincide with the start of the Fantasy Faire. The intricate detail of the sculpted flowers with over 1000 prims is amazing. There are 17 pieces in the folder including tatoo butterfly wings at the eyes, all layers of the dress, stockings, two sets of sculpted wings, one with a petal emitter, flower accents in the hair, on the legs and arms. This dress is absolutely stunning and alot of fun to wear!

NEW LAQ Linnea Peach Glow Makeup 6 w/Dark Brows, Cleavage & Dazzling Eden Eyes

Posh Hair Horror in Caramel

SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low

Sunday, March 27, 2011

LAQ's Linnea!

The newest face to come out of LAQ is Linnea.

Mallory Cowen did away with the hairbase on this release and instead is giving us ten skins with brunette brows and ten with blonde brows. This change definitely makes the skin more versatile. The brows are drawn really well although I don't particularly care for the color of the blonde brow. I photographed all twenty skins so you can compare the brows and makeups yourself. The LAQ lips are exquisite as always, plump and kissable. The eyeshadow are all shaded nicely, I especially like the clarity and color of number 9.

The issue I have with this skin is the makeups all look basically like previous releases, there's nothing here that's new. Price wise $L1990 ($8 US Dollars) is alot of money to spend on 10 skins that look the same. It's time LAQ thought about offering single skinpacks. I'd prefer to sample just one and save some money.

Lo*momo Red Bikini

Poetic Colors Classic Deep Dream Eyes

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NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has several cute new styles in the shop. First up is Sarita. This is a very long straight hairstyle that drapes down the back and is pulled into a messy bun and pigtail on the side. What's really cute about this hair is the long pigtail can be removed to completely change up the look. I like the bangs that fringe the forehead.

I'm a big fan of short cuts and Mark is a style for the guys but I have to admit that I love the way it looks on me :)

Last, but not least, is Carina. This is a really cute ponytail in back with the front of the hair framing both sides of the face. The hairband is color changeable too. All 3 hairs come with wigs that streak and the standard versions. Demos at Truth are always free, single color packs costs $L250 and a fatpack of all 63 colors is $L1500.

NEW LAQ Linnea Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Light Brows

Mimikri Joy Corsage Corset

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanaya Yummy Collectibles!

The Mixed Flowers in Water Bath contains 3 blushing roses, 3 sunrise calla lilies, 1 species tulip, calla and rose foliage. I haven't gotten around to arranging these beautifully sculpted flowers into a vase yet. Here they lay in a water bath for several days fragrant and fabulous! What's really charming about this piece is the moving water that you can't see in my picture.

The March Group Gift at Hanaya Yummy Collectibles is the very lovely glass topped coffee table with a ceramic bowl flowering planter. The table and flowers are 6 prims in total and a real eye pleaser. There's no fee to join this group and the gifts are always beautifully made and so very creative. Copy/paste into local chat and click on link to join the Hanaya VIP Group: secondlife:///app/group/76c33d76-3990-55a3-44be-df1938e5d3a3/about

NEW Mimikri Allure Take 2!

The Allure Take 2 is a sexy and elegant addition to any closet. This dress is new from Mimikri and comes in seven brilliant colors. The dress consists of a beautifully sculpted sheer blouse with ruffled edges over a sheer sculpted ruffled skirt. The lacy bodysuit peeks through the blouse and skirt emphasizing your shapely curves.

NEW LAQ Susan Peach Glow Makeup 6
NEW Truth Hair Priscilla in Barley
NEW =KtH= x *S Blue Eyes @ the Help Japan Benefit
BAX Coen
Prestige Boots
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Friday, March 25, 2011

IrEn's Lilly!

I'm wearing the fresh new face from IrEn called Lilly!

Lilly reminds me of the girl next door with a clear and glowing complexion. She comes in 3 skintones: pale, sunkiss & tan. The tatoo makeups are a nice collection of freckles, glossy lips, eyeshadow and eyeliner. My favorite are the glossy blue eyeshadow and the miss piggy wet pink lips.

Lilly has a stunning face, but I have some issues with the shading on the body. It's a bit overdone especially at the neck and tummy. In my opinion, the pale tone has the least amount and looks the best. Price wise, this is an affordable skin costing $L750 each skintone and includes two base skins either a push-up or normal cleavage, 11 tatoo makeups, and an eyebrow shaper.

NEW Truth Hair Whitney
=KtH= x *S Blue Eyes from Help Japan
Mimikri Starlet Bikini in Orange
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Creators at the HELP JAPAN benefit are donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their designs to the Japan Red Cross. This is a beautiful thing!

As usual, I wanted everything I saw :) I settled on new hair from Dura called, what else, Help Japan. I really like this short bob and the way the bangs fringe the forehead. The very lovely Blue Eyes are from KtH=x*S and are very realistic. Finally the gorgeous Maki dress is from Osakki. Please take some time to visit the Help Japan event and buy something. Your donation will mean alot to the people of Japan!

NEW IrEn Lilly Sunkissed base skin (STUNNING!)
G Field Kate Bow Strap Heels in Red
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Please HELP JAPAN in this dire time of need. Donate some lindens and receive a cute outfit in return! All the clothing at the HELP JAPAN event is very reasonably priced.

I saw the adorable Love Me skirt and jacket set by Callie Pearl and I couldn't resist, I needed it. The outfit consists of a sculpted skirt and jacket with all the prim pieces made extraordinarily well. I like the alpha layer on the chest so the jacket is a perfect fit. I'm also wearing my butt zapper by Hudson's Clothing Co that makes this skirt fit perfectly without adjusting my avatar. Please HELP JAPAN by donating some lindens to this very worthy cause :)

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth has two new styles in the shop, an extra long and a shoulder length hair. Krystal is a long straight cut draping down the back. The sides are pulled into a swirly bun with bangs fringing the forehead and ears. This hair comes with split attachment points and a streaking version.

RiRi is a shoulder length wavy style with the hair partially covering one eye. This style comes with your regular wig and a streaking version. Both new styles have lots of movement on the flexi ends. Demos at Truth are always FREE, a single color pack costs $L250 and a fatpack of all 63 shades is $L1500.

Curio GP Honey Dark Jasmine Golden Rabbit 1
Lelutka Reflections Mist Eyes
FAB PONY FFL Gatcha Fantasy60 Earrings in Space Garden
ALEIDA Store Gift Arlene V Sweater (Gift Box on Counter @ Main Store)
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Fashion For Life Featuring FAB PONY!

Tatianna Faulkes of FAB PONY selected four of her brand's top sellers for the donation vendors at the Fashion For Life event. The proceeds from any one of these beautifully designed garments would make a fabulous gift to the American Cancer Society. The first item I want to show you is the Sparkle Skirt in magenta. I love how this skirt shimmers. The Chloe Jeans in charcoal come with prim flared legs that fit perfectly. Both the skirt and jeans look faboulous with the Striped Tank in white. The Own The Night mini dress has a funky pink and black texture with prim sleeves. This sexy dress has a pretty shimmer too. The last item I'm showing from FAB PONY is the Gatcha. The Fantasy60 Earrings come in six brilliant colors or a three-color pack. Keep in mind there's another donation and a hunt item not shown. Visit the Fashion For Life event today and help support this very worthy cause :)

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Sweetheart Pure 2
NEW Eolande Hair Dawn in Honey
LAQ Dazzling Green Eyes
Baby Monkey Surrey Boots in Black
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Friday, March 18, 2011

American Bazaar Gina Mini Dress!

Everyone should have a little black dress in their closet just like the new micro mini Gina dress from American Bazaar. Gina features two textures that complement one another nicely, a stylish belt and prim sleeves.

NEW LAQ Susan Peach Glow Skin
Damselfly Hair Ania in Onyx Blend
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion For Life Featuring Lois Designs!

The Fashion For Life event continues till the 22nd. Last I heard, the tally has reached $L3,000,000 in donations to the American Cancer Society. We are a generous bunch in sl! Today I want to spotlight creations from Lois Allen of Lois Designs. She has four gowns in her donation vendors all marked down to $L200 each. The Princess In Waiting is a pretty pink strapless gown that includes all the jewelry, pink wings and matching shoes.

Magnolia is a fae costume that includes the blossom jewelry, hair flower. armbands, anklet and matching wings. This dress is adorable!

Comfort and Love is a formal gown that features a white shoulder wrap, jewelry and black pumps.

Intriguing is the gift Lois has left out in her shop at the FFL event. This is a pretty strapless gown with lots of detail on the bodice.

The last donation item is called Beyond Beautiful. This gown has a cropped strapless top to show off the belly jewel. All of the jewelry is included and matching pumps.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion For Life Featuring Kouse's Sanctum!

Have you been to the Fashion For Life event and made a donation to the American Cancer Society yet? If not, you may want to consider one of the four gorgeous gowns designed by Kouse Singh of Kouse's Sanctum. Michelle is a sweet gown perfect for role play or any formal sl occasion. It comes with a short or long skirt accented with ruffles at the sleeves and bust. The Lilly Jewelry Set includes a crown on either the left or right side of the head, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. The jewelry is an exceptional design and complements all four dresses.

Artemis has a decorative chain with a moon & stars broach accenting the sculpted chest piece. This gown includes prim sleeves, a sculpted and flexi skirt, shirt, jacket and glitch pants.

Jocelyn is the perfect dress to role play a serving wench or peasant. The gown features a long or short flexi skirt accented by either a red or purple apron.

Faith is the last gown I want to spotlight today. This dress has a beautiful sculpted overskirt, sculpted laces on the chest, prim sleeves and a long flowing flexi skirt. The detail on all four of these gowns is extraordinary!

NEW Curio Lustre Skin
NEW LAQ Susan Skin
NEW Poetic Colors Deep Dream Blue Eyes @ FFL
G Field Kate Bow Strap Heels
NEW Finesmith Purple Prim Nails With Rings
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Monday, March 14, 2011

NEW Hudson's Clothing Co!

The Gypsy Peasant Cream Dress Set is a new creation from Candace Hudson of Hudson's Clothing Co and comes with so many different looks in the folder. This pretty dress is perfect for role play and will take you from a classic harlequin romance to a serving wench or marauding pirate. The Gypsy Peasant is packed with a ton of detail starting with the sculpted chest strings and ruffled sleeves with fallen straps and delicate sheer bottoms. There's two different waist ruffles, one sculpted the other flexi. You also get two shirt tops, one with a baked on belt the other with lace. Did I mention the dress is very sexy too? Also check out my peepers, the Glossy Blue Eyes with small pupils, they're also new at Hudson's.

NEW Curio Acorn Light Lustre Luxe2 w/Linc Cleavage Enhancer
NEW Truth Hair BillieJo in Latte
Alienbear's Chinese 'Ai' Unisex Love Necklace Group Gift

The Group Gift found at the landing point at Hudson's is the Teal Silk Baby Dress. This is a very charming cocktail dress with re-sizable sculpted sleeves, skirt and blouse bottom. The folder includes a "butt zapper" to ease the fitting of sculpted skirts. I love this idea and will use this "butt zapper" on other sculpted skirts for sure! There is no fee to join the Hudson VIP group and the gifts are always FABULOUS! Thank you Candace! Copy/paste into local chat to join group: secondlife:///app/group/94abf0b3-82af-1ff8-3313-afeb8530cd75/about

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Lustre Patina2 w/Blonde Tatoo Brow & Linc Cleavage Enhancer
Truth Hair Gloria in Barley
NEW Hudson's Clothing Co Light Glossy Blue Eyes Sm Pupil
Donna Flora LUCILLA Necklace, Earrings & Ring w/HUD to Color Change Gems
BAX Coen Prestige Boots in Hunter Green
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Curio's Sexy New Lustre Skin!

I'm wearing Lustre the newest face from Curio!

In my opinion, this skin has a more sophisticated look than other Curio releases. The Lustre collection comes in five skintones with six unique makeups, two versions each: Glamour Puss, Luxe, Patina, Posey, Pure and Shimmer. The delicate and refined eyebrow is a medium brown shade and illustrated extremely well. Like all Curio skins she has a fresh and glowing complexion. The makeups are soft and sweet with lightly shaded eyelids and luscious lipsticks. I really like the black eyeliner on Glamour Puss and the glistening red lips on Luxe.

What I like most about the Lustre skinline is the extra tatoo eyebrows, blonde and dark brown that are included with every skin. The blonde brow is very lovely, it completely changes the look of this face. I was truly disappointed that a red brow wasn't included too... Please Gala gives us red brows next time too :)

Lustre has an incredible body! This skin has a rich texture with excellent highlights and shading. The detail at her chest, back and especially her curvy buttocks is truly phenomenal. What more can I say, this skin is perfection and definitely Gala Phoenix's best work to date. An individual makeup consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions for each or 8 skins and costs $L1000. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500. The fatpack has been replaced with a megapack, which is your best value and contains every single makeup, 240 skins for $L3000.

Truth Hair Yvonne
NEW Poetic Colors Berlin Nights Eyes @ FFL Event
Tempest Black Lace Bra, Pantie & Pasties
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