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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Favole’s Perdition!

Perdition is a new creation from Themis Enzo of Favole that features a normal-looking bodice with tatters or two bloodletting bodices for a gory stabbed appearance. Perdition also comes with matching lace-up ankle boots and a high collar, both trimmed in ruffles and embellished with tiny red hearts. All the prim pieces come with or without scripts for resizing to get that perfect fit. The dress will be on sale in the main store until 10-31 for $L350.

LAQ Olivia in Peach w/Cleavage
NEW Ploom Hair Asch in Blonde2
NEW Poetic Colors Moon Cellini Eyes
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Curio's The Visitor!

I'm wearing Curio's newest face called The Visitor!

The Visitor is jam-packed with lots of extra goodies. Gala Phoenix has included tattoo versions of the Pure1 skin to tint for that far-out look. There's also a couple of eerily colored alien skins called Orb and Nebula which come in both embellished and plain (molted) versions. You also get 2 pairs of alien eyes to compliment the Orb and Nebula skins. The other extras are what I like the most about this skin release. Included in each individual skin are 3 different eyebrow tattoo layers, in Dark, Blonde, and Ginger, plus a shape for the alien skins. There's also a bonus in the Megapack of 5 juicy tattoo lipsticks. The Visitor makeups are vibrant and alive, she has a refined brow with luscious lips and a pert nose.

The Visitor body is very realistic and illustrated perfectly. The alien skins are unique looks and are also impressively drawn, I really like the unmolted Nebula. Curio skins are sold in 3 different price packages. An individual makeup costs $L1000 ($4.00) and consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions of each or 8 skins. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500 ($6.00). The megapack contains every single makeup, 240 skins for $L3000 ($12.00).

NEW Truth Hair Cate
NEW Poetic Color Moon Cream Cake & Espresso Eyes
NEW Gwen Carillon Designs Pumpkin Pie Lingerie Set
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NEW Timmy Designs... Plus Amacci Group Gift Skin!

The Hallo Spider Queen is a new creation from Glasz DeCuir of Timmy Designs that can only be found on the SL MarketPlace for $L300. The dress features a long Victorian gown, pants with cuffs and a short semi-sheer mini skirt. The folder also includes lots of pieces to mix and match. You get a spider tattoo on the undershirt layer, two different color jackets, long and short sleeve cuffs, and a cute veiled hat which is also available separately for 1L.

Amacci sent out a fabulous gift to the VIP and Subscribo Groups that consists of an exclusive makeup for the new Jenny skinline. The makeup is called Pumpkin and comes in orange-brown colors. The folder contains a lipstick tatoo in a darker color that only fits Jenny Nutmeg. Also included is a skin with a normal cleavage and a skin with an enhanced version, plus a cleavage dehancer (chest minimizer) to be worn as a tattoo or an undershirt. There is no fee to join the Amacci VIP Group. Copy/paste into local chat, join the group and check the notices for the skin. secondlife:///app/group/bec55ce1-7c49-4fe0-fa14-38ae580c15d9/about

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Friday, October 28, 2011

NEW Vita's Boudoir & Curio's The Visitor Skin!

The Victorian Burlesque ensemble is like a bouquet of flowers, I can almost smell the red roses I'm wearing! The sumptuous skirt is embellished with velvet ribbons, folds of satin and taffeta, with layer upon layer of exotic lace and crinoline. The matching top hat features netting across your eyes, plumes of feathers, more red roses and swanky lace draping the back. Victorian Burlesque is a sexy new look from Vita's Boudoir that would definitely make a head turning Halloween costume!

The Visitor is a new skin from Curio that features lots of eerie Halloween looks. I'll show all the makeups this weekend. Below is a close-up of the Irradiate2 Makeup with Dark Brows and Bright Red Lips.

NEW ICONIC Hair Panama in Blonde
NEW Poetic Colors Moon Allure Ice Blue Eyes
Illusions Varda Rose Necklace & Earrings Set
G Field Platform Shoes With Rosettes
Reel Expressions Model Poses
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Razzberry 24 Hour Sale!

Razzberry is having a 24 hour sale, everything in the store is marked down to 50L! My favorite gown from Razzberry Snickerdoodle has to be Beautiful. This lovely ball gown features a satin-faced chiffon fabric with a corseted sweetheart bodice, puff sleeves and a full, fluttering flexi skirt. The removable bustle is fashioned with dramatic folds at the lower back. This is a feel good dress and I felt like a princess wearing it. Don't miss this sale!

Inaya Skins Jwelssi in SanteFe w/Hairbase & Cleavage
NEW Amacci Navy Blue Gaze Eyes
NEW ICONIC Hair Ciara in Black
Calamity Hathaway Juicy Strawberries Necklace & Earrings Set
Glitterati Long Hair Poses
Photographed at Voc Linda
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


ICONIC has 3 new hairstyles in the shop that all include hairbases. Ciara has upswept hair on the right side with the rest of the curls cascading over your left shoulder. Alix is a straight cut pulled forward over the left shoulder. Panama is a long style parted in the middle with the curly bouncy hair cascading down your back.

NEW FilthyJasmine Cocoa Makeupp 5 w/Cleavage
NEW Poetic Colors Moon Espresso Eyes
Friday Henley in Seafoam
Glitterati Long Hair Poses
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kastle Rock 50L Secret Sale!

Kastle Rock Courture is having a Secret Sale at their Corporate Offices ONLY with some of their most popular new and old creations specially priced at 50L for 24 hours! This sale inspired me to get married today since I purchased the beautiful Garden Silk Wedding Gown. Delicate roses cover the fitted bodice of this fairytale gown with a floaty, multi-layered tulle skirt. The folder contains a princess skirt accented with roses and back bow or a plain full skirt. The dress also features 3 types of wedding veils: open in front, covering your face or a flattering angel cut. Don't miss this 1 day sale!

NEW LAQ Lovisa Peach Makeup 4
Truth Hair Jolie in Strawberry
NEW Poetic Colors Moon Chartreuse Eyes
Donna Flora Sunny Necklace & Earrings Set
Reel Expression Model Poses
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Monday, October 24, 2011

NEW Stars Fashion!

Shine Difference is a new ensemble from Stars Fashion that consists of a high collared latex jacket with textural contrast on the leather vest. The outfit includes a latex skirt with a silver buckled leather belt, finished off with suede boots, leather gloves and a matching silver necklace. Everything is well made and reasonably priced at 195L for a limited time only, don't miss it!

Curio GP Acorn Light Summer Lake2 w/Cleavage Option1
Truth Hair Tilly in Streaked Latte
NEW Amacci Sapphire #5 Eyes
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Favole's Tales From The Dark Side!

Lucretia is a frightening ensemble created by Themis Enzo of Favole. The costume consists of beautifully crafted pieces, when worn together exhibit a stylish yet menacing appearance. The dress has a long overskirt open in front to reveal the corset embellished with chest ruffles and long flowing flexi sleeves. The Wrath Black Wings attach at your shoulders and impart an ominous look. The Crypt Boots have stiletto heels and are wrapped with leather straps and silver rings. Finally the shudder worthy Nuit black Hair is gathered in back and accented with black roses, pins, skulls and moving spiders, YUCK! This horrifying look is perfect to scare your friends this Hallow's Eve.

NEW Baiastice Karin Silver Skin Makeup 4 w/Black Brows, Tatto Fangs & Eyes
Restless Estate Jewelry Ruby Cross Pendant & Earrings (no info on creator)
Finesmith's Jewelry SOlid Black Prim Nails
EverGlow Model Poses
Photographed at Sherwood Haunted Forest
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

NEW Truth Hair!

Truth released 3 new hairstyles last week that include wigs with roots. I really like this feature when the hair blends nicely with the roots like this strawberry blonde color. You also get hairbases to match although I didn't need them for these hairstyles.

NEW LAQ Lovisa
League Siara Black Blouse
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LAQ Lovisa!

Lovisa is a new ginger redhead from Mallory Cowen that features lots of freckles, 5 lipstick colors and no eye makeup. It's still the same glow skin body and costs 990L ($4.00). I know I vowed to not buy anymore LAQ skins till the body was updated, but I'm such a sucker for redheads and couldn't resist.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

NEW My Precious Agnes Finney!

The Lisa Couture Evening Gown is new from My Precious Agnes Finney and features black Chantilly lace embracing the waist and fashioning the long gloves. Several flouncy layers of tulle trimmed in matching black lace make up the opulent taffeta skirts. This gown drew lots of admiring glances during my photo shoot in the Enchanted Forest. I received numerous compliments and inquiries as to the designer. You too will turn heads entering a room wearing this enchanting dress.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Dainty Lace1
NEW ICONIC Hair Katy in Blonde
NEW AmacciPoison Gaze Eyes
Donna Flora MARTINA Set
EverGlow Model Poses
Photographed in the Enchanted Forest
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NEW Sascha's Designs!

Sascha Frangilli has created an elegant evening gown that features a modifiable system skirt and glitch pants so you can wear it as a cocktail dress too. The Helios is specially priced at 99L!

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Dainty Sachet2 w/Tatto Cleavage Option 1
NEW Shag Falling Slowly in Dark Blonde
NEW Poetic Colors Moon Lavender Eyes
Donna Flora Rosalinda Set
NEW G FieldAlex Strap Pumps
EverGlow Model Poses
Photographed at Alirium
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dainty Curio!

I'm wearing Dainty the alluring new face from Curio available at Truth District today!

Dainty has the sweetest presentation. The lips are luscious and very kissable. The 12 lipsticks are various shades of pink with a few of my favorite red shades. I really like the last 3 lipsticks they sort of glisten. The eyes have a distinct eyeliner and eyeshadow that is very muted, but delicate. Dainty has a pure complexion with a refined light brown to blonde eyebrow.

All of the skintones have a realistic appearance, with perfect hjghlights and shading throughout. What can I say, this skin has it all. Dainty is available at the Truth District today and costs 1500L ($12.00) for one makeup with all skintones included or a megapack for 3000L ($12.00) which features all 240 skins.

NEW Truth Hair Nolene w/Roots
NEW Amacci Deep Blue Gaze Eyes
NEW Amanda's Fashion SecretLingerie in Red 50L!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LIKKA House Group Gift!

LIKKA House sent this beautiful Halloween Dress out to the subscriber members this morning. The gift is a special color of the Flora Dress which is new in the shop and features a skirt with a slit on the left side exposing some thigh and leg. The dress includes resizeable prim pieces to get that perfect fit. The Pumpkin Hat is a FREEBIE found on the desk at the shop and is also included with the Halloween dress!

NEW ABS Susan #5 @ Tropicalia Baazar 75L (includes shape not shown)
[e] Hair Rhythm in Blonde7
NEW Amacci Emerald Eyes #17
G Field Rose 'Diva' Bootie in Orange
Finesmith's Jewelry SOlid Prim Nails in Orange
Agapee Model Poses
Photographed at Arcan Delights
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NEW Coriander Shoes!

Coriander Shoes has a new bootie in the shop! The Seduca comes in 8 colors and features a Color Picker HUD for matching your skintone and choosing from 24 different nail polish colors. The detail on this shoe is lovely.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

NEW HL Fashion Design!

The Black Angel is the perfect ensemble for a masquerade or Halloween party since a black lace tattoo mask is included. This gorgeous taffeta and chiffon gown features a semi-sheer flexi skirt that floats like a cloud. The dress has ruffled sleeves adorning a bodice of alluring crocheted lace with lots of soft skin peeking through. The stately black and white belt embraces the waist and draws your eye to the center. The whimsical headpiece adds a touch of playfulness and is covered in bows and lace. Overall this is an exquisite creation from HL Designs.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Fall Bonfire2
[e] Hair Leah in Blonde 6
NEW Amacci Poison Gaze Eyes
Exposeur Model Poses
Photographed in the Garden Of Dreams Skybox Dining Room
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!Right Fashion Special Of The Week... Plus New ICONIC & BAIASTICE!

The Cynthia Sweater Dress from !Right Fashion features an intricate cable knit texture in 3 colors. This figure flattering dress has buttons down the front, a scoop neckline, sleeve cuffs with epaulets and a sculpted knit skirt. Also included is a black neck scarf and dark leggings all for $L75 until Friday, don't miss it!

NEW Filthy Jasmine Cocoa Makeup 5
NEW ICONIC Hair Katy in Black w/Hairbase
NEW Baiastice Emi Fringed Black Boots
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Agnes Finney's Quinta!

The Quinta is a stylish new ensemble from My Precious Agnes Finney that features luscious french Chantilly lace decorating a twirl ready flexi skirt. The elongated flutter sleeves enhance the satin and lace v-neck bodice. The lace scarf is a feminine accessory that adds flair and panache when worn with the wide-leg trousers. Clean lines amplify the impact of these sophisticated coordinates.

Pink Fuel Elly Chai BabyDoll w/Dark Brow, Cleavage 1 & Glam Lipstick w/Teeth in Hard Candy Pink
NEW Truth Hair Brandi in Barley w/Pink HairFlower
NEW Amacci Sapphire Eyes #10
Dark Mouse Pearl Nouveau Necklace & Earrings Set
NEW G Field Alex T-Strap Heels in Pink
Finesmith's Jewelry SOlid White Prim Nails
Exposeur Model Poses
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

G Field Halloween Dress & Spider Choker GIFTIES!

G Field has a beautiful Halloween dress in the shop that's FREE! The dress includes both a purple and orange top with cuffs to match and a long semi-sheer flexi skirt that moves like liquid gold. The fabulous spider choker in both purple and orange is included. YOU NEED THIS DRESS!

NEW Baiastice Karin Vampire Skin in Ghost Makeup 4 w/Hairbase
NEW Amacci Night Diverse Gaze Eyes
Bishwear Hair Sweeney in Bark
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Baiastice Karin Vampire Skin!

I'm wearing Karin the limited edition vampire skinline that's new from BAIASTICE!

Karin features 4 other-worldly skintones: Silver, Moonlight, Ghost and Darkest. Each skintone has 4 ethereal makeups in 4 eyebrow/hairbase colors: Black, Blonde, Brown and Red. This face has dark eyeliner, pretty heart-shaped lips and a goulishly evil complexion. You get 2 pair of eyes, 2 tattoo fangs with or without blood, 3 eyebrow shapers, the cleavage on an undershirt and tattoo layer, plus pubic hair and an optional tattoo mask to cover the system eyelashes all for 850L ($3.50).

The veins popping through the skin on the chest, arms, face and legs denote a translucent and fiendish appearance, especially on the darkest tone. Karin is a beautiful skin and a complete avatar, perfect for all your Halloween costumes.

Shag Hair Forget Me Knot
Insolence Clara Black Corset & Panties
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Filthy's Jasmine & ZombiePopcorn Skins!

I'm wearing Jasmine the Filthy new skin from Alexandra Barcelos!

Jasmine features 7 luscious makeups in 6 realistic skintones with the enhanced cleavage on the undershirt and tattoo layers. The makeups are drawn exceptionally well, this face has rosy cheeks, a refined brown eyebrow and plump kissable lips.

The Jasmine body is illustrated really well with nice highlights and shading on her tummy, clavicle and curvy buttocks. This skin costs 1700L ($6.86) for each skintone.

The ZombiePopcorn Hunt is the only grid wide invitation hunt in sl and it starts tomorrow 10-15. Filthy Skins is participating with the Zombie skin shown below. You're searching for the ZombiePopcorn Doll in his red and white striped popcorn bag. For more hunt information and locations check out the SL Fashionista Blog!

NEW Truth Hair Kendell
NEW Poetic Colors Cellini Green Eyes
NEW Insolence Melissa Copper Lingerie
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