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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NEW Heartsick Wish Skin ALL Makeups Plus 50L April Special

Heartsick has a new skinline just released called Wish. The Wish skin has an exceptionally beautiful face with rosy cheeks, a dark refined brow, bright smiling eyes and luscious well-proportioned lips. I just love the selection of makeups, there's so many different looks. I especially like that the fatpack contains 3 red lip variations which is my favorite lip color. Each individual makeup folder contains 8 skins: beautymarks or none, cleavage or non-cleavage, freckles or no freckles... I really like the Bliss Tone with the beautymarks and cleavage.

The Wish skin comes in 4 tones: aether, illusion, reverie and bliss. Each tone is drawn so well with wonderful shading throughout the entire body highlighting good bone structure and muscle tone. Overall this is a very lovely skin reasonably priced. Each individual makeup is 750L with a fatpack of all 8 makeups costing 3000L. The old Serenity skinline is still available at Heartsick at hugely discounted prices... 100L per makeup and 500L for the fatpacks with all the old DOLLARBIE fatpack releases set out as well.

Heartsick has a 50L skin set out for the month of April called Oestra. Wow, this is a beautiful face at such a discount, you don't want to miss this one, she's a stunner!

Heartsick Easter Hat FREEBIE
NEW Truth Hair Marguarite
Curio Tragic 2Tone Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
NEW Blacklace Spring Kisses Easter Edition Lingerie
Lelutka Saffron Heels in Navy Blue
To see more go here :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NEW Mashooka!

The Blossom Blouse and Pantalon in Ash are two NEW designs from Mashooka and look fabulous together. The Blossom Blouse comes in 5 pretty floral colors: celery, gray, periwinkle, plum and rose. This is a very pretty blouse with volumes of ruffles on the sleeves and shirt bottom. The NEW Pantalon in Ash come in 7 shades: bordeaux, brown, charcoal, hunter, navy, plum and teal. The pants have nice detail at the seams and pockets, a cute flower on the hip and include prim cuffs. The pantalons look so good with the blossom blouse.

NEW Mashooka Analise Sand Tone Makeup 1 w/Hairbase
Dryad Designs Midnight Blue, Black Rain and Codfish Balls Jewelry Sets
Vanity Designs Inc Hair Calliope in Soil Brown w/Color Change Headband
Pixel Mode Baby T's in Pale Pink & Smokey White
Poetic Color Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes

The Fascinating Dress is another wonderful NEW design from Mashooka that comes with a strapless top, 2 flexi skirts which can be worn together or separately and a shawl that's resizable. The dress comes in 6 spring colors: chartreuse, cream, light blue, mint, pink and purple.

NEW Mashooka Samara Sand Tone Makeup 5 w/Hairbase
Luc Jewelry Silver Heart Teardrop Earrings
Pixel Mode Baby T's in Light Blue & Silvery Pink
Lelutka City Blue INK Eyes3
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Donna Flora Lia Hair in Brunette
Boon HairPiece BOTA76 in Black
To see more go here :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

CStar Monthly Free Skin, Shape & Pose - Lucky Chair Prize!

The NEW CStar Monthly Free Skin and Shape Gift is here! The Miss April Skin comes in 4 tones: Whites, Pales, Tans and Darks. Each skin prize comes with 4 skins: a light and dark tone plus bald and hairbase. That's 8 skins, one shape, 1 model pose and chrome glitter eyelashes. The Miss April skin, shape, pose & eyelashes are ONLY available in the lucky chair during the month of April. If you collect them all you're getting the entire fatpack FREE! Good Luck Ladies!

CStar Skins Miss April Special Edition Pale 1 & Shape
BabyDoll Charcoal Jacquard Black Lace Bra & Panty
A&A Fashion Metal Prim Nails in Black
Poetic Colors Carribean Blue Eyes
Nikita Fride Design Gothic II in Vanilla
Pixel Mode Baby T-Plain in Black
The CStar Static Model Pose is in the center
To see more go here :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

NEW TIK TOK Skin & Accessories

TIK TOK has released another NEW skin called Renee. She comes in 4 tones: winter, spring, summer and autumn, with 5 makeups each. I think the prettiest makeup is the green. A fatpack of all 5 makeups costs 450L, single makeups are 250L.

Each skin pack has 2 skins, either with or without cleavage. The illustration is very well done with nice shading throughout the body. Miah McAuley has been working hard to perfect her technique and it shows, each skin just gets better.

Blacklace Simplicity Black Bra & Panty Set
Love Soul Hair 023A in Mocha
Poetic Color Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Redgrave Diva Eyelashes 19
A&A Fashion Metal Long Black Prim Nails
NEW R2 Fashion Koaniani Black Heels

The Cherry Blossom Gem Body Art are unique pieces of jewelry for the body. The folder contains 2 pieces, one for the abs and one for the back. Both pieces shimmer and shine without bling.

The Funny Friend & Sun Gem Body Art are two more interesting pieces of body jewelry worn on the abs and navel.

The Mouth Beads come in either black or silver pearls. The Lady Bugs come in 3 different bug placements on the leaf. All of the TIK TOK accessories are adorable!

To see more go here :)

NEW Garage Goodies Plus NEW Blacklace Lingerie and Pixel Mode Heels

The Garage is a NEW store for me with lots of very affordable items from skins to jewelry. The first item I want to show you is the Alexandra skin which comes in 5 luscious skintones and a great selection of makeups, my favorite being tone 5 makeup 4. The Alexandra face is quite pretty with very nice illustration around the nose and shapely lips.

CriCri Hair-1wave01-A in Champagne
Poetic Colors Gold Sapphire Eyes
Amacci Diva Eyelashes

The body of Alexandra in Tone 5 is drawn well with nice shading at the cleavage and buttocks. This is a lovely skin at very affordable prices. A fatpack of 5 makeups in one tone is 450L, single makeups are on SALE right now for 50L each... wow... you need makeup 3 & 4 :)

NEW Blacklace Spring Kisses Green Satin Lingerie (includes all jewelry)
NEW Pixel Mode Lime Green Heels
A&A Fashions Metal Long Green Prim Nails

The Tears With Diamonds are a unique look. The folder contains the diamonds attached to either the eye or nose. While browsing the store my letter came up on the Lucky Chair and I received the HairPin In Mouth. This is another unique look, the folder contains a black, gold or silver pin. The Sugar Spoon In Mouth is the group gift.

The Black Rose Beads Necklace & 2 Bracelets Set is another reasonably priced jewelry set that's well made and looks great on. The Bitch Shopping Bag, Necklace and Earrings Set made me laugh when I put them on... me a bitch... haha :)

KHUSH Loz Mimi Dress in Black

The Leather Shoes are designed well and include a resize script to get that perfect fit. They look nice on the foot and are another reasonably priced item at 25L each.

To see more go here :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paris Metro FREEBIE, WhoNose MM Board and Sascha's Designs Gift!

The Panther & Emerald Gown is a FREEBIE from Paris Metro. The gown has a rich green texture with panther eyes throughout the skirts. The folder includes the strapless shirt, translucent long gloves with prim cuffs, a system skirt, 2 mermaid flexis on the lower leg and a full flexi on the pelvis. The hat is also from Paris Metro, in the shop for 10L, a St Patty's Day Special. Both items are still out don't miss them!

Lelutka Eclat Pale Makeup 6 w/Light Brows
FREE ETD Hair Lily in Honey (over 60 wigs in folder!)
Luc Jewelry Maya II Necklace & Earrings Set in Green Silica & Gold
NEW Pixel Mode Baby T-Plain in Lime
LAQ Sparkly Poisen Green Eyes
Amacci Diva Eyelashes

The Sparkle Teal Outfit is from the Midnight Mania Board at WhoNose. It takes 100 slaps to lock this prize down. This is a very cute pant set that includes a jacket with collar and sleeves, pants with prim cuffs, red stripe tee and the jewelry shown.

Lelutka Eclat Light Makeup 4 w/Dark Brows & Hairbase
Truth Hair Ashlynn in Java
Poetic Colors FREEBIE Aurora Blue Eyes
Amacci Lux Eyelashes
NEW Pixel Mode Baby T-Plain Heels in Teal

The very lovely Kiki in Black was sent out to the subscribo group today from Sascha's Designs. The folder includes the large battleship skirt, short system skirt, strapless shirt and a lacy undershirt.

Lelutka Estelle Light Makeup 7 w/Dark Brows & Hairbase
NEW Donna Flora Hair Melba in Black
Purple Rose Debutante Tiara, Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Set, the gems are color changeable.
Curio Tragic Eyes in Sky Blue
NEW Pixel Mode Baby T-Plain Heels in Black (I love this shoe!)
To see more go here :)

NEW Candydoll Skins & Dresses Plus NEW Pixel Mode Heels

Candydoll has a NEW skin release called Raluca that comes in 3 rich skintones: Pale, Tan and Deep Tan. The fatpack of each tone contains 10 skins with lots of varied makeups in natural and smokey colors. Each makeup has a hairbase too, I like that option. This face is very similar to the Andrada Skin with a slightly different shape to the lip. I like the dark eyebrow which looks good with both fair and dark hair. The Body of Raluca is drawn well with nice shading at the cleavage, stomach and back. Stop by the shop and try on a demo they're free. Single skin packs are 600L and the fatpack of all 10 makeups is 2700L.

CriCri Hair mShort01-A in Gold
LAQ Sparkly Water Blue Eyes

The NEW Bambina Dresses from Candydoll are sexy slip dresses that reveal lots of skin. The dresses are cut low showing both chest and tushie cleavage.

NEW Candydoll Reluca Blue Tan Skin
Luc Jewelry Chakra Boho Beads Necklace & Earrings in White
NEW Pixel Mode T-Plain Heels in Sky Blue, Hot Pink & Red
Amacci Hair Admira in Black Coal
To see more go here :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

NEW Pre-Release Journey Boots 50L Friday has put the NEW Journey Boots in Eggplant out for 50L Friday. I'm looking foward to the release of this boot to see what other colors will be available. Don't miss picking these up for 50L today!

To see more go here :)

NEW Truth Hair, NEW Luc Jewelry and NEW Exodi Skin!

There's two NEW hairstyles at Truth and both are simply adorable. This week both styles come with a color change hair flower behind the right ear. In Hawaii wearing a flower tucked behind the right ear indicates you are single and looking for someone :) This is a fresh and romantic adornment for the hair. Marguerite is a medium length style that will show off all your earrings nicely. The hair is pulled behind the ears and cascades over both shoulders. The flexi movement on the ends is what I find most attractive about Truth Hair.

The other NEW style is called Daisy. This hair is similar to Marguerite with the bangs slightly fringing the forhead in the front, then pulled up into a thick ponytail in back. The texture change flower has 16 preloaded colors and looks so good on both styles. Stop by the shop and try on a demo, both styles will compliment everyone! Demos are free, single color packs are 250L and fatpacks are 1500L.

NEW Truth Hair in Almond
NEW Luc Jewelry Heirloom Locket in Black. It's very easy to drop a picture of someone inside and the crystals are color changeable.
NEW Exodi Stephanie Skin in Harlow Makeup 1 w/Dark Brows & Cleavage
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
To see more go here :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEW Mashooka!

The NEW Shimmer Dress from Mashooka has the essence of spring with a colorful texture and so much attention to detail. This is a pretty sundress with flowers and gold coins embossed on the front and back of the halter top. The solid color flexi skirt adds balance to the color palette and flows like liquid when walking.

NEW Mashooka Samara in Sand Makeup 5 w/Cleavage & Hairbase
Armidi Hair SuperPonytail in Dark Auburn
Luc Jewelry Mala Meditation Beads & Bracelet Set in Green Malachite
Rozoregalia Belial Earrings in Orange
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Stiletto Moody PInups in Orange

The NEW Riena Dress is another stunning design. This is a halter style cocktail dress with a flowing flexi skirt that comes in 8 beautiful colors: emerald, green, light blue, orange, charcoal, plum, red and turquoise. The detail on the bodice is lovely with the black buttons, contrasting belts and halter straps.

NEW Mashooka Samara in Sand Makeup 5 w/Cleavage & Hairbase
Truth Hair Alicia in Mocha
Rozoregalia Belial Necklace & Earrings in Orange
Poetic Colors Carribean Blue Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren in Coral

The NEW Mashooka Pantalon come in 7 pretty shades: bordeaux, brown, charcoal, hunter, navy, plum and red. The folder includes pant cuffs for that streamlined look.

NEW Mashooka Samara in Sand Makeup 5 w/Cleavage & Hairbase
Luc Jewelry Posieden Pearl Necklace & Studs in Blood
NEW G Field Off The Shoulder Chiffon Top in Red
LAQ Kira Hair in Black
Stiletto Moody Pinup in Burgandy
To see more go here :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lemania Indigo Midnight Mania, 10L Money Fever, 60L Weekend and RFL Donation Dress

Harmonious can be found in the Midnight Mania Board at Lemania Indigo Designs. It takes 200 slaps to lock this prize down. This is a pretty gown that includes the shoes, earrings and the fur stole.

Lelutka Ife Light Makeup 4 w/Dark Brows
Lamb Hair Witch in Snickers Brown
Poetic Colors Oceans Mist Gray Eyes
Redgrave Elemental Eyelashes 16
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Purple Nails w/Ring

Sunshine is the 10L gown that can be found in the Money Fever Game at Lemania Indigo Designs. Every 50 dresses sold someone will win 250L.

Lelutka Ife Light Makeup 3 w/Dark Brows & Hairbase
Chantkare Labieja Hair Connie in Soil
Ganked Jewelry Broadway Lights Necklace, Earrings & 2 Bracelets Set, Accessory Fair Hunt Item
A&A Fashions Linka Long White Prim Nails
Poetic Colors Bright Gold Beach Eyes
Caithlin Carter Designs Moulin Rouge Eyelashes 19
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine in Gold

The Retro Hippie dress is Lemania Indigo's offering for 60L Weekend. The dress has an empire waist flexi skirt in a psychedelic print that includes matching shoes and a bangle.

Lelutka Ife in Light Makeup 1 w/Dark Brows
Truth Hair Sydney in Chestnut
Poetic Colors Forest Treasure Eyes
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20

The Relay For Life Fashion Bunny is a very festive easter outfit with a rumba cut skirt, short in the front and long in that back, that includes the wreath, bunny ears and matching white bunny pumps. Lemania Indigo put this outfit out last year and it's so adorable. All proceeds go to RFL which is such a wonderful cause to support.

Lelutka Ife Light Makeup 3 w/Light Brows
Lelutka Hair Xanthe in Blondefun
NEW Dryad Designs Easter Candy Necklace & Bracelet
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes
The Abyss Eyelashes
To see more go here :)

NEW Mashooka Tristin Dress

The Tristin Dress is NEW from Mashooka and comes in 6 pretty colors: black, emerald, green, blue, brown and red. I'm wearing the chocolate brown Tristin which has a sexy halter top that plunges low in the front to show off lots of cleavage and is cut to the waist in the back. The folder contains 2 skirts, a short flexi and sculpty mini, that can be worn together or separately. The texture is a silky satin with silver flowers accenting the neckline and flexi skirt.

NEW Mashooka Samara in Sand Makeup 5 w/Cleavage & Hairbase
Luc Jewelry Silver Heartwood Necklace, Earrings and Bangles
Truth Hair Nikhita in Chocolate
Poetic Colors Ocean Sea Weed 2
Amacci Lux Eyelashes
Stiletto Moody Bare Lana in Auburn
To see more go here :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baiastice Spring Collection Plus NEW Rozoregalia & AlaFolie Jewelry

Baiastice has released their NEW Spring Collection and the clothes are just stunning. Walking through the store was like strolling in a garden, the clothes laid out like spring flowers. There's so many NEW designs, I'm just showing you 3. First up is the majestic Comme Des Fleurs in Pink which has a beautifully layered chiffon texture that's slightly translucent on the edges. This is a spectacular gown with matching long gloves and two sculpty skirts in the folder, one slightly larger, both so well made.

NEW Exodi Stephanie in Harlow-Makeup 9 w/Light Brows & Cleavage
Truth Hair Reese in Carot
NEW Rozoregalia Hydra Necklace and Handrings
Poetic Colors Oceans Sea Weed 2
Amacci Lux Eyelashes
Stiletto Moody Bare Lana in Nude

The Anita Corset is a leather fabric in a deep shade of blue that comes in all layers and can be worn as sexy lingerie or a dress. The folder contains 2 sculpty skirts, either open or closed in the back. The open skirt front shows the rich detail on the corset top and panties.

NEW Exodi Stefanie in Harlow-Makeup 3 w/Light Brows & Cleavage
Cake Hair Faith II in Copper
Luc Jewelry Carollin Necklace & Earrings Set in Silver Snow
Poetic Colors Ocean Blue Surf Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Lelutka Saffron Heels in Navy Blue

This gown made me smile when I put it on :) Nerinda has a delightful red and black floral texture with an upper and lower sculpty skirt. The flowers at the waist on the upper skirt are breathtaking. Sissy Pessoa is a very talented clothes designer, thank you for this look at your newest creations :)

NEW Exodi Stefanie Harlow-Makeup 1 w/Dark Brows & Cleavage
Truth Hair Melinda in Almond
NEW AlaFolie Signorita Rojo Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Set
R2 Fashions Mahealani Back & Red Heels
Poetic Colors Carribean Sea Blue Eyes
Redgrave Diamond Dust Eyelashes 20
To see more go here :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lestat Reuven 100L Specials, NEW &Bean DOLLARBIE Skin, NEW Exile Hair and NEW R2 Heels!

Lestat Reuven has 3 lovely outfits that are specials today for 100L. First up is the Too Sexy gown which is exactly that, super sexy. The fabric is a translucent chiffon with lace gloves. This garment is rich in detail with flowers embossed on the shirt. I like the wrinkling at the waist, the shirt looks so realistic. The NEW Hounds of Love DOLLARBIE skin from &Bean is growing on me. You get both tan and pale in the folder, this being the pale. There's something so innocent about her face. I went back and picked up a skin cause I'm such a sucker for a pretty face :)

NEW Exile Hair Clara in Cinnamon w/Color Change Headband
Poetic Colors Oceans Blue Surf Eyes
Redgrave Thin Eyelashes 1
Lucas Lementh (luc) Jewelry Athena Crystal Necklaces & Earrings Set (you get 2 necklaces that can be worn at the same time)

NEW &Bean Hounds of Love Tan with Dark Brow... Who could resist this face?

The Off With Her Head dress is a pretty cocktail dress that includes the black heels, prim cuffs, flower at the waist and neck. The Hounds of Love skin in tan is the other tone in the NEW DOLLARBIE folder from &Bean. This face is very unique and quite pretty. She has slight freckling across the bridge of the nose that's very realistic and rosy cheeks with tears. I would cry too if my head was coming off :) The folder contains 2 skins tan and pale.

Truth Hair Alannah in Walnut
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Redgrave Thin Eyelahses 1
Purple Rose Black Pearl Diamond Heart Earrings, the gems are color changeable

Midnight in Moscow is a frilly gown with lots of ruffles in the skirt and a ruffled collar. The Koaniani Heels in Black are NEW from R2 Fashion and perfect for spring! I like the two toned color and bow on top.

Lelutka Estelle Light Makeup 10 w/Dark Brows and Hairbase
Ganked Jewelry Jealousy Earrings
Truth Hair Nikhita 2 in Chocolate
Poetic Colors Gold Flakes Olivine Eyes
Redgrave Dropliner Eyelashes 21
To see more go here :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lemania Indigo DOLLARBIE, 25L Money Fever & 3 100L Specials Plus NEW Dryad Designs & NEW Tuli Eva Skin

Sweet Caroline is the DOLLARBIE Group Gift that can be found in the gift section at Lemania Indigo Designs. The dress has a very pretty floral print with matching shoes, hat and scarf.

NEW Tuli Eva in Tone 4 Makeup 3b w/Blonde Brows
ETD Hair Lilly in Blonde FREEBIE with over 60 wigs in the folder!
Poetic Colors Deep Blue Sea Eyes
Donna Flora SUN Necklace & Earrings Set

The Money Fever Game at Lemania Indigo Designs contains the Mickey Mouse outfit which includes the hat, slippers and a laying down pose. Every 50 outfit sold someone wins 625L!

NEW Tuli Eva in Tone 4 Makeup 9a w/Brown Brows
Love Soul Hair 023A in Blonde
Homespun Shamrock Green Eyes
The Abyss Eyelashes

Say Something is a collection of 5 t-shirts with interesting quotes on the front and back. 1. Green "She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits in her doorway" 2. Yellow "The words in your heart mean more than the words in your mind" 3. "dreams dreams dreams" 4. "Broken hearts cry they do not speak" 5. "Wild" The folder includes a cute pair of jeans and tall black boots.

NEW Tuli Eva in Tone 4 Makeup 1a w/Blonde Brows
Truth Hair Micah in Champagne
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes

The Lilac Dreams outfit includes a flexi and a sculpty skirt that can be worn together or separate. This is a pretty dress with a lavender halter top trimmed in lace and flowers. The white sandals are included.

NEW Tuli Eva in Tone 4 Makeup 7b w/Brown Brows
Truth Hair Edie in Barley
NEW Dryad Designs June Garden Necklace & Earrings Set
Curio Tragic Purple Sky Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Purple Prim Nails w/Ring

Beneath A Moonless Sky is a lovely strapless gown with a prim flower corsage that really makes the dress pop. The outfit includes the matching black heels and the large black hoop earrings.

NEW Tuli Eva in Tone 4 Makeup 4b w/Brown Brows
Truth Hair Anya in Seaspray
Curio Tragic Blue Eyes
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Black Nails w/Ring
To see more go here :)

NEW Buttercups, G Field, Truth & Tuli!

Buttercups is a NEW brand in sl, the store just recently opened by Kaydence Genezzia. She has some very interesting clothing designs with wonderful textures and lots of attention to detail. The Pink & Gray Sweater comes in both the jacket and shirt layer. I like the buttons open at the chest to show some sexy cleavage. The Studded Black Jacket has nice detail on the studs and includes a high collar and prim cuffs. You get both a jacket and shirt layer. I added the Cute Black Tee underneath from Nyte N Day. The Skinny Dusty Wash Floral Jeans are also NEW from Buttercups and have prim leg cuffs and come in all layers. I really like the floral pattern and texture on the jeans which have nice detail on the stitching, pockets and belt loops.

NEW Tuli Eva Tone 4 Makeup 2b w/Brown Brows
Truth Hair Cameron in Honey
Dark Mouse Simple Black Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set
Lelutka Saffron Heels in both Electric Pink & Black
Poetic Colors Aurora Blue Eyes FREEBIE!
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Black Prim Nails w/Ring

I saw the Chiffon Off The Shoulder Top from G Field on the feeds and loved the look. It was just a matter of time before I was wearing one. This is an outstanding design that's so girly and frilly. The translucent chiffon is stunning. The shirts are very resonably priced and come in either solid colors or floral. I picked up several :) The Straw 10 Gallon Hat is also from G Field. The hat and flowered band are both color changeable. The Pink Sequin Leggings are another NEW design from Buttercups and have a pretty texture that shimmers. I liked what I saw at Buttercups and hope you do too :) Good luck Kay with this exciting new sl venture!

NEW Tuli Eva Tone 4 Makeup 3b w/Blonde Brows
NEW Truth Hair Brit in Barley
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Callie Cline Kick Shickers in Black Suede
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Pink Prim Nails w/Ring
To see more go here :)

NEW Truth Hair!

There's two NEW hairstyles at Truth that can be found at the salon and on XStreet. I'm showing you both styles in one of my favorite colors, Almond. Sienna is a medium length style with the hair pulled up on top and fastened with pins into a Snookie-like poof. The bangs frame the face nicely with the rest of the hair cascading freely down the back. There's lots of flexi movement on the ends.

Sienna 2 is a very stylish updo that frames the face just like the previous style, but it's pulled up into a swirly bun in the back with lots of loose tendrils. I love the way Truth Hawks twists hair into such pretty buns and ponytails. He is definitely one of the premier hair designers in sl. Stop by the shop and try on a demo they're free. Single Color Packs are 250L and Fatpacks are 1500L. You're sure to find a hairdo to compliment and enhance your style :)

NEW Exodi Stephanie-Harlow Makeup 7 w/Dark Brows
NEW AlaFolie Signorita Rojo Necklace, Hoop Earrings and 2 Bracelets Set
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
To see more go here :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dressing Aphrodite Sale!

The Marigold Lehenga in deep pink is the 60L weekend item being offered by Dressing Aphrodite. This is a very colorful indian style dress that includes all of the jewelry, yellow hairflower, henna tattoo and the matching slippers.

NEW Mashooka Samara Skin in Honey exclusive to RFL found here
Truth Hair Ashlynn in Treacle
Redgrave Rendezeous Eyelashes 3
Poetic Colors Bright Carribean Blue Eyes

The Gaia Sahara is also on sale this weekend for 100L at Dressing Aphrodite. This is a slightly transparent silk gown with a scarf, sleeve prims and flexis on the legs and waist.

NEW Mashooka Samara Skin in Honey exclusive to RFL found here
Truth Hair
Wendy 2 in Chocolate
Mashooka Main Store Royal Raiput Jewelry in Gold/Amber