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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Siss Boom Specials!

Tropical Ice Storm can be found at the Designer's Showcase for 99L. This sexy costume has a glittering fabric with a long semi-sheer flexi skirt. I love the prim flowers in front.

The next 2 dresses can be found in the Siss Boom shop for 100L. LeCreme is a pretty sweater dress with a cow-neck collar and cuffed sleeves.

Last Course is a cute club dress that's cut low showing lots of cleavage and includes long gloves.

NEW Filthy Nathalie Skin
Truth Hair Farrah, Amelie & Krystal
Amacci Vivid Blue Eyes
NEW J's Platform Heels
[Gos] Curvaceous Boots
Luc Jewelry
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NEW Filthy Nathalie!

I'm wearing Nathalie, the lovely new skin collection from Filthy. Nathalie features 4 skintones: bronze, cream, dark and tan. Each skintone has 8 colorful makeups, any one would be perfect to ring in the New Year. I especially like the eyeliner on makeup 8, the color of the lips and eyes on makeup 6 and the green shadow with red lips on makeup 5. Nathalie has a finely drawn eyebrow, with nicely shaded high cheekbones and a heart-shaped mouth.

The Nathalie body is perfectly illustrated with realistic shading and highlights throughout. Like all Filthy skins, Nathalie is sold in skintone packs that include all 8 makeups and a modifiable shape. Everything shown is priced at 1800L or $7.26 each.

Truth Hair Whitney
Amacci Navy Blue Gaze Eyes
Vextra Fashion Bree Violet Bra & Pantie
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hudson's Clothing Co New Year's Eve Party Favors!

Hudson's has some fabulous FREEBIES at the landing point of the shop to help you celebrate 2012. The New Year's Eve Pack consists of an updated Top Hat in 2 sizes with an on/off fireworks emitter. There's also a Collar & Cuff Set, with an on/off spiraling emitter. A Glass of Champagne with a drink animation and a Hand Held Sparkler with an on/off switch. These are well made party favors that are lots of fun to play with, I love the animations! Thank you Candace Hudson for the wonderful New Years Gifts! The Enchanted Evening Gown is also a new release from Hudson's that I wrote about here.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Light Party Girl Midnight 2 w/Cleavage Option 1
[e] Leah in Brown 08
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Vita's Boudoir Secret Sale!

The Cherry Blossom Dress is one of two dresses at Vita's Boudoir that's marked down to 100L in a special secret sale, that's not so secret anymore :) This beautiful cocktail dress is fashioned in an alluring cherry blossom print with a strapless bodice and bold bare back. The dress consists of layers of tulle and butterflies that add flounce to the sassy twirl-ready flexi skirt.

Pink Fuel Chai Baby Doll w/Dark Brows & Hard Candy Tattoo Lipstick
Truth Hair Jolie in Macaroon
Amacci Blue Pink Gaze Eyes
Illusions Varda Rose Necklace & Earrings - The Petals & Leaves are color changeable.
NEW J's Platform Pumps in Shocking Pink
Finesmith's SOlid Pink Prim Nails
EverGlow Model Poses
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

NEW Elymode!

Elymode has a new knit ensemble that features both sculpted and mesh pieces. Annette has a cute layered top with a scoop neck, sculpted or mesh cuffs and skirt, plus tights that give a polished put together look. There's 19 pieces in the folder to mix and match. I like the stylish wool sweater and knit tights with boots.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Vintage Ritz 1 w/Cleavage Option 1
Truth Hair Tatum w/Streaks and Color Change Hat
BAX Coen Prestige Boots
Whittenton's Color Change Heart Necklace
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NEW Paris Metro 3 Day Special!

Paris Metro has a new couture gown in the shop specially priced at 300L for 3 days. The Arabian Magic is a sexy Grecian style gown with a plunging V-neckline in front and back that sculpts an alluring curvaceous fit. This ultra-glamorous halter gown includes long evening gloves with cuffs in the same santorini blue chiffon fabric.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark GoGo Bang Bang 2 w/Cleavage Option 1
Truth Hair Jordan Streaked in Macaroon
Amacci Vivid Blue Eyes
Filthy Model Poses
Purple Rose Jewelry By Storm Babeli - Platinum Saturn Flower Pendant & Earrings
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NEW Apple May Designs!

Cougar is a new strapless cocktail dress from AMD that has a figure flattering sculpted bodice. The sexy silhouette has a leopard pattern top decorated with a black bow over a short black mini skirt.

AMD Zoey Pale Just The Lips2 w/2nd Gen Cleavage
Truth Hair Cassandra Streaked in Barley
Amacci Blue & Pink Gaze Eyes
Natural Beauty Black Loop Necklace
NEW J's Platform Pumps
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NEW Hudson's Clothing Co!

The Enchanted Evening Gown is available in either red or black and is new from Hudson's Clothing Co. The dress features a finely detailed strapless bodice with a twirl-ready layered chiffon skirt. This beguiling gown includes optional bodice ruffles with lovely flexi movement and long evening gloves with sculpted bows on the cuffs. All the prim pieces are scripted for resizing to get that perfect fit. The mysterious and alluring Glossy Brown Eyes are FREE don't miss them! They can be found at the bottom of the row of new eyes on the right hand side next to the NEW sign... Thank You Candace Hudson!

NEW Amacci Liane (Fair) 02 Beauty Cleavage
Truth Hair Diana Streaked in Barley
FREE Hudson's Clothing Co Glossy Brown Moss Eyes
Donna Flora SeaHorse Necklace, Earrings & Ring - The gems are color changeable.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NEW Mimikri Charm!

Charm is a trendy new ensemble from Mimikri that features a chain embellishment at the waist and hemline of a super-sexy leather skirt. The ultra-feminine lace cami complements the skirt perfectly.

Curio GP Sundust Light GoGo These Boots 2 w/Cleavage Option 1
Truth Hair Addison in Barley
Poetic Colors Wet Moss Classic Eyes
MANDALA Amida Necklace
N-core Femme Heels
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Monday, December 26, 2011

NEW Agnes Finney!

Agnes Finney has a business suit in the shop that comes with either a pin-striped pencil skirt or flared pants. Emily has a very sexy presentation with an open top blazer drawing your eye to the undershirt layer black bra. The blazer is fashioned in a stretch tweed knit with baked-on buttons, prim cuffs, a turned-up collar and a black leather belt cinching the waist.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Angel Halo 2
Damselfly Hair Rayvenel in Ginger Cool
Amacci Autumn Green Gaze Eyes
NEW J'sPlatform Pumps
Dryad Designs by Dryad Fall
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Curio’s Angel & Party Girl!

I'm wearing the cherubic face of Angel, one of the new skinlines from Curio!

Angel has the palest of blonde complexions with 6 just barely there makeups. This skin would make a beautiful child avatar. She has strawberry colored, well-drawn eyebrows with pretty heart shaped lips and a pert little nose. All the makeups have heavenly names like celestial and halo and are illustrated well.

The other new skinline from Curio is called Party Girl.

Party Girl has a delicate complexion with brown eyebrows and luscious full lips. The 6 makeups are lovely, espcially midnight2 and rave2. The lipsticks encompass every color from palest pink to bright red.

Both Angel and Party Girl have a sexy body with realistic highlights because the illustration is so good. Curio skins are sold in 3 different price packages. An individual makeup costs $L1000 ($4.00) and consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions of each or 8 skins. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500 ($6.00). The megapack contains every single makeup, 240 skins for $L3000 ($12.00).

Truth Hair Ashlin & Rebecca
NEW INSOLENCE Xmas Gift Red Satin Bra & Pantie
Amacci Poisen Gaze Eyes
Ploom Happy Lites Xmas Hair Ornament 10L
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

NEW Gwen Carillon & Curio's Angel Skin!

Nyx is an exotic new gown from GCD. In Greek Mythology, the Nyx was a night goddess of exceptional power and beauty. The Nyx gown drapes you with primordial starlight in an eerie, yet whimsical palate of mystical color. The dress has elaborate flexi skirts of taffeta and chiffon with a matching removable stole, a system skirt with contrasting textures and a strapless bodice embellished with lace and studded in silver sequins. The radiant skin I'm wearing is Angel. She's a brand new skinline from Curio with the most heavenly face. More about her in the future.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Angel Flutter 2 w/Cleavage Option 1
Truth Hair Mariposa in Strawberry
Amacci Sapphire Eyes #20
Lazuri Jewelry Dazzler Necklace & Earrings - The gems are color changeable.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NEW Agnes Finney & Curio Party Girl!

Michelle is a glamorous new evening gown from My Precious Agnes Finney. Michelle has a beautiful presentation featuring delicate hand-made lace embellishing the strapless top and removable puff sleeves. The sumptuous floor sweeping semi-sheer flexi skirt has lace scalloping on the edges and moves so sensuously. I truly felt like a princess while wearing this gown. The pretty face is a new skinline from Curio called Party Girl... more about her in the future.

NEW Curio GP Sundust Dark Party Girl Cured 1
Truth Hair Petra in Honey
Amacci Grey Gaze Eyes
Donna Flora SEABLOOD Necklace & Earrings Set
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angelwing Christmas Hunt!

This year Angelwing has 6 fairy sets/dresses all for FREE! None of the outfits are sold in SL, Xylia is a brand new item made especially for this hunt. The new outfit will be sold in the store after the hunt, but right now as part of the xmas hunt.... IT'S FREE! Scattered around the shop are 6 sets of tiny white wings, each of which contain a gift. Just buy the wings for 0 lindens and the gift is your! The hunt runs until December 30th... Don't miss Xylia, it's gorgeous!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Amacci’s Liane!

I'm wearing Liane, the stunning new skinline from Amacci.

Liane comes in 2 skintones: Fair and Nutmeg, with 13 colorful makeups. Each individual makeup comes with a normal or enchanted cleavage plus the folder is jam-packed with lots of tatoo extras: 1 enhanced cleavage, 1 small chest, 1 hairbase, 1 light/dark tattoo eyebrow, 4 eyebrow shapers and 8 tattoo lipsticks. She has nicely shaded cheekbones, a smokey eye, well-defined brows, and luscious kissable lips. The eyeshadow is an eclectic assortment of color with complementary lipsticks in a variety of shades from pink to bright red.

The Liane collection has an expertly drawn body with nice shading especially at the cleavages, tummy and curvy buttocks. Liane is available in an individual makeup containing everything shown for 950L ($3.84) or a fatpack of all makeups for 2900L ($11.70). My photos were taken with my own personal shape although Liane has a shape especially for her costing 700L ($2.82). Congrats Carina Larsen on this beautiful new skinline, which I think is your best work to date!

[e] Hye in Blonde 6
Amacci Gaze Indigo Blue Eyes
INSOLENCE Melissa Copper Lingerie
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Siss Boom 100L Specials & NEW Amacci Liane Skin!

Lestat Reuven has 2 stunning gowns for the 100L Specials today. The French Hen is fashioned in a woven chiffon fabric with an attractive blue ruffled collar, long sleeves with cuffs and a twirl-ready floor sweeping skirt. The best part of the ensemble is the matching Victorian Touring Hat embellished with a splash of blue ribbon.

Home For The Holidays is the other 100L Special at Siss Boom. This pretty dress has a 3/4 length sculpted skirt printed with a holiday theme that showcases my J's Platform Heels nicely. The folder contains 2 short sculpted skirts, plain or decorated, to enhance the top of the long skirt and 2 sparkly shoulder wraps, white or pink, that look great worn together. Liane is a striking new skinline from Amacci. More about this beautiful face in my next post :)

NEW Amacci Liane Fair 01 Natural w/Cleavage & Storm Blue Gaze Eyes
[e] Leah in Blonde 09
NEW J'sPlatform Heels
Dryad Designs Jewelry by Dryad Fall
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stars Fashion 99L Promotion!

Curiosity is a new biker inspired ensemble from Stars Fashion that consists of a suede jacket with leather straps, pockets and a detailed zipper. The outfit has a matching suede belt, coordinating suede boots and a black sheath dress. This is a quality constructed piece and is specially priced at 99L, don't miss it!

Curio GP Sundust Light GoGo Secret Agent 2 w/Cleavage Option 1
Truth Hair Joey in Barley
Amacci Deep Blue Gaze Eyes
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NEW Gwen Carillon!

The Snow Daze is a new creation from GCD that features a cape fashioned in drapey folds of white wool, accented with a hooded collar trimmed in snuggly white rabbit fur. Under the cape is an ultra-soft cashmere sweater with cuffs in the same fuzzy fur. The cape set has an optional neck scarf, knit snowflake gloves and snowflake leggings.

Curio GP Sundust Light Vintage
AMD Big Shades in Cream 10L
Vignette Hair Cinder in Platinum Plus FREE!
G Field Long Fur Cuff Boots in White
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Friday, December 16, 2011

AMD Holiday Sale!

In the body shop at AMD you'll find four new makeup additions to some of the sweetest AMD faces: Lily, Giselle, Kat, and Zoey. As a special holiday discount, each one of the packs designated with a red bow are on sale for 99L. There's also a new body tattoo for Lily that's available for 99L. Don't miss this sale, which ends December 18th. The pictures below are a few of the makeups from the sale and some new clothing designs found in the main store. First up is the adorable Pucker Up Dress that features a short mini skirt, puffed sleeves and a turtleneck. The Zoey Skin is one of my favorites and I love love love the Red Lips.

The Aristocrat features an open coat, sexy bodysuit and leggings. The Eliza skin is new in the body shop and consists of 4 luscious makeups, but is not part of the skin sale.

Finally, the Tru strapless dress comes accented with a plaid scarf. The Snuggies Boots comes in 6 colors and complement this dress perfectly. I'm also wearing the makeup pack for Lily in pale tone.

Reel Expression Model Poses
Amacci Gaze Eyes
Truth Hair
NEW J's Platform Heels
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