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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Midsummer Amusements Gown, Dress & Jewelry

I decided to enter the Fashion Designers Challenge (FDC) photo contest which ends on 5-31. I've taken a gazillion pictures of this Gown, Dress and Jewelry called Midsummer Amusements in Dreamy Blue. This close up shows you the exquisite detail on the necklace, bracelets, earrings and the cute little hat.

Since the dress is called Midsummer Amusements, I figure pictures of myself on amusement rides would fit the theme to a tee. Here I am riding the tea cup at the Tunnel of Lights. If you've never been to the tunnel of lights, it's a must see in sl, I highly recommend it. I had fun taking this picture, my avatar looks like she's having a blast.

This picture was taken on Valla Island at the Carnivale Amusement Park. You can see the "Freak Out" and "Ferris Wheel" in the background. In this picture I took the top from the gown and mixed it with the skirt from the dress. I like how the V-neck top shows off the jewelry which was designed with this dress in mind. This is a very fun and flirty outfit, I especially like the ruffly flounces on the shoulders.

In this picture I have the top from the dress on, it has a ruffle at the neck that is very pretty. This photo was also taken at Valla Island, you can see the "Ferris Wheel" and the "Merry Go Round" in the background.
In this shot, I'm standing in front of a waterfall on Siradel. There's a huge acquarium tank that I took pictures of fish and other marine life swirling around me. This is a great place to explore and take pictures.

I enjoyed working on this photo contest and think I'm going to enter more of them in the future. Hope to see you in world!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Red Leopard Prints

You 'e not seeing spots... heh... I'm cover head to toe in Red Leopard Prints. My hat is by Wild Style. My corset was given to me by my friend Eleanor Balbozar, she made it and was very generous to share it with me. The skirt is Red Leopard by Canimal. I finish the outfit off with a pair of Bax Red Cat Boots. Jewelry by Jake, Romance Gold, Ruby Collection. Last but not least, by free belly stud by Purple Rose in Gold. MEOW!

Canimal Skirt from SLX

A La Folie Designed Dresses

The next 3 dresses I'm showing are by a fabulous french designer, A La Folie, Pixivor Allen. This dress is called Fiftys, I love the belt and matching necklace included. I'm wearing Indyra Originals Coquette Noir Shoes, Josephine Black. I love these shoes! My skin is from Laqroki called Alice 06 in Tan.

This denim outfit is a very casual look. The vest is on the jacket layer, I added a Cami from Nyte'N'Day and colored it red. Pearls on neck and wrists are from Virtual Impressions, Danielle. My skin is by Laqroki called Emma in Olive. I'm always wearing my belly stud from Xcite. Stiletto Moody Red Heels with a Silver Chain on my feet.
This amazing floral dress called Liberty Red Roses has a Matching Hat. I received so many compliments in world and gave out several LM's when I wore this outfit in sl. I paired it with Red Moody Stiletto Heels. My freebie pearl necklace from another dress and bracelets from Virtual Impressions called Danielle.

Wow several posts in one day. I'm making up for my laziness yesterday. See you in sl :)

Pink Glitter Dress - Freebie!

This is such a pretty dress, the texture is what makes it so unique. I like this bright shade of Pink, this dress seems to glow. I picked this up at The French Farm on Friday it was free! I paired it with this lovely pearl necklace by Atelier AM. The flower on this necklace caught my eye in another blog, I had to have it.

My hair is by Damselfly, Quinnlynn. I wear this wig the most, think the hair frames my face nicely. My skin by Laqroki, Drew Tan 02 is my favorite also, I like the bright red kissable lips. This dress shimmers as you walk.

My Patten Leather Fuchsia Heels by Minx shine almost as much as the dress.

This is a fun and very feminine look for me... See you in world :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Beginning

I've decided I needed to start blogging about my second life as a fashionista. This is something completely new for me and quite a learning process. I spend alot of time in world shopping, but the best part for me is taking my loot home and putting it on my avatar. I enjoy reading other second life blogs about fashion and style. I hope I can contribute my two cents and show how my style has developed over the past year. I laugh when I look at pictures of myself as a newb in second life, I had the bling on my shoes and jewelry that I would never wear today. I'm looking forward to putting my style out there...

See you in world!