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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mashooka LookBook 1L

Mashooka has a Look-Book with her newest collection of clothing, a couple of the beautuful gowns I have my eye on :) You can get this cute little dress called Sweet Spring for 1L in her Look-Book under the gift category. The texture is very pretty, dark orange leaves on a greenish yellow background. This is a quality design for 1L. You can get a copy of her Look-Book by tp'ing to this landmark, you will rez right in front of the box. Be sure to get this dress it's beautiful.

Donna Flora 10L

While at Donna Flora yesterday I picked this outfit up for 10L. The texture on the pants is an interesting white floral pattern on a lavender fabric. The camisole top is very pretty, the edges in pink and blue. This outfit is called Lilla, it comes with a necklace not shown. My heels are Minx Sweet As Sin in Lavender. Pants & Cami Heels

Petticoat Formal Wear 10L Gown Sale

My last outfit from the 10L sale at Petticoat Formal Wear. This dress caught my eye because the skirt is so sheer. This picture doesn't really indicate the sheerness of the skirt, it's very smexy! This dress is called Sheer Delight Negligee and comes with a shoulder wrap and stockings not shown. This one is my favorite from the sale today. I wanted to dress it up with my Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren in White and a Layered Flower Necklace in White Pearl by Atelier. The hair I'm wearing is from Analog Dog called Jasmyn in Ash Blonde. Dress Necklace Hair

Petticoat Formal Wear 10L Sale

Petticoat Formal sent out a notice to the Divas about a sale of gowns for 10L on the 2nd floor of their shop on the French Farm Sim. This pretty gown is just right for a Sunday brunch, hence the name Sunday. It's a pretty blue texture with sleeve prims and a shoulder wrap. I like the dress without the sleeves or wrap. The updo hairstyle in this picture is a freebie by Junwave, called Vivi, which is available in their shop. You can find it on the right, as you walk in the door, on the wall. I really like this hair, it's a fabulous freebie, be sure to pick it up!

Petticoat Formal Wear 10L Gown Sale

I received a group notice that Petticoat Formal was having a 10L sale, on the 2nd floor of their shop on The French Farm sim. I tp'd over to check it out. Victoria Endsleigh had many gowns on sale for 10L. This gown is called English Lavener, the hat with a veil in the back caught my eye.

Bliss 70% Off Sale

This pretty dress called Yvonne Floral is on sale for 72L during the Bliss 70% off sale at their new main shop. They've reach 1000 ppl in their group and they're celebrating with a sale. That makes sense to me :) This dress has a pretty blue & white floral texture on the skirt and bra portion of the bodice. It's very pretty on my avatar. The sandals are from Kalnins shoes called Coquette, they're menu driven and come with 12 preset colors. You can individually color the straps, heel and metals too. This is a very versatile shoe and completes my summer look. The hair is by Sirena called Tyra in Blonde. This hair can be worn up or down and has an animation for your avatar to do this. Also the hair tie is colorable. Dress Shoes Hair

Bliss Sale 70% Off Sale

Bliss is having a 70% off sale, at their new Main Store, to celebrate 1000 members in their group. So many dresses were on sale. Ribinna has a lovely texture of pink flowers on a teal & black back ground. I like how the skirt flares and you can see the lacey black underskirt peeking out. I paid 72L for this dress and love it! The hair in this picture is a new release by ::69:: called Arpege in Platinum Gold. My fuchsia heels are from Minx called Sweet as Sin. Dress Shoes

Lemania Indigo GIFT

Yesterday, Lemania sent this outfit to everyone in the SL Diva group. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box, these jeans are beyond cute. They fit so well and I love the pink flower design on the right leg and across the bum. They're so pretty... Thank you Lemania!

SLC Free Gift - Hot Girl

I love logging into sl in the morning and having gifts waiting. This cute babydoll dress called Hot Girl was sent to me by Serina Lacava Collection (SLC). It's adorable on my avatar. The folder comes with a long and short shirt, both have bows in the back. It has a cherry texture on a white background. My hair is from Katey's Design called Kat in dark blonde, shoes from Stiletto Moody Patent Pinup Colorpack in Red.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Donna Flora - 20L Outfit

There were so many dresses at Donna Flora that I loved, I'll definitely be going back there again. I found this dress called Bird, and the shoes called Mary on a table to the right as you walk in the door. I paid 10L for each. The dress is adorable, the sculptie skirt looks like flower petals. I like the color combination of pink and teal. The folder includes 2 skirts, the sculptie skirt and a flexi. The flexi is very tiny, it's for the sexy lingerie outfit. This is a beautifully designed dress and shoes, well worth 20L

Donna Flora - Hilda

I saw this dress in another fashion blog and I loved the belt, off I went to Donna Flora on a quest. I had never been to her shop before and was surprised how many of her things I felt I needed hah... I picked this dress up cause I just had to have it, the others will have to wait. This outfit is so pretty, I love the sculptie skirt, Donna has designed this one beautifully. The belt is what cinched it for me, especially the little heart dangling from a chain next to the knot. My shoes are from Paper Couture called Pink Pastel Wrapped Pearl. The hair is from ETD called Jackie in Blonde. Dress Shoes Hair

Lemania Indigo - Special of the Day - Chiffon Blues

This special of the day dress called Chiffon Blues is 100L today only. It has some very sexy underwear beneath layers and layers of chiffon. The texture and pale blue color creates a feminine and frilly look. The folder includes shoes, stockings, gloves, flexis for the arms, and a ruffle for the neck. The bodice of the top and gloves have silver embroidery, with a ribbon in the center of the chest. This is a lovely design by Lemania Indigo with nice attention to detail.

Lemania Indigo - Special of the Day 100L - Hoot

I thought the retirinig outfit of the day was fabulous, but Lemania put this out as the daily special, I had to pick this up too. This is called Hoot and it has an owl theme that I think is so fun. I like dresses that are unusual and have a theme, this dress does both. The texture of the skirt really looks like feathers, add a feathered belt and you're ready to take flight. The owl texture on the bodice and shoes gives this outfit pop. This is a fun dress to wear.

French Farm Dollarbie

This week the gift at the French Farm was created by Lemania, it's this eclectic dress called Tossed Salad. I really like this outfit cause it's so unusual. All of the designer challanges in sl today, incorporate a food item. Lemania has risen to her own food challange with this great dress. The texture is a combination of colors, it actually looks like lettuce :) The folder includes the chest ruffle, necklace, matching shoes of the same texture and a great bangle. This is a complete outfit. I didnt want to take this dress off I liked it so much.

Retiring Outfit of the Day - Modern Art

Today the retiring outfit at Lemania Indigo is called Modern Art. This cute dollarbie has an interesting texture with various colors from charcoals to lemon yellows. The folder even includes shoes in a cyan color that match the dress nicely. You can find this outfit today 7-30 in the gift section in Lemania's shop. Tomorrow it will be moved to the dressing room where it will remain for about 7 days before it's retired forever. Main Entrance Dressing Room

SWIM Bikini for Survey

I received this cute yellow bikini from SWIM for completing their customer survey. In the survey, I mentioned that I thought the couples suits should be transferrable, since the one I had purchased, I couldnt give the men's suit to my partner. Ianni Lane contacted me by email telling me that all couples suits are suppose to be transferrable. It seems this particular suit not being transferrable, was a mistake and she corrected the error by giving me the men's suit that included a tee and board shorts, I in turn gave to my partner. I had no idea and was very thankful for her great customer service. SWIM has some great bathing suits, they offer a monthly dollarbie and also have a lucky chair in the shop. The discounted hair I'm wearing in this picture is another from ETD that I picked up for 20L. The folder contains over 40 wigs in various shades of blonde, a great bargain. This particular hair has a hair band that is color changeable too. My flip flops are J's, they have one of the easiest skin coloring menus in sl. I like the real toes and tiny toe rings, you can also change the nail polish. SWIM HAIR FLIP FLOPS

SLC 10L Flower Dress

This cute little sundress with the daisies on a black background was designed by Serina Lacava, of SLC. You can find this on the wall to your right as you walk into her shop for 10L, hit that midnight mania board as you pass it, there's a cute outfit I want :) The discounted hair in this picture is another by ETD called Ginny for 20L. I purchased the blonde hair, the folder includes over 40 wigs, wow for 20L, thats a bargain!

DNS Pout Jeans

I received the Pout Sparkle Jeans as a DSN gift or sample. They're very pretty with the sparkle gems on the front. I paired a Tee from Nyte N Day and Devotion Slides from Solange.

Pout Gift for Survey

This lovely outfit I received for free, when I completed the store survey at Pout. The survey only took a couple of minutes and asked questions about what I thought of the store layout, what could be done to improve it and what I thought of Pout as a brand. This outfit runs 250L, so it was time well spent. This is a beautifully designed maxi dress, the folder has 2 long skirts one more transparent which I'm wearing here. You even get a pair of flip flops and a hairband in the same great texture as the dress. The updo hair in this picture is from ETD called Ailyanna, it comes in a pack of 6 wigs for 150L, I really like ETD hair. Dress Hair

Complete Avatar for 1L

This is a nice dollarbie from SIMco: Angelic Creations for all the new folks out there. This one comes with the skin, shape, eyes, shirt and pants in the folder. The hair is a freebie from ETD called Airy it comes with every color about 160 wigs! The shoes are a freebie from Zhao that I found at Callie Clines shop while browsing. This is a complete freebie look. I think my avatar looks great considering I spent 1L for everything. Skin, Shape, Clothes Hair Shoes

SIMco: Angelic Creations Dollarbie

Another dollarbie from Angelic Creations, Capris, Bra Top and the flip flops all included. It's a snakeskin texture with very nice detail. The pendant is from the Purple Rose called Arrow Heart Locket, it has my sl partner's picture inside. The discounted hair is from ETD called Maxine. For 20L you get the entire blonde pack which is 40 plus colors. Dollarbie Hair Pendant

SIMco: Angelic Creations Dollarbie Spirit

Angelic Creations has 4 or 5 dollarbies on the wall as you walk into the shop. This cute spirit bikini top and shirt, I must warn you, doesnt come with panties, I had to make a pair. The white and grey checked pattern is very pretty. The folder comes with 2 skirts one with a belt, the other plain. The hair I'm wearing is from ETD called Jackie in Blonde. The necklace is from eLDee called Starry in Silver.

DNS - A Piece of Candy

These two camisoles were dropped on me this morning by the Designer's Showcase Network, they're a free gift from A Piece of Candy. The first is called Leigh Pink Tank, it's a great color with a cute heart on the front. The second one is called Terry Olive, it's a vibrant texture and very pretty. A Piece of Candy has some lovely designs in the shop. Thank you for the gift!

[av] VLODOVIC Dollarbie Maxi Dress

[av] VLODVIC has this lovely maxi dress on their dollarbie board. This looks like a coat to me, it's a great design. I like the stole in grey with a bow around my neck. My hair is from Analog Dog called Jasmyn in ash blonde, Verve Heels from Maitreya in black.

Agnes Finney Fashion Dollarbie

I like the texture used on this cocktail dress, it has a satin finish. This pretty dress called Lydia is set out in the Agnes Finney shop for 1L, you cant bet that! The necklace is from the Purple Rose called Black Prusia, shoes are Stiletto Moody Badseed.

Prism Dollarbie Black Rose

Prism Haute Couture Clothing is offering this dollarbie, Black Rose in their shop now. It's a cute club outfit with lots of detail, pretty white flowers on the top, pantie, gloves and stockings on a black background. My Bare Lauren Stilettoes in white complete the look.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digit Darkes New Release - Carson Dress

This beautifully designed Carson Dress is the new release from Digit Darkes, it's a real stunner too. It has a frilly, frothy scupltie skirt with a turquoise belt. The skirt was easy to fit my rather larger avatar and looks oh so smexy! Digit Darkes is one of my favorite designers in sl. It was her clothes that I fell in love with when I was a newbie. I still love everything about her apparel, she's come a long way and so have I :) The discounted hair I'm wearing is a from ETD called Alexandra III, the pack comes with all blonde colors for 20L.

Sascha Group Gift

What a beautiful gown Sascha Frangelli has given to her group for the month of August, it's called Madelon. I was in such a hurry to get pictures of this elegant gown, that I forgot to put my shoes on :) This dress is perfection, it's a lovely blue and white blended texture, to me it looks like silk. The system skirt by itself give a sleeker silhouette. This is a quality constructed gown, Sascha is so good at what she does, she's very talented. Don't forget to wear your group tag when you pick this up at her shop.

Lemania Indigo - Oriental Poppy - 250L

This is a quite a gown. The skirt is huge with a fantastic poppy texture in an orange red color with some black thrown in. Lemania is retiring this outfit after today, it will be gone forever. It's on special 1/2 price for 250L.

The flowered headpiece is adorable, the dress is beautiful even from the back.

Lo*momo Chandelier 60L

I saw this Chandelier on the 2nd floor at Lo*momo and I couldnt take my eyes off of it. It has particles on/off and it's only 1 prim. It looks lovely hanging in my stairway. I just had to share :)

Lemania Indigo - 100L Special of the Day - End of Summer

When I saw this dress, End of Summer in the notices, I tp'd right over and picked it up, it's so beautiful on my avatar. The rose texture on a cream fabric gives a very elegant look to this gown. This skirt is called a fishtail flexi, it's lovely how it fans out at the bottom.

This beautiful skirt is my favorite of the two. The ruffle at the waist is a classy touch. This is a close up of the hat, with the very pretty flower on the side, there's also lacey ribbons in the back but they didnt photograph so well. The pumps included in the folder are the same pretty texture with a black flower. This is a lovely gown with 2 skirt options for 100L.

Ambrosia Blue Dot 1L

This dollarbie called Blue Dot is from Ambrosia and it's quite lovely. The texture on the skirt is sheer with white polka dots on a blue background. This is a quality design and looks great with or without the pink bow on the chest. The Devotion de Deux Slides are from Solange.

Ambrosia Red Strawberry 1L

I like a designer who leaves several dollarbies out of their earlier creations. Gives me a chance to check out their work without having to spend a fortune. This dress was on the 2nd floor, Ambrosia has several dresses on the wall for 1L. This babydoll dress is called Red Strawberry, it has a nice gingham texture with tiny strawberries. My shoes are by Minx, Sassy Baby MaryJanes in Red. Hair is from Damselfly called Echo in Blonde Dusky Blend. Dress Shoes Hair

Ambrosia Flowers 30L

This is an adorable dress for 30L by Ambrosia. There were alot of freebies on the 2nd floor, I picked up several. It's a very pretty texture, with a prim bow in the back. I like this combination of color, red, pink and white. Shoes are from Stiletto Moody Colorpack in Red. My hair is by Goldie Locks called Hope in True Blonde. This hair has a colorable hair tie feature, to customize your look. It's a very simple menu. Dress Hair

Lo*momo G+ Bikini

I saw this adorable bikini with a cover-up skirt in orange, while shopping at Lomomo and I had to have it. Since I live on a tropical island I wear alot of bathing suits, my inventory is crammed with them, but I'm always on the lookout for a nice bikini. This one is so frilly and girly with the bow on the chest and 2 tiny bows on the hips. The folder comes with a center frilly attachment for the top of the bikini bottoms, and a cover-up skirt. I like the fact that the bikini bottom covers my bum completely. I paid 120L for this bikini outift. My flip flops are from J's, in orange. This is a great beach shoe with an easy skin coloring menu.

Lo*momo - Freebie - Lace Mini

This cute little lacey mini dress was designed by Lo*momo, it's called Lace Mini and it's FREE. I love quality freebies and this is definitely a beautifully constructed dress. The texture is so lacey and frilly with the huge white bow in the front. I found this at Lo*momo's main store while shopping for a bikini. My shoes are Stiletto Moody Bows (without the bows) in Black. My hair is a new release by ::69:: called Miliyah in Platinum Plus. Dress Hair Shoes

Chikka Design Special Freebie

This cute shorts set, called Shorty Blue, is a freebie from Chikka Design for a limited time only. It has an extended piece for the stomach but I couldnt get that to fit my av properly. I really like the corset top, I was able to crop it to show my stomach tatoo. The best part of this outfit is the belt included in the folder, it's a great design. I dont know how long this outfit will be out, but it's worth a trip over to pick it up.

Maison Couture - Beyond Blue Babydoll

This pretty dress was a gift sent to me from Victoria Endsleigh Designer/Owner of Maison Couture on the Lemania sim. The notice said this was a thank you gift for the Diva's Patronage. It also said there was a note inside to explain why she named it beyond blue, but I couldnt open the note. I also enjoy hearing the inspiration behind a design. This dress was sent out on 7-24 and I'm just now getting around to looking at it. It's a cute dress, with white polka dots on a blue fabric. I'm wearing my White Stiletto Moodies, they give this dress that final polished look.

Lemania Indigo - Special of the Day - Paris Nights 100L

The next 2 posts are Specials of the Day at Lemania Indigo for 100L, that I never got around to posting yesterday. I like the way this skirt is constructed, how it fans out around the hips in a sheer fabric. The texture of the dress glitters, it's very lovely. The folder includes a gray pearl on a silver chain with matching earrings and also black pumps.

Lemania Indigo - Special of the Day - Cherry Blossom 100L

This is an oriental inspired dress with a lovely cherry blossom texture on a gold fabric. I like how the skirt on the gown flares, has a life of it's own when I'm walking. The folder includes a pairs of matching pumps. This was the 100L Special on 7-26. You can always find a great dress on special everyday at Lemania's.

Lemania Indigo - Special of the Day - Emerald Glitter 100L

Emerald Glitter really packs a punch, this is one sexy gown. The fabric of the gown seems to sparkle and shimmer as I walk, Lemania uses some fantastic textures. This outfit has a fur piece around the shoulders, of course it's faux fur, no animals where hurt making this gown :) It's hard to see in the picture, the lovely bow on my bum that cascades down into the long train. The lovely fur topped hat and pumps with bows, in the same texture as the dress, are included in the folder. All of this prettiness for 100L.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lemania Indigo 100L Special of the Day - Drama Queen

Lemania usually offers two dresses everyday for 100L as the Special of the Day. One of today's dresses is Drama Queen, this lovely black and white brocade texture with a lacey babydoll skirt and long gown, this outfit has many options. The folder even includes a pair of pretty black pumps with bows. I really like the babydoll dress, you can see the top of the stockings peeking through.

.:Naive:. New Release - Lolita Skirt Red

The new Lolita Skirt from Naive has a great printed texture with a cute little black knot at the waist. I have so many red tops I can wear with this skirt. Paired with my cowgirl boots and hat gives it a country flavor. The hat is new from G Field called Straw Ten Gallon Hat. This hat is easy to fit over my hair, it's big, but looks good on my avatar. The boots are Kick Shickers w/diamonds by Callie Cline. I think I'm ready for some country dancing tonight.

Nicky Ree Free Gown

This is another free gown from Nicky Ree, that I found yesterday while browsing her shop. You cant miss it, in a box on the floor to the right as you walk into her shop. This gown is called Satin Shine in Pink. It's a beautiful hand drawn texture in a vibrant shade of Pink. The Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren in Purple match this dress perfectly in color.

Nicky Ree Free Gown

While I was at the Nicky Ree shop yesterday I came across this gown for free it's called Satin Shine in Lime. I cant resist a freebie, this gown doesn't disappoint either. It's a beautiful hand drawn texture in a lovely shade of green. The quality of Nicky Ree apparel, whether a gown or casual wear, is amazing. I suggest you tp to her store and pick this up too, cause it's beautiful on my avatar.

Nicky Ree - Group Members 50L

Nicky Ree has been away for several weeks, but is back and working on a new collection. She's released this gown called Satin Shine Floral in 10 colorful shades to her group members for 50L. When I got that notice I immediately tp'd to the Group Pre-Release Room on her sim to pick up this gown. I had already gotten this same gown as a Mother's Day present in blue and knew I needed another color. This gown is in Teal, it's a fabulous hand drawn texture in an exquisite floral pattern. The folder comes with two skirts, one a more translucent fabric than the other. This is a beautiful gown to add to my collection of DNR outfits. Pre-Release Room

Lemania Indigo - Midnight Mania Board

The Midnight Mania Board at Lemania is changed every Tuesday. This week the dress is another fabulous design, it's a formal black and white gown called The Prince Is Having A Ball. This would be the perfect dress to wear to a Royal Event. The texture on the skirt is crushed silk, the folder even includes a matching translucent scarf. This is a lovely gown to wear when your Prince Charming is ready to sweep you off your feet... hey it happens everyday in second life :) The Midnight Mania is won when 250 people hit the board, and it always happens at Lemania, several times a week in fact. Get on over to Lemania's and hit that board, this gown is worth the effort... Good Luck!