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Thursday, July 30, 2009

SWIM Bikini for Survey

I received this cute yellow bikini from SWIM for completing their customer survey. In the survey, I mentioned that I thought the couples suits should be transferrable, since the one I had purchased, I couldnt give the men's suit to my partner. Ianni Lane contacted me by email telling me that all couples suits are suppose to be transferrable. It seems this particular suit not being transferrable, was a mistake and she corrected the error by giving me the men's suit that included a tee and board shorts, I in turn gave to my partner. I had no idea and was very thankful for her great customer service. SWIM has some great bathing suits, they offer a monthly dollarbie and also have a lucky chair in the shop. The discounted hair I'm wearing in this picture is another from ETD that I picked up for 20L. The folder contains over 40 wigs in various shades of blonde, a great bargain. This particular hair has a hair band that is color changeable too. My flip flops are J's, they have one of the easiest skin coloring menus in sl. I like the real toes and tiny toe rings, you can also change the nail polish. SWIM HAIR FLIP FLOPS

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