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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW Inaya Skins!

Sandro Fratica co-owner of Inaya was kind enough to drop his newest skin releases on me to review... Jenine, Hayun and Shuriah. Inaya is a new skin shop for me, so and I tp'd over to check it out. The name Inaya is Arabic and means solitude, kindness, grace. The walls of the shop are covered with a unique variety of beautiful faces, demos costing $L1 each. I wanted to try them all on! The Makeup Plaza is located in the center of the shop, offering 68 different tatoo eyeshadow for $L50 each, although I couldn't find any demos for them. The three new skins are lovely, I especially like Jenine, she has a creamy cocoa skintone with prominent black brows. Her face and body are illustrated well with nice highlights and shading throughout. I like the color of the blonde brows on the pale Hayun skin too. She has nice shading and definition to her face with high cheekbones and a beauty mark resting above her upper lip that gives her character. Finally Shuriah has a sunkissed skintone with brown brows and lips that are different from the other two skins and not as well defined. The Inaya skins are a bit pricey at $L1000 each, considering you don't get an enhanced cleavage option or any included tatoo makeups. I asked Sandro about this and he told me the cleavages are a work in progress. I'll be curious to check them out when they're released. What you do get in each of these skin folders is a bald and a hairbase skin with a corresponding modifiable shape for each. Thank you Sandro for this look at your newest skin releases :)

To see more go here :)

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