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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dainty Curio!

I'm wearing Dainty the alluring new face from Curio available at Truth District today!

Dainty has the sweetest presentation. The lips are luscious and very kissable. The 12 lipsticks are various shades of pink with a few of my favorite red shades. I really like the last 3 lipsticks they sort of glisten. The eyes have a distinct eyeliner and eyeshadow that is very muted, but delicate. Dainty has a pure complexion with a refined light brown to blonde eyebrow.

All of the skintones have a realistic appearance, with perfect hjghlights and shading throughout. What can I say, this skin has it all. Dainty is available at the Truth District today and costs 1500L ($12.00) for one makeup with all skintones included or a megapack for 3000L ($12.00) which features all 240 skins.

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