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Monday, October 15, 2012

Glam Affair's Roza!

Aida Ewing over at GLAM AFFAIR has released a new skin called Roza that is packaged in a very unique way. There are 6 beautiful skintones, each containing 5 skins, one clear version and 4 makeups, with 3 brow variations of blonde, dark and red. What's unique is that each skintone has different makeups!

First up is AFRICA. I really like the creamy smooth dark complexion. This pack contains 3 dark brows with 4 lipsticks.
INDIA has a rich smooth skintone with 4 really pretty makeups. I especially like the pink lips on makeup 1.
JAMAICA has a creamy smooth skintone perfect for a red-head.
AMERICA has a pale skin texture with brilliant lipsticks.
EUROPA has a bright skintone that works fabulously with red or dark brows... I love makeup 4!
Finally, ARTIC has an extremely luminescent complexion. The red lipstick on makeup 2 is brilliant! Each skintone costs $L2299 and is on sale now at GLAM AFFAIR. Bravo Aida Ewing on the Roza Skin Collection!

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