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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curio's Uptown & Downtown Girls!

I'm wearing the newest face from Curio called Uptown!

Uptown has a sweet countenance and features 3 tattoo brows: Dark Brown, Ginger & Light. The skins come with a brown eyebrow with luscious heart-shaped lips and a pert little nose. All the makeups have city upscale names like Black Tie, Brownstone & VIP. The makeups are an eclectic assortment of green eyeshadow, smokey eyes and colorful lipsticks.

The other new skinline is called Downstown and she's just as sweet!

Dowtown also comes with 3 Tattoo Brows in Dark Brown, Ginger & Light. This skin, shown with the tattoo ginger brows, has lovely eye shadow with pouty and plumper lips. The 6 makeups are a lovely assortment perfect for a ginger. I especially like the orange lipstick on Rush Hour and the lip and eyeshadow combo on Taxi Cab.

Both Uptown and Downtown have sexy bodies with realistic shading and highlights. Curio skins are sold in 3 different price packages. An individual makeup costs $L1000 ($4.00) and consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions of each or 8 skins. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500 ($6.00). The megapack contains every single makeup, 240 skins for $L3000 ($12.00).

NEW Truth Hair Andrea w/Hairbase & Leesa
NEW Agnes Finney Vulnerable Velvet Twinkle Eyes
NEW INSOLENCE Lauren Silver Bra & Pantie
To see more go here :)

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