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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Skin Addiction Demos!

I went to the Skin Addiction Showcase today and demo'd a lot of skins. I decided to post some... Hope you like looking at them as much as I enjoyed posting them :)

Izzie's Delusional Skin - I've never worn this brand before and like what I see especially in the paler skintone.
Baiastice Kate - Sissy Pessoa always hits a home run! I will post the flawless makeups next week!
Ocean Nicky - This skinmaker is new to me. I like the rich creamy complexion. The eyebrow needs a little work.
{.essence.} Moana - I've never worn this brand before. I like the pale skintone with the dark brows and eyeliner.
Amacci Mirelle - I really like this face and want try the paler skintones.
[the Skinnery] Emma - This skinmaker is new to me and looks great on my shape.
[sYs] Kelis - I've never demo'd this brand before but I like what I see!
Pink Fuel Alena - I went to the event today to pick up this skin with the cherry lips! I think this face is perfect :)
IREN Molly & Suri - Both of these skins have adorable faces, they look like the girl next door. I will post the individual makeups next week. Bravo Irischka Hotshot, both skins are flawless!
HUSH Daisy - With all the controversy swirling around this brand I had to check out the product. I was surprised at the skintone simularities when I looked at my avatar from afar. The Hush mouth and brow are constructed completely different.
Mirror's Enigma Socordia - I've never worn this brand, but like the skintone, rosy cheeks and blue eye shadow.
[PXL] Kate- There's something about the clarity of the eyes they speak to me... This face is real nice :)
ploom Lea - I like ploom Hair alot. This is the first time I've demoed the skinline.
Bellaza Lily - I want to go back and buy this skin... maybe. I like the bold eyeliner and red lip combination.
VERSHE Lolita - I like the creamy skintones, she has a nice mouth and brow color.
My Ugly Dorothy Edie - Overall I like the look of the eyes and nose, but I'd have to adjust my mouth to optimize this skin.
League Isla - The smokey eyes are prominent. I want a darker red lip too.
SHINE Escher - I've never worn this brand before. I like the spring colors of the lipsticks.
FFX Hibiscus Grace - I've never worn this brand. The base skin looks fabulous on my shape.
Style by Kira Serenity
ALEIDA Agnes - I thought this brand was closing up shop in sl?
To see more go here :)

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