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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hudson's Clothing Co - Pracilla Corset and Boho Skirt!

Hudson's Pracilla Corset has a sexy Victorian flavor. This girly lingerie set has an opulent lace finish, pumped-up with lots of sophisticated detail. Signature ruffles with streaming ribbons and bows adds a subtle yet charming look to the corset skirt. The White Pracilla Corset is the Hudson's VIP Group Gift in the shop, don't miss it!
The complementary Boho Skirts come in a silky white or muted blue woven fabric. The lustrous ruched tiers and belted skirt has a light and breezy bohemian vibe.
Curio GP Sundust Dark Gogo Secret Agent2 N
EW Letluka Magdelan Hair in Strawberry @ THE 2012 HAIR FAIR
Amacci Navy Blue Gaze Eyes LeeZu Dncorde Danse Heels Dark Mouse Pearl Nouveau Set
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