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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Midsummer Amusements Gown, Dress & Jewelry

I decided to enter the Fashion Designers Challenge (FDC) photo contest which ends on 5-31. I've taken a gazillion pictures of this Gown, Dress and Jewelry called Midsummer Amusements in Dreamy Blue. This close up shows you the exquisite detail on the necklace, bracelets, earrings and the cute little hat.

Since the dress is called Midsummer Amusements, I figure pictures of myself on amusement rides would fit the theme to a tee. Here I am riding the tea cup at the Tunnel of Lights. If you've never been to the tunnel of lights, it's a must see in sl, I highly recommend it. I had fun taking this picture, my avatar looks like she's having a blast.

This picture was taken on Valla Island at the Carnivale Amusement Park. You can see the "Freak Out" and "Ferris Wheel" in the background. In this picture I took the top from the gown and mixed it with the skirt from the dress. I like how the V-neck top shows off the jewelry which was designed with this dress in mind. This is a very fun and flirty outfit, I especially like the ruffly flounces on the shoulders.

In this picture I have the top from the dress on, it has a ruffle at the neck that is very pretty. This photo was also taken at Valla Island, you can see the "Ferris Wheel" and the "Merry Go Round" in the background.
In this shot, I'm standing in front of a waterfall on Siradel. There's a huge acquarium tank that I took pictures of fish and other marine life swirling around me. This is a great place to explore and take pictures.

I enjoyed working on this photo contest and think I'm going to enter more of them in the future. Hope to see you in world!

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