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Monday, May 3, 2010

NEW CandyDoll Sylvia in Spring & Smokey Makeups!

CandyDoll has a NEW skin release called Sylvia that comes in Spring and Smokey Makeups in 4 fabulous skintones: pale, tan, tanned and dark. Sylvnia has a very pretty face with a wonderful assortment of 6 spring makeups. The folder of each makeup has 4 skins: bald, hairbase, cleavage & non-cleavage. I like having all these options :) The Sylvia face is drawn well with a tiny beauty mark positioned next to well portioned lips. She has rosy cheeks, a refined brow and nice shading defining the nose.

The Smokey Makeups are very lovely and come in 6 different colors too. I favor the bright red lips and dark eyeshadow on the tan skintone shown below.

The Sylvia body is illustrated well with lovely shading at the cleavage, stomach and buttocks. The skins are priced at 2000L for a fatpack of 6 makeups. You might think this is steep, since a fatpack of LAQ skins are 1990L for 10 makeups. The thing is, LAQ does NOT sell single makeups. I like that at CandyDoll you can pick up your favorite makeup ONLY for 600L, you dont have to buy the entire fatpack. Rebeca Dembo just gets better with each release, thank you for this look at your newest skins :)

CandyDoll KiniDiva in Black
Maitreya Hair Alex in Ash Blonde, Almond, Caramel & Ebony
Poetic Colors Starry Night Blue Eyes
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes
Urbanity Extreme Heel w/Sock in Black I picked up over the weekend for 75L!
To see more go here :)

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