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Saturday, July 18, 2009

100L Sexy Lingerie & Gown at Lemania

It never fails when I go to Lemania Indigo's to check out the retired outfit of the day something the models are wearing always catches my eye. I saw this gown called Love Me Do and I had to have it. It's sweetness above and below the skirt with matching panties and stockings. The sexy lingerie, I'm sure, will meet my partner Daxx's approval, it's so feminine. The pink flower shoes are included in the folder, it's a complete outfit.

The gown is stunning on my avatar, the shaw around my shoulders is beautifully constructed along with the full skirt. The detail on the fine texture is fabulous, I love this shade of pink, it compliments my avatar's skin. The pearls I'm wearing are a freebie made by Yasminn Kanto called Colar Bolas that I picked up on SLX.

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