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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Group Gift & Retired Outfit @ Lemania Indigo

Every Saturday another weekly group gift is given to the Diva's in Lemania's group. This one is a casual set called Only Words. The shirt is a patchwork of words meant to inspire you in sl, words like explore, love, hope and wish upon a star. The matching capri pants and flowered flats are very cute. The shirt is modifiable, if you're like me I like to show my navel with a belly stud and my tatoo by cropping the bottom. This outfit was a hit with me, I wore it shopping on Sunday morning. The hair in the picture is one I found in my inventory and thought looked good with this skin, it's called Yaiza Brown Long Hair. The jewelry is from Alafolie called Collier Chaine.


The Retired Outfit on 7-18 at Lemania reminds me of a Tarzan flick, it's called Jane. I can picture my avatar swinging wildly through the jungle wearing this cute fur textured short skirt and top with Tarzan on the next vine over. Of course he has to have a loincloth on :) This outfit will be in the gift section at Lemania for about 24 hours and then it will moved to the dressing room where it will stay for about 7 days before being retired for good. The hair I'm wearing here is a freebie from Bewitched Hair called Straw-berries Wet T-shirt. This hair is suppose to give you that wet, just out of the shower or pool look.

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