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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

50% Off Sale and Camping

This pretty dress is from Aoharu called Fairy Heartful in Blue. Aoharu is having a summer sale 50% off until 7-20 SLT 11:00PM. I like the shoulder drape attached to the spine on this babydoll dress. The overll pattern is very pretty it's little pink hearts on blue blackground. My Stiletto Moody in turquoise look great and complete the outfit. Dress


This dress is by LIKKA HOUSE called Alice that I camped 20 minutes for when I was at her store shopping. This reminded me of Alice in Wonderland so I put my pigtails on from Krissy Hair in Blonde made by Joyful Designs. I look like a little girl with my petticoat, apron and shoulder frills. It's a cute costume with many attachment points. I especially like the red bow on my chest. My shoes are from Dolly Goth called Chunky Pumps in Red Polka Dots. I think they look cute with the anklet socks. Camping Dress Hair Shoes

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