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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elate Discounted Dresses Dress /98/ Shoes Hair

Elate has remodeled her store and added a discount Wall. This cropped tank and skirt is called Charlie. The skirt is well constructed and has a great black and white checked texture. The cami has a rich look. I paid 25L for this outfit. My shoes are by Minx called Babydoll in black. Hair is by Armidi called The Bombshell in light blonde.

_______________________________________________________ Dress Boots Jewelry Hair

This dress is called Danni in Steel Blue. Kellie Iwish knows how to make a great skirt. This strapless dress looks fabulous on my avatar for 45L. The boots are from Slade & Humby called Venus in Black. The pendant is designed by Dahlinks called Captive Heart Drop Chain in Blood Ruby. The hair I'm wearing is by Analog Dog called Milli in ash blonde.

_______________________________________________________ Dress Shoes /21/ Jewelry Hair

This cute summer dress is called Kitty in Light Green, it cost 35L. This is a great color and the skirt design fits my avatar perfectly, I love Elate skirts. Its a great texture too. My shoes are from Digit Darkes called Jen Heel Golden Age. Hair is designed by Analog Dog called Endra in ash blonde. This jewelry is also from Dahlinks called Urban Cheek.

Kellie Iwish of Elate is designing a gown for Rezzable's Black Swan fashion show which runs from the 27th of July until the 17th of August. I'm looking forward to seeing what this gown looks like since there are no other gowns in her collection.

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