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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Special Gifts from Lemania & 2 Gowns from the Prozac Hunt

While looking for those pesky Prozac cans this morning, I came across this great dress and hat called Sunday Brunch PGWH Gift in a tiny red heart. Wow, this is a great dress ty Lemania! I love anything with a hat and this is a spectacular flower textured hat with a long red ribbon to match the color of the dress. The folder even includes matching red pumps. I think I look stunning! The hair I found in inventory from Armidi called Bombshell in light blonde. I wish Armidi would design some new hair. hair


Tonite from 6-8pm SLT Lemania is sponsoring an event at CODA's - Formal called USO from the 40's. She placed a special dress for the event, outside her stall, in the shopping area at CODA. I really like the construction of this dress. The color and shape of the cocktail style skirt is one of my favorite designs that Lemania does. The matching hat and flowered pumps are included in the folder and look so good on, especially the hat. Wow 2 gifts in one day, ty Lemania!


I found this gown on the table, inside Lemania's stall at the CODA shopping area for 1L. It's called Black Eyed Susan and looks terrific on my avatar. The skirt is a vibrant shade of yellow and looks great paired with the brown long sleeved top. The folder also contains matching yellow pumps with bows, so pretty.


Now on to a couple of wonderfully designed gowns from the Prozac Hunt. This dress is in can #2 and is called Cyber Love. It's a lovely strapless gown, the texture of the skirt is fabulous and moves so nicely when I walk. The folder also includes matching red pumps. A great gown for 1L, you cant beat that if you can find can #2.


I love love love this gown, it's called Gentle Lady and is very beautiful. It can be found on the Lemania sim in can #6. The texture of the skirt is so pretty, shades of blue, green, and aqua. The sleeves have ruffles at both wrists. The folder includes matching flowered pumps in the same texture as the dress. This dress can be yours for 1L if you can find can #6.

The hair I'm showing in this picture is new from X*plosion called Kayli w/Diamants in Blonde. The texture on the head scarf can be changed by clicking on the scarf and selecting one of 12 colors. I really like this hair, it looks fabulous worn with this gown colored blue. hair

The Prozac Hunt is going on at Lemania's until July 30th. Good luck and happy hunting!

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