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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Freebies, Dollarbies and 4th of July Sales

I'll start this post by talking about a dollarbie outfit I picked up at [AV] Vlodovic main shop on the Rockabilly sim. It's called Fantasy in Silver. I love the fluffy skirt with a lacy underskirt that matches the sleeves. This dress is so cute, it has a bow attached to the chest, a very nice detail, and an amazing bargain price of 1L. The necklace, earrings and bracelets are from a dollarbie outfit by Ala Folie. I love mixing and matching my clothes and jewelry that are copiable. I'm also wearing the new Stiletto Moody Heels in White. I just picked up these yesterday and I've fallen in love with a shoe...hehe... you'll probably get tired of looking at pictures of them.

This outfit is a dollarbie group gift from Lemania Indigo. I make it a point to tp to her sim everyday to see what she's retiring and offering for 1L. While there I picked this group gift up for 1L. I love cocktail dresses with skirts like this one. It's a lovely texture and flows nicely when I walk. My jewelry is from... where else... Purple Rose called the Debutante Set. It has a matching tiara not shown. This set is color changeable and so very versatile. My shoes are from Stiletto Moody Pinups with Bows. The hair I'm wearing is from Vignette called Cinder in Platinum Plus.

This dress is from one of the lucky chair at ++Blue Blood++ called Circus Freak in Gold. She has a lucky chair and several lucky boards at her store. There's always a group there waiting for their letter to come up. I was there browsing (ok I was stalking the chair) when my letter popped up, lucky me! I'm wearing the Lady Endora Top Hat in Gold from Hatpins, it matches nicely with this dress. On my feet I'm wearing the Kensington Tall Black Boots from Tesla. These boots are so stylish and look fabulous on.

Ala Folie is such a creative designer and this dress is no exception, the Cerise Pale Blue Flower Bodice and Skirt. The details on this dress are incredible, a fruity sort of pattern. It's so femine and delicate looking. I love how the skirt moves and flows when I walk. I paired it with a pair of Stiletto Moody Pearl Patent Python Heels in Baby Blue.

This dress is called **Prism** Mystique by Journey. It's a very interesting texture and was on sale for 50% off over the 4th of July weekend. I'm wearing the Debutant Set by Purple Rose but in this picture I have the tiara on. This is one of my favorite pieces to wear with gowns but it looks great with this dress too. On my feet are Stiletto Moody Pinup Black Pyton Heels.

I love the color of this dress, it's by Petit Ange called Check Dress in Navy. I picked this up at her satelite store on the Mischief Cove Sim. They were having a 50% sale on all items red white or blue. I picked this dress up for 35L a true bargain. I matched a pair of Minx heels in Blue very nicely with this dress. The jewelry is from Purple Rose called the Heart of the Ocean. This set includes the necklace, earrings, bracelet and a ring. My sl partner, Daxx, gave this to me for my birthday so it holds a special place in my heart. I also have a blue flower arrangement in my hair from Ticky Tacky. Her store can be found on the Lamania Indigo Sim.

This dress is called Cupcake Fairy by Sparkle Skye Designs. This is another freebie I picked up over the 4th of July weekend. This is a beautiful outfit that includes a pair of wings in a lovely shade of pink. It also comes with a beautiful Staff in hand that gives out cupcakes when you touch it, this feature can be turned off. I'm wearing a hair flower by Ticky Tacky in Fuchsia and a pair of Stiletto Moody Heels in Blush.

This is another dress I picked up over the holiday weekend at Mischief Cove by Petit Ange called Polka Dots Dress. It was dirt cheap 35L I just couldnt resist. I'm wearing the Heart of the Ocean Set by Purple Rose and Stiletto Moody Color Changing Heels in Blue. I have a hair flower by Ticky Tacky in my hair but you cant see it in this picture. Incidentally, I got the hair flowers during a hunt last month on the Lemania Indigo Sim for 1L.

This dress is from Icing at Mischief Cove another I picked up over the holiday weekend. I really like her designs, the colors and textures are always lovely. This dress is called Tropical Punch in Red. My color changing Stiletto Moody Heels in Badseed Red match nicely. I'm wearing a set of freebie pearls, earrings and a bracelet that I picked up in my travels but don't remember where.

This is another outfit by Icing that was half off this weekend and I couldnt resist. It's a bikini with a coverup skirt called Ship Shape, it also has a sailor hat that I thought was very cute. I'm wearing some freebie Jewely I found on slx called Independence Day in red, white and blue. Stiletto Moody color change heels on my feet in red.

This is another Dress by Icing Called Seascape in Blue. I love the pattern on this dress and the way the skirt moves when I walk. Icing designs are beautiful, I have many in my iventory. You can see the hair flower on the left side of my head from Ticky Tacky, very pretty with this updo. My shoes are from... who else... Stiletto Moody Color Change in Turquoise.

Last but not least is an outfit from Callie Cline called Kalideiscope Summer Bikini in a great shade of Lavendar. The box included matching Sunglasses, Earrings, another Hula Skirt not shown and an inner tube for floating in the water. I love Callie Cline's designs she's so artistic, I have alot of her clothing I purchased when I was a newbie. I picked this bikini up for 50L over the holiday weekend. My shoes are by Minx called Sweet As Sin in Lavender.

I had a fun time putting all this together in my blog, which is becoming my new passion in sl. Hope you liked this peek at my loot from the 4th of July weekend... See you in sl!

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