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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This post will wrap up my 4th of July holiday weekend shopping spree. Vermuda Beauty by Journey is a fabulous freebie! When you tp into the shop it's right in front of you when you land. I think these bermuda shorts are a classy, dressy look when paired with my favorite Moody Heels in black. The hair/hat combo I'm wearing is from ETD called Charley. It comes in a pack with 6 different shades. I'm wearing the blonde pack in Sunny. ETD has some really nice styles. I'm particularly fond of a dollarbie hair she offers called Lily that I wear with most of my hats.`104/28/22/

I really like this cute little red dress by Twisted & Spoiled called Red Cherry. The necklace I'm wearing is included in the folder with the dress. The necklace is copiable and will definitely be worn in the future with other outfits. I added red underwear, because the panties provided were a bit more scimpy than I usually wear. My shoes are none other than Stiletto Moody, the color change pack in red. My hair is by Goldi Locks called Hope in Sandy Blonde. I like that you can change the hair band color by typing "/88 color red" into chat. You can see all the colors available by typing /88 listcolors, there's so many to choose from. This dress is adorable and free, you cant beat that!

This next outfit I think is fabulous, it's from SF Designs called the Corsica Bikini with cover up. The pattern and color of the flowy shirt/coverup are beautiful. Sf Designs is also offering a freebie to the guys that I made Daxx, my partner, tp to the shop to get. I decided I liked the shorts on the guys outfit so much, that I got the men's outfit too and am wearing the shorts in this photo instead of the bikini bottom. J's flip-flop & Barefoot in Black are a favorite beach shoe of mine, I have them in white and orange too. Clicking on the barefoot brings a menu down on your screen to select the different color nail polish and the delicate toe rings on both feet. It also has a HUD that you wear to adjust the skin color. I find the skin colors of the feet on J's shoes to be easier to match to my avatar than the Stiletto Moody Lauren Bare shoes. Number 5 on the menu of the J flip flops matches my Laroqki Drew Tan 02 Skin nicely.

This dress was given to me by my good friend Gabriella Norwind. She received this as a gift from Sascha Frangilli, the designer, to give to her friends. I was very touched that Gabs would share this with me, it's such a pretty dress. I have many Sascha Designs in my inventory, she creates beautiful gowns that I've worn to the Shelter Formals on Sunday night. This dress is so versatile, it's called Lillie Purple Beach. The folder comes with 3 different style skirts, 1 coverup system skirt, 1 bikini, 1 shirt and 1 pant. There's so many options from bikini outfit to an evening cocktail dress. She also includes in the folder instructions on how to make the skirts fit properly. On my feet I'm wearing a great pair of heels by Minx called Sweet As Sin in Lavender.
This cute dress is by a designer I discovered while shopping this weekend at Marinoco Fashions. I liked so many of her dresses when I was in her shop. This outfit is the one I selected when I joined the group. I got to talk a bit with the designer, Marinoco Oceanlane, by sending here a notecard with my selection for joining. She was very warm and friendly during our brief conversation. I ended up browsing her shop and found 3 other outfits that were on sale for the 4th of July. This dress I loved as soon as I set eyes on it, MF Dress015b (Oceanic silver dress). I loved the color immediately since I could match my Stiletto Moody Heels in aqua. Aqua is my new favorite color in sl, at least this week :) The Jewelry I'm wearing is from Dark Mouse called Midsummer Amusements Set in Dreamy Blue. I picked this set up during the Fashion Designers Challenge in May. This jewelry set comes with a little hat not shown that is adorable.

This is another design by Marinoco Fashion, MF Dress009a in Orange with a gleamy border. This dress is very pretty especially the color that matches my Stiletto Moody Orange Heels. I'm also wearing the Carnelian Necklace and Earrings by Paper Couture. The necklace is a perfect match, almost looks like part of the dress. This outfit reflects my love of the color Orange in second life. It's so summery and refreshing. I didnt want to take this dress off I liked it so much.

This is another dress from Marinoco Fashion that I love, love, love! It's called MF Dress007 in Brisk green-red. The colors are brilliant, the texture of the skirt and the way it flows is fabulous. It gives me an excuse to wear my Amber colored Stiletto Moody Heels. The Jewelry I'm wearing is from Dryad Designs called Cognac and Cream, the colors match this dress perfectly. Her shop is located on the Lamania Indigo French Farm sim. I adore her jewelry creations. Your eye is immediately drawn to the neck. This picture doesnt do this dress justice, it's much prettier than appears in the photo. I've got to make better background choices that don't detract from the outfit I'm presenting.

The skirt I'm wearing next is another design by Marinoco Fashion called MF Bottom012a Orange Skirt with Leather Belt. I picked this skirt because it was on sale for the 4th and also because it came in the color orange. The top I'm wearing if from an outfit by [Studio M] called Venice Corset also in orange, it looks great paired with this skirt. My jewelry is called Morgan Hill by Dryad Designs, it's a very pretty poppy necklace, bracelet and earrings set in a dark orange that matches this outfit nicely. I getting quite a collect of Dryad Jewels. Once again I got to wear my Orange Stiletto Moody Heels, you can see them peeking out from under this long skirt. My hair is from ::69:: called Chrome in Platinum Plus.

This cute little dress was sent to me by Amanda Fashions. While shopping in the past, I hit the subscriber board in her shop which doesnt take up a group slot. I received a notecard along with the dress from the designer, Amandajohanna Nordenskiold, telling me it was a preview gift from her upcoming BabyDoll collection. I sent a nice note back telling her how much I liked the look of this dress and thanking her for the gift. I really like the seemless skirt on this dress it blends nicely with the shirt layer. On my feet I'm wearing a pair of Minx Heels in Lavender, they look great paired with this dress. The necklace I'm wearing called Beltaine Women's Calla Lily was a freebie from Sable Rose that I found either on slx or in her shop. I love Sable Rose Jewelry, Rosie Barthelmess is a very talented jewelry designer.

This next dress is a real cutie by K&Co called Don't Rain On My Parade. The folder comes with a flexi and a sculptie skirt, I prefer the flexi. The texture is so pretty with red roses on a pale violet/pink background. I like the way this skirt flows when I walk. I'm also wearing Maitreya Verve Pumps in Violet. These are the only purple heels I own besides the Lavender ones from Minx. Maitreya has some wonderful clothing and shoes. My ponytail hair is from Armidi called the SuperPony in Ivory. My jewelry is a freebie from Sable Rose.

I love cocktail dresses with full skirts like this next outfit from Ingenue called Hibiscus Cooler - Scarlet Fever. This is such a pretty dress, the texture and detail on the bodice and skirt are beautiful. The folder comes with several copies of the same skirt with resizer/smartskirt scripts. I actually didnt need to make any adjustments of this skirt, it fit perfectly. I'm wearing my Stiletto Moody Heels in Badseed Red, they look great. Adorning my hair is a red flower accent by Ticky Tacky. Her shop is on the Lemania Indigo Sim. My hair is from Damselfly called Layla in Starfish Cool. The pearls are from Virtual Impressions called Danielle Gem Set in White Lustre Pearls. I like this pearl set since it comes with the necklace, earrings and 2 bracelets. This outfit is awesome, I'm ready for a night of dancing.

This next dress I'm showing you is from the Midnight Mania board at Heart Couture. I love logging into sl and having dresses waiting for me to wear. This dress is 395L and I got it for free! I really like the color, it's called Kalli Heart Jolie Ensemble in Opaque Mint & Silver. This is a lovely shade of mint. I was able to pair my Aqua Moody Heels with this dress for a polished look. My earrings and scarf are a freebie from [glow] studio, they look great with this dress. There's 2 gift bags as you enter the store, this necklace and scarf and another very pretty cherry necklace. Included in the folder of the dress are silver earrings and bracelets not shown.

The lime leopard corset on this outfit was a freebie group gift sent by Callie Cline. I truly love her designs, her clothes are well know in sl. The skirt I'm wearing is from Digit Darkes - Bubble skirt in black, it matches nicely with this corset. My boots are from Tesla Called Kensington "Black" Tall Boots, these are my favorite, I love wearing them. The jewelry is from Purple Rose called the Debutante Set. It has a color change script which makes it very easy to wear with just about anything. This set comes with a tiara not shown. Someone asked me the other day where I got my star tatoo and tramp stamp. I found it in the clothes library, everyone has a copy!

This is the last of my booty from the 4th of July shopping excursions. I hope you liked all the outfits I put together. Maybe I'll run into you in second life during one of my quests for freebies.

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