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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freebies, Gifts & 100L Lemania Indigo Gown

This cute dress was a welcome gift at Prizm from Journey by hitting the subscriber board in her shop, it doesnt take up a group slot. This is a great dress for dancing in the sl clubs. Around my neck I'm wearing a piece by Purple Rose called the Platinum Arrow Heart Locket. Inside is a picture of my sl partner Daxx. My Stilettoes are the Bare Lauren by Stiletto Moody in Black with a heart tatoo and silver ankelets.

This bikini was another free gift from Alexohol Fashions, that was sent to me because I hit the subscriber board in the shop. This is a great freebie very pretty colors. I'm wearing my J flip flops in black, they look fabulous with any bathing suit. I love the delicate toe rings and bright nail polish on the toes.

This lovely nighty is the retired outfit at Lemania Indigo on 7-8. You could actually wear this as a gown, although the skirt is kind of see through.

The underwear on the nighty is so very smexy. You can tp to the dressing room on the Lemania Indio Sim to pick up any retired outfits you might have missed. I included the LM for the dressing room at Lemania. The Silver Birthsone ArmBands I'm wearing are from D2TK. They're menu driven with all 12 colors of the zodiac plus 2 black and 2 white colored stones. I love these armbands, I have them in Gold and Black also.
This free gown is from LETICIA, it's a beauty too! It has a lovely full skirt and matching gloves. My hat was a group gift from Hatpins called Lady Annette Hat in Crimson, it looks fabulous with this gown. Around my neck is a lovely necklace from JCNY called Rose Garden Heart. This was one of my first jewelry purchase in sl. This necklace has a menu where you can change the color of the gems and heart. You can choose preset colors like diamond, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, amethyst, gold, rose etc. This will autmatically change the color to red, green, blue, etc. Secondly you can change the tint of the colors by percentages. Once you select a color or stone, click BACK and then SAVE. After that you are done just click IGNORE. I really like this necklace.

An now this beautifully constructed gown from Lemania Indigo called Sea Walk for 100L. I cant resist a gown with a matching hat and this one is no exception. The color of this gown also caught my eye, I love Aqua. The hat is so very pretty, all feminine and frilly. The matching shoes included in the folder are so pretty, you really cant see them in this picture but the texture is the same on the shoes as the dress. I hope the shelter has an aqua theme soon so I can wear this dress.

Hope you liked this look at my style in sl, see you in world!

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