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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Milk Motion - My Admiral Jacket

I was in the middle of working on this post when I crashed. Once I logged back in I was unable to tp home. I puttered around sl for about an hour still unable to tp home. I asked in the Fruit Island's group chat if anyone else was having difficulty tp'ing to their home. Most responses back were that the sim was back up but still I couldn't go home :( I ended up tp'ing to one of the tropical residential areas of Fruit Islands to finish photographing this wonderful jacket. The detail on this jacket is truly amazing, the collar fits nicely around my neck. This is sort of my tribute to the late Michael Jackson. I wish I could get my avatar to moonwalk. The jeans I'm wearing are from WoE called GRJ-F6a Kloe Jeans in Midnight. They have a gold trim that looks great with this jacket. They also come with extensions on the bottom of the legs that are very pretty although not shown here.

Under the jacket I'm wearing a bra from another lingerie outfit that matches nicely with the Jacket, it has a gold coin's texture. This jacket is so pretty I received many compliments when I wore it. Milk Motion has some really nice quality clothing.

The boots I'm wearing are an old time favorite of mine from Digit Darkes called Biker Boots with Gold trim. I bought these boots back when I was a newb in sl and still like wearing them today. They have 2 different looks within the folder, one with the gold studs and one without. This isnt a good picture, I'm still stranded homeless, can't tp home. Please sl gods bring Apricot back online.

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