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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight Mania Board & Retired Outfit of the Day

This fabulous gown can be yours by hitting the Midnight Mania Board at Lemania Indigo. This dress is called Make Believe and is worth the effort, it's exquisite. Lemania did a wonderful job designing this outfit. The skirt has a lovely light blue texture, the top has silver embroidery on it. What I like most about this outfit is the belt and veil. They both have pearls and flash with bling, very slightly. This is a great gown to role play in. Get to Lemania's and hit that Midnight Mania Board, you wont be sorry!


This is the Retired Outfit of the Day at Lemania's for 1L called Marion. It reminds me of something medievil worn in the 15th century. It's very pretty. The folder contains a wreath of flowers worn in the hair and either a bow or a belt draped across the chest. I preferred the tiny bow, it's hard to see in this picture. On my feet I'm wearing Gladiator Sandals by Aoharu in Cream, they look pretty good with this dress. This outfit will be in the gift section at Lemania's for about 24 hours, then it's moved to the dressing room where it will stay for about 7 days before it's retired permanently.

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