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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old Favorites and 2 New Dresses

This dress reminds me of a ballerina, the skirt is frothy and frilly with a rich texture. This picture doesn't show how nicely the shirt moves, it's in constant motion so pretty. I saw this in another blog and had to have it. I was amazed when I tp'd to the store and it was 100L. The dress is called Giselle in White by Likka House. This is a beatiful dress and definitely worth the lindens.


I received a notice when I logged on Saturday Morning that Ibizarre had a new release out called Eleanor. When I saw the picture of the Aqua color I tp'd straight away to Ibizarre to pick one up. I wasn't disappointed. This is a quality design, you wouldnt expect anything less from this designer. This is another frothy and frilly skirt with a great texture. The folder contains a teal necklace to match the color of the skirt. I'm wearing my Turquoise Bare Lauren Stilettoes that make my legs look so good and compliment this dress.


This dress is one of my all time favorites by Solange called Devotion Dress in Black. Solange creations are always of the best quality, this outfit is lovely in the detail of the bodice. I love the skirt on this dress and have paired it with other outfits it's quite versatile. The hat on my head is new from GF Field called Ten Gallon Straw Hat. It's scripted to change colors on the hat and hatband by touching the hat to activate a drop down menu. It's a great hat and fabulous on my avatar. The boots on my feet are by Tesla called Kensington Tall Boot, they really look great with this dress. I think I'm ready to do the 2 step :)


This dress is by Digit Darkes called Kasbah Eve in Chocolate. On my computer this looks black and white but Digit Darkes called this chocolate. I was pleased when I got this dress home and saw that the folder contained 2 different skirt styles and 2 different shoulder sashes. It's hard to see in the picture, but the dress also has a lovely silver coin belt that I wear sometimes with other outfits. This is a beautifully constructed dress and one of my all time favorites.


This swimsuit and matching hat is by Callie Cline called St. Tropez Red Signature Swimsuit Ensemble. Callie Cline is a prolific designer in sl and one of my favorites. This suit has a vintage flavor, something my mother probably wore back in the 50's. When I saw the hat with this bathing suit I had to have it. The jewels I'm wearing are from Jewelry by Jake called The Romance Gold/Ruby Collection. I fell in love with the necklace when I saw a picture. The folder also contains matching earrings and bracelets on both wrists. I think my avatar looks stunning!


This bikini and cover up is by SLC (Serina Lacava Collection) called Red Beach. I really like the white cover up because you can tint to match whatever you're wearing. My Bare Lauren Stilettoes make this a very sexy outfit for the beach.

These are just a few of my favorite things, hope you liked this look at my style in sl :)

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  1. Amazing designs of those dresses!! You have incredible chocie for dresses!!