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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rockberry Uma Skin Group Gift

Originally this skin was suppose to be in the Midnite Mania board at Rockberry. Evidentally so many tried to tp into the shop it crashed the sim several times. Finally, after numerous complaints to the owner, Heather Beebe, which disappointed her terribly, she removed the MM board and put the skin out free. You must wear your group tag and it's yours. I really like this skin because the lips are tintable red. All you have to do is right click on your avatar and click appearance. Go to the skin tab and then the makeup tab. Move the slider for the lipstick color, then click save. Inside the folder you'll find 4 skin tones, they're all lovely. I played with the lips looking at the various color choices, from light to dark red.

Uma Tintable Red Light.
Uma Tintable Red Natural
Uma Tintable Red Tan
Uma Tintable Red Dark
This is a fabulous skin for free. Thank you Heather!

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