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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stiletto Moody - Bare Lauren w/Accessories

It took me several days and many tp's into the water before I was able to get into the Stiletto Moody Boutique to see their newest shoe designs. Right now they're having a 40% off sale to group members only. You buy the individual shoes and get an immediate rebate. This discount doesn't extend to the color packs of 10 (which I bought). The Stilettoes are 2195L each, so I saved quite a few lindens by purchasing the color pack, at least that's how I justify the expense :) I paid 10K for the color pack and another 900L for the accessory kit... Geez I cant believe I spent so many lindens, sigh... If I see something I want, I get it! I dont want to do the math and see how many US dollars I spent.

The Bare Lauren Stiletto was worth the wait and the gazillion tp's into the water below the sim because it was full. I love this shoe. In the pictures below, I'm wearing black stockings so the tatooes are not as visible as I would've liked. The first color I'm showing is Turquoise. This is such a pretty shoe with the ribbons and ankle bracelets, the pictures don't do the shoes justice. You can see the star tatoo on the left foot. I was in such a hurry to take these pictures, I didn't cover all the different tatooes.

This next color is Nude. It really pops against the black stockings. The charm bracelets are set to gold. You can see the Star Tatoo on the left foot.

This shade is Black and White. My only complaint about this stiletto is the black color actually looks more blue on my screen.

This color is a very satiny shade of Red.

This is my favorite color Coral.

This color is called Midnight, it's a deep shade of blue.

White really pops against the black stockings. The tatoo is a rose on the left foot.

I was disappointed there was no Pink, only this shade of both Pink & Gray, very pretty though.

This color is Purple, but actually on my screen, it looks more Fuchsia or Hot Pink. True Purple seems to be a difficult color for me to find in sl shoes. Here I have the tiny heart tatoo on the left foot and the bracelets are set to Silver.

This color is Black, but on my screen it looks more Blue than Black.

I love these stilettoes, they're very sexy and worth the long wait to get into the Stiletto Moody Boutique. You know I'm all about the freebies but when something new is released that catches my eye, I just have to have it. Yes, these stilettoes are very pricey, but to me worth the lindens.

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