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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Outfits

I did alot of shopping for 4th of July freebies this weekend. I think the 4th of July has the most freebies out of all the holidays. It seemed like everyone was offering a freebie or dollarbie. I searched on slx and found many nice freebies there too. The following is a sample of all the outfits I picked up either free or no more than 25L.

This dress was a freebie at SNB (Sexy Naughty Bitchy). I added the headpiece from another outfit. The Classic Pumps, Stars & Stripes are a freebie from Juicy. I matched them with most of the outfits shown here. The jewelry I'm wearing, Red White & Blue Set is a freebie from the Purple Rose.

I wore this Lady Liberty Bikini from Reasonable Desires to the Shelter Euro Pool party. I paid 20L for this outfit. The jewelry was a freebie from Dryad Designs called Seeing Stars, the neckace and matching earrings are very cute.

This dress is very sweet it's called the Patriot Dress by Eros. I really like the texture and bright color of the skirt. I added the flag headgear, a freebie from Designs by Katey and my Stilettoes Moody Heels. Eros also had a shorts and tshirt outfit for free that I didnt show.

This is a very cute Patriotic 50's style bikini with matching cover up from OTP (Old Time Prims). I added the head piece from another outfit and I'm wearing the Patriotic Heels from Juicy that were incidentally a gift from last year reissued this year.

This bikini is a dollarbie at Lemania Indigo's called the Fireworks Accessory Box. It came with a hat and matching shoes. Very SMEXY!

This is an outfit I found in my inventory from last year. I picked it up at the Costume Depot called American Pie. I have no clue what I paid for it. It came with a pair of shoes I didnt like so I deleted them and added my trusty Stiletto Moody Heels. I love these color changeable shoes they're so versitile. I'm holding my freebie Clown Horn from Photon's Castle. I love walking through a crowded room, my horn toots everytime I bump or touch another av or object.

I found a ton of free bikinis in world and on slx. This bikini is called Independence Day by SLC. I'm also wearing the jewelry set by Purple Rose, but I really like the hair sparklers that were a free gift from Chi Chickie by hitting the subscribo board in her store. They look so cute with my ponytail hair from Vixen.

This is the only pants outfit I picked up this weekend at BB fashions. The package came with hair not shown. I love this 60's look, the fringe at the bottom of the pants is really cool.

This gown was a freebie from VictoriaV Fashions. I'm wearing a hat from another outfit with my Purple Rose Jewelry. Of course no 4th of July outift is complete without a clown horn :)

The feathered boa and hat are cute on this 4th of July outfit by Twisted and Spoiled called Kiss Me. The shirt is very low cut in the front, quite a sexy look, I think I need to be kissed :)

This is a costume by Reasonable Desires called USA Showgirl. I paid 20L for this outfit but it was worth the lindens. The detail is lovely on the Headpiece, it has that WOW effect.

I love the head and shoulder streamers on this costume by Reasonable Desires called USA Rumba. The skirt is very sexy, I paid 20L for this outfit. The Bangles I'm wearing are a freebie at Ephemeral, they came in a pack with bracelets for Canadians and Americans. The detail is terrific and they're very pretty.

This lovely dress comes with a shorter skirt and shoes to match. I found this dress in my inventory, got it when I was a newb. It wasnt a freebie, I picked it up at a Touch of Ireland. I decided to checked it out and tp'd to the store. I was shocked to see I paid 400L for this dress. It is fabulous but I now realize how much you can get for free in sl and wont be spending any lindens on 4th of July outfits in the future.

This is another cute dress by SLC called Miss America. I saw this and I had to have it, I paid 50L for it. I added the headpiece from another outfit that was too naughty to blog :) The Heels are from Juicy and the Earrings are from Purple Rose.

Out of all the outfits I picked up this weekend, this next one is my favorite, a group gift from aDiva called Independance Day. It came with a cowboy hat, but I paired it with my group gift from Hatpins. This is a fabulous hat that has a resizer script in it so you can get that perfect fit. I love the cute little flag on the side. The dress is very smexy, it comes with a nice 2 layer Star Necklace, its hard to see in the picture. I love the sexy skirt and girlie stockings. I wore this outfit on Voice Friday at the Shelter, they had a spur of the moment costume contest. I won Best Female and Best Overall, took home 28k in lindens. I was a hit in this sexy costume!

I wore this dress to the Shelter Sunday Nite Formal. I look very patriotic! It's actually a combinations of two outfits. The bodice and gloves are from Reasonable Desires the Showgirl. The skirt is from Razor Cult that I picked up on slx. The headpiece is yet again from another outfit and the jewelry is also from slx. I felt so pretty in this gown.

I had so much fun shopping this weekend. After putting this all together I found several more outfits, wow I cant believe I found so many looks for the 4th. Hope you liked this peek at my sl style, see you around the shopping malls in sl :)

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