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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Total Betty Sale

I have alot of Total Bettty dresses in my inventory. When I saw this was the last week of her sale I tp'd over to check it out. Every clothing item in the store is 100L or less. Fatpacks are 1/2 off as well as shoes. Pose sets and shapes are 100L. The outlet prices are upstairs 10-30L. This dress was 80L it's called Prima Donna Cupcake. I like the sheerness of the skirt, it's very feminine and frilly. Hair is by Damselfly called Catherine and jewelry is by Alafolie called Parrure Perle Carree Doree. Total Betty Dresses Damselfly Hair Alafolie Jewelry

This is nother dress from Total Betty sale called Peppermint Frosting Cupcake in blue. I paid 80L for this dress too. Both dresses were on the 1st floor of the shop. The skirt is similar to the last dress sheer and frilly but a bit shorter on my avatar. I like the sparkly texture of the dress and the gold ribbon under the chest. Incidentally both dresss have bows in the back attached to the skirt. My Bare Lauren Stiletto Moody in Turquoise look fabulous. Hair is by Damselfly called Calyssa in cool blonde. My jewelry is from Alafolie.

This dress I found on the 2nd floor at Total Betty for 20L. It has a rich purple texture and another frilly skirt worn lower on my av. The bodice is very pretty, I like the gold detail of the straps on the dress. I'm also wearing BAX Purple Leo Boots. My hair is by Armidi called Pasadena Girl in Ivory.

This last cocktail dress was also on the 2nd floor and cost 20L. It has a black and purple texture to the skirt. On my feet are Maitreya Verve Pumps in violet.

All 4 of these dresses are lovely. See you in sl!

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