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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Donna Flora - JEWEL

JEWEL is a new design by Donna Flora, it's appropriately named and truly stunning on my avatar. Squinternet Larni has combined her talent for making jewelry and clothing into one spectacular outfit. The feathered mantel in silver is a lovely design, it moves like liquid when I walk. The system skirt texture shimmers with silver embroidery.
The jewel encrusted bra sparkles with gems. The beautiful necklace matches the bra and sash diamonds and comes with the gown. The bejeweled updo is called Pocket Mirrows, it too is included in the folder. I love the beads in the hair, the teardrops on the ends match the necklace. This is a fabulous gown. When you wear JEWEL all eyes will be on YOU.

****Click on picture for larger view****

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