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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lemania Indigo - 1920's Peacock

Lemania Indigo has pulled this outfit out of moth balls, it's a truly amazing dress. The 1920's Peacock has so many pieces and is a fabulous design, the peacock texture is beautiful in detail and color. The cape and hood are spectacular, both fit so well and look so good.
You get a short sculpty skirt and 2 long flexi skirts, but the gown can be worn with the system skirt alone. The stockings and matching pumps make this a complete outfit.
Under the skirts you'll find some very sexy panties, I love a dress with lingerie. There are so many combinations to this outfit, my favorite is the flexi skirt with the system skirt. This is a gorgeous gown that will be available through the weekend only.

****Click on pictures for larger view****

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