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Monday, April 12, 2010

NEW & Bean Group Gift Hounds of Love

& Bean sent this very pretty Hounds of Love Skin out to the group today. There is no fee to join the And Bean Group and you can find this gift in the notices! You get 6 skins in the folder, two tones: light & dark... plus three eyebrow options: dark, medium and light. The light and tan skintones are very close in color, there's a subtle variation between the two. This is a very pretty face with slight freckling across the bridge of the nose and two beauty marks that rest beside the mouth and below the right eye. She has very well-proportioned kissable lips in a natural color. The red eyeshadow is different and I really like it :)

The body of the Hounds of Love is very nicely illustrated with very subtle freckling across the shoulders and on the chest, you really have to look closely to see it. This slight blemishing gives the skintone a realistic look. She has tiny moles on her stomach, buttocks and back that look very natural. She has a soft feminine belly and naval. Her nipples are a pale pink and look very authentic. Overall this is a really nice skin. Thank you Keiko Morigi for this wonderful skin giftie!

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