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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NEW Belleza Elle Skin Group Gift & 2 Makeups!

Belleza has a NEW skin out called Elle. This is a gorgeous face that comes in 3 brow options: dark, brown and blonde. You'll find a gift of the SK brown brow with purple eyeshadow and a neutral lip in the notices... Thank you Tricky Boucher for this fabulous giftie. There's a 250L fee to join the Belleza group, but this skin is worth the cost. Since I had the brown brow gift, I wanted a dark and blonde brow in sunkissed so I had a set. I tried on every single demo and selected these 2 makeups, which in my opinion, are the best. I really like the green eyeshadow on the dark brow and the brilliant red lips on the blonde skin. This face is so beautiful, she has very subtle freckling across the bridge of the nose, a very refined brow on each color and very shapely kissable lips. I really like the shading on the cheeks that give her high cheekbones and a rosy complexion.

The Elle body is illustrated so well, she has slight blemishing over the entire skin, a cute little naval with a mole on her back and belly. The blemishing on the shoulders and chest gives the skintone such a rich and realistic texture. She has pert nipples that are well drawn and look authentic, nice shading at the clavical, shoulderblades, arms and legs. I like that her belly is not too overdone with muscles, it's soft, round and very feminine. This is a beautiful skin and should silence all those critics of Alyson that complained of her red brows and freckled face.

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