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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Precious Agnes Finney - Jester & Holloween Princess!

My Precious Agnes Finney released 2 new cocktail dresses in the shop today with a Holloween theme. First up is the Jester. I really like the checked black and white texture. The dress comes with a black undershirt layer that's optional. The jester hat is absolutely fabulous and combined with the high collar is a great look.

Tulli VIP GG Hope Goth Natural PU1
Truth Hair Penny in Night w/Streaks
Lelutka Lola German Red Lipstick Tatoo
NEW Ibanez ColorGlow Elrond Eyes
BAX Black Ankle Boots

The other new release in the shop is called Holloween Princess. This is another great concept dress with a balloon skirt, puffed sleeves and high collar. The sexy bodysuit underneath the skirt is a nice touch. This dress definitely made me feel like a princess!

LAQ Phoebe Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Cleavage
Truth Hair Riley in Fudge w/Texture Change Headband
NEW Ibanez Ltd Edition Natural Blue Eyes
NEW A-Bomb Horrorfest 2010 Pumps
To see more go here :)


  1. I wish bloggers would tell when clothes are no mod, like the halloween outfit above. Just a waste of money for my part, since i insist on having a relatively "realistic" size on my avatar.

    1. Just we could find where Stina (or xan Tippa) went. Her work was so fantastic.

  2. In this day and age, you would think all prim skirts like the ones I photographed above are modifiable, especially when created by a well-known designer. You could send a nc to Agnes Finney telling her the skirt doesnt fit and request a modifiable one (I'm guessing it's the skirt that doesnt fit).

    If it's not advertised on the box 'M T C' with the M checked you should "assume" it's not modifiable. Sorry the outfit does not fit.