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Thursday, October 28, 2010

NEW Truth Hair! 10-28

Truth has 4 NEW styles in the shop that will be all over the feeds today :) First up is Clio photographed in almond. This is a cute set of ponytails that will make a nice hairstyle for a kid avatar. You get the standard wig and the streaked version which comes with 63 colors now... WOW! The Clio style was sent out as a Halloween present to the subscribo group with 8 florescent colors in both standard and streaked versions. I especially like the orange hair... THANK YOU TRUTH!

Liv in dawn streaked is a long style that comes with a split attachment point option so the hair doesn't sink into your chest. You get the standard wig plus the streaked version in 63 colors. This is a long style parted in the middle, cascading over both shoulders and down the back.

Tamina in Carrot streaked is so adorable! This is a very long pigtail pulled over the right shoulder. You get the standard plus streaked wig in 63 colors. I really like how casual this hair looks, like she just stepped out of bed.

The final new style in the shop is for the guys. Drake in caramel streaked comes with the standard plus streaked wig in 63 colors. I like how the hair stands up very stylishly on top. This hair looks fabulous on the ladies too.

To see more go here :)

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