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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NEW Redgrave Jessica Skin

I'm a huge fan of the ginger and wanted Jessica, the beautiful new redhead from Redgrave, as soon as I saw her picture.

Jessica comes with 12 expressive makeups with both red and blonde eyebrows. The eyeshadows are brilliant and shaded to perfection. I love all the colors! The Redgrave trademark lips are lush and inviting with a nice variety of lipsticks. The brows have a very delicate and natural look, especially the red. The makesups will take you from daytime to high fashion evenings. What can I say... I like this face :)

The body is drawn well with realistic shading and nice highlights. The skin tone is pale and slightly freckled just like a natural redhead. The skin tone is more pale than I'm use too but beautiful nonetheless. I do wish Redgrave offered this skin in a darker tone. If you're a fan of the open mouthed look, Redgrave offers 12 Jessica skins with parted lips showing her teeth in both brow colors. This skin, in my opinion, is priced a bit high considering that the cleavage is extra. A single makeup costs 990L and the fatpack of all 12 makeups costs 2995L. There are numerous enhanced cleavages available for this skin costing 250L for each. The Clear Water & Cyan Eyes come with Spider Lashes, each costing 100L. And finally you get 2 shapes and 3 brows in the shape folder costing 390L.

NEW Rezlpsa Loc Hair Eliza in 8am & 9am
Redgrave Cyan Eyes & Spider Lashes 30
Blacklace Mistrals Kiss in Green Satin & Black Velvet
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